New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, MAY 8-10, 1998

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

(C) 1998

As with the previous Star Knowledge Conferences at the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, both Conferences in the Rockies at Estes Park, Colorado, and the Conferences at San Diego and at Santa Fe, the Star Knowledge Conference at Las Cruces was convened by Standing Elk, Yankton Dakota spiritual advisor.

Each Conference has been a gathering of tribal peoples and others to share and learn more about the past, current, and upcoming contacts with the Star Nations, and participate in Native American prayer, ceremony and healings. These Conferences are also occasions to deepen the skills essential for living in the dawning "Fifth World", as Earth becomes a cosmic society, and learns to live the Native American truth, Mitakuye Oyasin: "All Are My Relations". A number of Native American elders, along with some non-Native experts, spoke on the Star Visitors' contacts, and corresponding human cultural, metaphysical and spiritual resonances.

I was not able to attend a number of the speaker presentations, since I was also a speaker, and used some of the Conference time to confer with various other speakers. Nor is there space to do justice to every presentation. Thus, this report will cover a select few presentations deemed highly significant, and which have not been previously reported on.

Tascara, a Mayan teacher in his early twenties, turned away from street gang life in Los Angeles to reclaim his Mayan ancestral wisdom through study, astral travel, and from "the different dimension levels which talk to (him)." He described the Mayans as "technicians of power and light", and as "engineers of the Thirteen Dimensions". He shared information contained in the 20 Mayan tablets of the law of time and cycles, such as the 16-year Telektonon Cube of the Law and the Cycle of the Mayan Messengership. Commenting on the upcoming end of the Great Mayan Cycle in 2012, Tascara said, "Batal is a two-dimensional being who comes every 26,000 years, wipes everything out, and reestablishes everything." Tascara also said, "we are born into a family, because we have affirmed that we can handle that soul group.

We are ambassadors of the Light. The purity of our crystal temples is becoming a reality." Switching gears, the Mayan teacher talked about Black Ops (secret Special Forces units). Tascara noted that Black Ops were involved in the L.A. Riots, and recently in the Bosnia- Herzegovina conflict, but that the two-day bilateral truce in Bosnia was due to angelic intervention. He noted with some compassion that "the Black Ops are caught in a routine," and that "we have to help them with their transition by loving them to death," the death of their old ways. Tascara made the assertion: "we all got a new immune system six months ago. Your immune system is to balance our three-dimensional self with the higher dimensional selves." He stated that people now have more than two DNA strands. "Some have six, some eight, up to twelve."

Tascara closed by observing, "To act as if you are the god/goddess is the highest joy, the highest fulfilment."

Blackfoot medicine man Rod Skenandore's name ought to be a household word. Rod is a founder of the American Indian Movement and helped get the 1978 Freedom of [Native American] Religion Act passed. He is honored by his people for being a protector of the oral traditions and ceremonies of the Star Visitor, White Buffalo Calf Woman, who gave the Plains Indians their true history, ceremonies and spiritual culture, and healing practices. As Medicine Man he has helped bring back the sacred Sun Dance as an annual observance by many tribes. But it is this Red hero's humility which is his most striking attribute. He freely acknowledges having spent part of his earlier life doing things of which he is not proud. But after getting back on the Red Road and recovering his spiritual heritage, Rod made up for lost time. Skenandore spoke about being up on a craft of the Star Nations. What the White Man calls "extraterrestrial encounters" are nothing new to Native people. However, Indian people consider such contacts to be sacred events, since the Star People are such spiritual entities. And Skenandore, the proud fighter for Indian justice, has been tempered by his spiritual contacts. He spoke of his defining vision: "A warrior has become a hunter, looking for flowers."

DaEl Walker/Buffalo Hawk is a part-Cherokee elder in the Spirit Horse Medicine Society. He is expert in the traditional Native American use of crystals for healing. He brought with him to display an ancient crystal skull he has dubbed Rainbow, which produces different pictures and light patterns depending on which color (frequency) of light is shone through it. A number of other Native elders were quite interested in the crystal skull, and felt that it held power.

Grandmother Windrider is an Aztec-Mayan clairvoyant, prophet and healer. She began her remarks by calling Dolphin consciousness into the conference hall. Grandmother talked about getting ready for a spiritual battle. She had just returned from Palenque, the ancient temple ruin complex of the Lacandon Forest Maya, in Chiapas State, Mexico. She described Chiapas as a "war zone". She said, "The bridging of the Rainbow People [all races] happened in Chiapas." Grandmother added, "The star-seeded children have come here, have chosen to come here. We need to pay attention." (The Lacandon Maya have a culture of ongoing contact with the Star Nations.)

She talked about having used Peruvian whistles and pipes. (The whistles, which she calls The Voyagers, are double-chambered vessels, which when blown into emit an eerie, ultra-high complex sound. A series of these vessels blown into simultaneously creates an immediate consciousness-altering, mind-transporting effect, as the author can personally attest.) "People blew these whistles; changes happened in individuals. The Voyagers will take you where you need to be. You are here to help others go through the Millennium Passage."

