Star Visitors Warn of near-total Global Nuclear Destruction before the end of 2018 because of Nuclear Strikes by Countries Ruled by Political or Religious Dogma unless Humans Enact Global Nuclear Disarmament (as Voted For by 122 member nations of the UN's General Assembly) and Pursue a Just Peace

This Warning of global nuclear destruction is from multiple sources. One is from a classified video leaked by ex-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: showing a 1964 interview by a military intelligence officer with EBE-3, a Zeta Star Visitor. The interview took place at the super-secret S-4 facility near Area 51, Nevada. The officer was working in the ultra-classified MJ-12 program dealing with extraterrestrials. This classified video had been in NSA file vaults for over four decades and was part of the NSA records which Edward Snowden took and has been releasing to the world in installments. [Below this article is a link to this video interview.] A corroborating second source is a Star Person who communicated this warning to my close associate, Wendi Powers, who passed it on to me. The third source is multiple professional debriefings I have done with experiencers of encounters with Star Visitors, during which the Visitors told the visited human about this foreseen global disaster.
All of these sources agree and converge. The message is powerful.
The message: Zeta are the irradiated mutant result of Human evolution over centuries, after a global nuclear disaster which will occur before the end of 2018, unless we act to avert it. Zeta Visitor EBE-3 warned that in the near future a nuclear war of global dimensions will occur as a result of political and religious dogma being used by various countries' rulers to justify using nuclear weapons against the enemy.

Humankind must move quickly to avert such global nuclear war. North Korea's Kim Yong-Un has nuclear warheads and missiles increasingly capable of intercontinental delivery. As do other despotic leaders in various nuclear states. Conflicts over national territory and sovereignty, and terrorists using 'jihad' to justify liquidating the 'enemy' abound. There are also stolen nukes in unstable terrorist hands, which our leaders are not telling us about. All of these are the ingredients for that global nuclear nightmare upcoming, unless averted.
EBE-3 says the Human survivors of such a nuclear catastrophe eventually were able over many centuries, amid great horror and suffering, to eventually evolve into whom the Zetas became: highly intelligent, spiritually developed persons of great compassion whom we know as the Zeta Reticulans. But the Zetas are trying to help their ancestors (us) from having to experience that long Human pain and suffering which will come if we do not change the current course which events are headed on.
By stopping the foreseen widespread nuclear destruction on Earth looming on our present course and which create their mutant descendant species in the future, the Zetas guarantee their own end as a species (because the future will be changed) - even as they guarantee the survival and further growth of us current Humans (their ancestors), whom the Zetas believe will become even brighter and stronger than they were able to become after Earth's nuclear holocaust. Such self-sacrificial love do the Zetas have.
So the Zetas decided to visit back across time and work with their ancestors (us) to enlighten us as to the world disaster looming if we do not move away from nuclear warfare. So much operating out of love are the Zeta that they are willing to sacrifice their further physical existence as a species in order to help their ancestor selves (us Humans) avoid nuclear Armageddon and irradiated mutation horror.
When we Humans finally abandon nuclear arms, and adopt a course of world peace and global family-like sensibility and comity, then that will change the Future.
The Zetas as we know them will then cease to exist physically. (But their consciousness/personhood endures, of course.) The non-physical Zetas will then incarnate into some other body and continue their transition across lifetimes toward what Buddha called nirvana, final union with Source [God].
The take-away message is this: We Humans need to work as never before to change the conditions which at present are creating a tinder-box for a chain of events leading toward global nuclear war before 2018 is over!

A call to action:
Demand that the _hold-out nations_ join the 122 nations who on July 7, 2017 signed the UN Treaty banning nuclear weapons.
Demand that our leaders prioritize peace, social justice, equality, dignity, and a climate fostering a global family.
Work as citizen volunteers to advance those conditions. Become a leader for nuclear disarmament in your own circles. The time to get working is now.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor