Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001

Brief Report on the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Star Knowledge Conference


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

I attended the Star Knowledge "Heart of the Heart" Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa March 2-4 and made three presentations there.
While there, among those I met, I had the good pleasure to finally meet in person Presidential candidate Dr. Heather Harder, who has not abandoned her campaign. We had lengthy conversations, and I also met her daughter, who is highly active in Democratic national committee matters.
Also a pleasure was to have several lengthy conversations with Wallace Black Elk, the most noted of the Lakota Sioux shamans. He is a learned man and has given presentations at Stanford and Harvard Universities, but is very down to earth and has a wry Indian sense of humor.
Dakote star altar-keeper Standing Elk got several messages from Spirit about events that are likely to unfold.
"In 2003 [President] George W. Bush will be taken out."
Around that time the country's center of power will no longer be in Washington, DC. Instead, power centers will devolve to various regions of the country. Standing Elk mentioned several examples of those centers which I am trying to remember. I think that one was Los Angeles and that another was Minneapolis. There were a number more.
He also said noted that Spirit said that Heather Harder's time had not come in the 2000 election, but that her time of national influence would come later.
Standing Elk received a message from Spirit that even though he has now completed the number of Star Knowledge Conferences that Spirit had originally directed him [during Vision Quest] to convene across the country, Spirit now is notifying him that he must hold some more.
Then, Standing Elk announced that there will be a Star Knowledge Conference in Sedona, Arizona the weekend of April 21-22, 2001. Further details will be posted on the .
Because I spent so much of my limited time at the Conference in presentations and side consultations with elders, I cannot provide a more comprehensive report on the Star Knowledge "Heart of the Heart" Conference. Suffice to say, miracles happened there.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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