Grandmother told of visiting the Arkansas Cherokee Medicine Society women, and doing ceremony in their lodge. "The Grandmothers (spirits) of the Four Directions came to me, told me to speak, that they would be with me always." As the Grandmothers came in, the lodge flew up over several other lodges, and then finally returned to its original site. Persons outside said that during the flight of the Medicine Society Women's Lodge, they saw the stars in the sky above form a Horn of Plenty, with the opening of the Horn pointed towards the Women's Lodge. Then stars cascaded out of the starry Horn of Plenty towards the campground. "Everyone there received a healing."

Grandmother Windrider declared, "Your bodies are going through a good mutation to prepare you for the Millennium." In the upcoming Earth Changes, some who are not ready to make the transition to the Fifth World will reincarnate elsewhere, on a planet at the more primitive evolutionary stage that Earth has been in. Some will reincarnate to clean up the debris here, and make the transition to the higher-consciousness world-society into which Earth is transitioning. Some will be taken off by the Star Nations to voluntarily live with them.

She described a Dream-vision her son had. One day he would be strapping babies to his

back and his bike, and pedalling out of California. She challenged others to be ready to receive these refuge children. She prophesied chaos and volcanoes going off in California. She also noted, "Changes are coming, with a planetoid coming close by. There will be reactions in plants and people. Raise your consciousness to miss the wave, when it comes through." (Apparently, the wave will be electromagnetic, and affect adversely the minds and/or bodies of those who are not operating in higher consciousness.) "The aging of your body will slow down as the planet [Earth] slows down. Your appetite and food taste will change. Learn outdoor survival skills."

Paul Ortega, Mescalero Apache medicine man, devoted the entire time of his remarks to the theme that we have to return to living in a community of love. Love is healing. Love is part of right order. We will not harm Mother Earth if we operate from motivation of love.

Nestor Night Owl, Blackfoot-Delaware prophet, story-teller and healer, practices Native American spirituality, while maintaining a lively awareness of the Nature spirituality many Euro- Americans are now following. Thus he seamlessly bridges the two perspectives when addressing an non-Native audience. Central themes of his message were that we are not "victims", and that victim-consciousness will get us into trouble, mix us up, and make us sick. Night Owl pointed out that fear and love cannot exist simultaneously; therefore, we should choose love.

Pathfinder, a young Cherokee/Apache man, and Silver Star, his Cherokee female consort, have dedicated their lives to helping foster the spiritual growth of Turtle Island, the Native designation of North America. Together with Lakota-Dakota elder Standing Elk, they have used help from the Grandfathers (Star Beings) to decipher some symbols found on a crashed UFO. As these Native teachers stated, these symbols turned out to be universal/ spiritual laws. These Laws were first introduced to the public by Standing Elk at the first Star Knowledge Conference. They have compiled the deciphered laws in a book (in English) now available from Standing Elk: "Maka Wicahpi Wicohan: Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation". Since it incorporates spiritual principles of understanding and behavior acknowledged across the galaxy, it can truly be considered the Star Laws Manual of the Star Nations galactic federation. These Laws incorporate such issues as free will, spiritual freedom, change, spiritual growth, movement, balance, spiritual strength, truth, choice, karma, equality, etc. I have dubbed these Laws the Ten Commandments of the Fifth World into which we are transitioning. Mastering the explanations of these Laws will change the way we perceive what we call earthly, starry and heavenly realities.

Miniconjou Sioux spiritual advisor Wobleza shared some prophetic visions from Sitting Bull and other Native American leaders. He said that the Mending of the Sacred Hoop (of all creation) is coming soon. But first there will be famine and plagues affecting the whole of Earth's peoples.

Jane Egan is a mild-mannered older woman from Kentucky who told of her experience of being plucked up into a Pleiadean mother ship. There they called her Katreiya, and showed her many things. She learned that humankind had been seeded from the stars. She got to watch a joint crew of Pleiadean and Zeta Reticulan medical officers work on restoring various humans injured in tragedies, such as the Mexico City Earthquake and the Gulf War. She was allowed to attend major conferences, involving ambassadors from various star civilizations, debating policy on upcoming developments regarding the Earth. She also saw notable and average humans on board. In one electrifying meeting, representatives of one star civilization, (in the minority, thank God,) argue to give up on Earthlings and let us blow ourselves to bits.

The vast majority of ambassadors successfully argued for continuing the policy of encouraging humans to clean up our ways, and the policy of graduated disclosure of the presence and desire for open contact.

Lakota/Dakota spiritual advisor Standing Elk, a humble man but a classic Indian jokester, said relatively little during the Conference. A man of multiple talents, he operated a videocamera and recorded all the talks. He designated Pathfinder and Silver Star to present the teachings on the Star Nations Laws he had received. He conducted ceremonies during the conference, and afterwards.

During a powerful blessing ceremony in El Paso after the Conference, designed to anchor love in the world, Star Nation spirits were seen by numerous Native Elders as well as this writer during the ceremony and exiting at its conclusion. This writer saw them appearing as glowing violet geometric-shaped forms, perhaps half a foot wide, floating across the totally-dark room at about chest height. Their presence gave the fullest possible meaning to the traditional Native American saying, Mitakuye Oyasin, "All are my relations".

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into Star Visitor-Human encounters.

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