On December 30, 2017 San Francisco would be shaken by an enormous and highly-destructive Great Quake and tsunami. This Great Quake would have a magnitude of 7.9, (somewhat stronger than the 1906 San Francisco Great Quake's 7.8.)
A number of structures in the San Francisco Bay Area would fail in a 7.9 quake. The Golden Gate Bridge has been retrofitted to withstand an 8.3 quake, but will sustain damage to its roadbed and elsewhere.
The 2017 San Francisco 7.9 Quake's epicenter will be located 13 miles west of San Francisco, half-way between it and the off-shore Farralon Islands. A significant tsunami will also be generated by the quake's large earth plate movement on the Farralon Trench's ocean floor.
The rolling Tsunami would surge through the Golden Gate, and fan out across San Francisco Bay, reaching the shorefront of bayfront communities, and spreading into San Pablo Bay and Suisun Bay to the north, and lower San Francisco Bay to the south.
The 7.9 Quake's shaking would collapse some of the fragile earthen levees of several Delta islands to the north, thereby damaging California's through-Delta conveyance system of fresh water from Northern California to Southern California. Result: loss of a significant amount of the water relied upon by the Los Angeles/Southern California area and California's key agricultural Central Valley.
If the south-bay surge of the tsunami is strong enough, it could temporarily inundate the Bay Area's two major airports (basically at sea level), San Francisco International (SFO) and Oakland International.
And authorities in the San Francisco Bay Area should prepare for a large number of Bay Area residents to leave their damaged or ruined homes.
These times of not-infrequent disasters require us all to adopt the firm mentality of readiness to lend a helping hand.
However, there is also indication that if the authorities heed this warning and mobilize resources to clean up the damage to Earth (Gaia) being done by the radioactive waste dumped in the Farralon Trench and remove and neutralize that radioactive waste, then Earth will not need to generate this enormous Earthquake there in a desperate attempt to bury and entomb the radioactive waste poisoning the ocean and sea life.
So the principal thing to note is that the great quake and tsunami are conditional. They will or will not happen depending on whether enough humans get serious about environmental clean-up and remediation to demand that all the radioactive waste which the US Government dumped into the Farallon Islands Trench west of San Francisco years ago is removed and neutralized.
If people do not mobilize and get it done in time, that Trench is the epicenter where Mother Earth/Gaia will cause the Great Quake and Tsunami to originate from.
The Farallon Trench is only a few miles offshore of the San Francisco area. Let's get busy and demand that the government clean up the Farallon Nuclear Dump right away! That future Quake is ours to avert.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth