June 16: call to join a Joint Psychic Exercise Joint Psychic Exercise called for June 16, due to another Cabal-run Star Visitor prison discovered

Friends and Star Kids,

Another Cabal imprisonment facility for Star Visitors has been discovered. This one is located deep underground at Edwards Air Force Base, northeast of Lancaster, California in the Mojave Desert.
About 250-300 Star Visitors are being held deep underneath two Air Force Laboratories at Edwards. As before, the Cabal have inserted themselves into legitimate government facilities, and secretly converted some space there into high-tech holding rooms for Star Visitors.
Among the many Star Visitor prisoners are two aquatic beings. One, who calls herself, for convenience, Laura, communicates sonically. There are others of her people who live in the Pacific Ocean, some near quake and volcano-prone seabed areas, and may have to relocate as coming Earth Changes take place. Another individual there is a Reptoid Star Visitor, Tago, who also has been made aware that a liberation is being planned.
This sad situation calls for a Joint Psychic Exercise to liberate these Star Visitor prisoners. This Exercise will take place this Saturday (details below).
For many this is familiar work. We did this before, when we helped Star Nations liberate the Star Visitors held prisoner under the Pentagon last March 31.
As before, Star Nations will help by adding their multiplying energies to the efforts of each Human lightworker (you) who participates. Our role in this is to do an all-out deactivation of confinement-related equipment and cell area-related electrical and computer systems, and an incapacitation of the Cabal jailers and officers running the detention facility. troops. We should also create a protective energy environment for the Star Visitor captives before and during their release, and help them orient to where the starcraft are waiting for them above the Labs. Star Nations will then have their personnel standing by to guide the captives onto waiting starships to be taken home.
For purposes of guiding in psychic participants, know the following.
One of our group has remote-viewed the layout of the levels where a mix of legitimate lab and Cabal holding cells are located. The legitimate lab area is in the center of the complex on each level, and the Star Visitor holding rooms are situated along the side(s). The levels containing SV-holding rooms are beneath a rough dirt level “basement” that might appear to look like that is as far as the lab goes down, but the lab goes deeper. On at least one level, a black door separates the legitimate lab from the Star Visitor detention area. That door is marked “Closed” and “Do Not Use.” Beyond it, only Cabal-authorized guard staff are allowed, after passing through iris and palm identification checks.
A substantial number of Star Visitor prisoners are located under Phillips Lab, also known as Air Force Research Laboratory, Edwards, and as AF Propulsion Lab. Phillips Lab is located in a remote northeast sector of Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB). The Lab straddles and goes deep (a 5-minute elevator ride) down inside Leuhman Ridge (to the east of the largest dry lake at Edwards, Rogers Dry Lake's north end about 6 miles.) See Phillips Lab photo at: http://ludb.clui.org/ex/i/CA4981
Many more Star Visitors are held involuntarily at Haystack Laboratory, equally deep underneath Haystack Butte. Haystack Butte is located straddling the Kern County-San Bernardino County Line, (about 7 miles southeast of Phillips Rocket Propulsion Laboratory). See Haystack photo at: http://www.lazygranch.com/x33.htm
The two Labs are connected by an underground subway, so be mindful if Cabal guards try to escape with their Star Visitor prisoners through that means.
Several lightworkers have already reached out to the minds of the good officials at Edwards to try to develop a cooperative attitude in those officers’ minds when this Exercise takes place.

Note carefully that there are also many Star Visitors also at Edwards who are NOT being held prisoner. These Star Visitors are volunteer consultants helping educate Earth scientists. They include some Tall Whites, as well as many other races. We do NOT want to extract the Star Visitors who are there as consenting guests at Edwards. The Star Visitors legitimately and voluntarily at Edwards AFB are located at/under the South Base complex, immediately west of Rogers Dry Lake, (the largest one). See the South Base complex at: http://googlesightseeing.com/maps?p=11&c=&q=CA+93524&ll=34.953947,-117.873430&spn=0.021157,0.033345&t=k&hl=en
We also do NOT want to disrupt any part of Edwards Air Force Base other than the Cabal detention areas. Kindly focus and discipline your efforts only to the Cabal holding cells beneath Haystack and Phillips Labs.
Thank you.

The time for you to join us in this Joint Psychic Exercise, is this Saturday, June 16, as follows:

Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time/Zulu: 15:00 / 3 p.m., Saturday
Hawai'ian Islands: 5 am, Saturday
Anchorage, Alaska: 7 am
Los Angeles/Vancouver, BC (PDT): 8 am
Denver/Calgary (MST): 9 am
Chicago/Mexico City: 10am
New York/Bogotá: 11 am
Halifax, Nova Scotia/San Juan, Puerto Rico/Caracas, Venezuela: 12:00 noon
Sao Paulo, Brazil: 2 pm
London/Dakar/: 4 pm
Paris/Algiers: 5 pm
Amman, Jordan/Capetown, SA: 6 pm
Moscow/Riyadh: 7 pm
Dubai: 7 pm
New Delhi: 8:30 pm
Beijing/Shanghai/Singapore/Manila: 11:00 pm, Saturday
Tokyo/Seoul/Perth, AU: 12 midnight, Sunday
Adelaide, AU: 12:30 am Sunday
Brisbane, AU: 1 am, Sunday
Canberra/Sydney, AU: 1 am Sunday
Auckland, NZ: 3 am Sunday
Kamchatka, Russia: 4 am Sunday

If you absolutely cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can, and back-time or forward-time (time-jump by intention) your effort to coincide with ours.

in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009