Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

A number of Star Knowledge Conferences have convened in the late-November winter in frigid locales such as a spartan log hall in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at 7000 feet altitude. It was in startling contrast to those earlier conferences that several hundred souls gathered in Florida at the Miccosukee Indian Reservation's modern hotel-conference center-casino complex for the Maka 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference, November 10-12, 2000. Located at sea level at the edge of the Everglades' gator-filled swamps, the Reservation shares with neighboring Miami winter daytime temperatures of 75 and nights of 65 Fahrenheit. Although the sunny beaches of the warm Atlantic beckoned only a half-hour away, the real action lay within the conference center.

There a stalwart band of Lakota, Metis and other northern natives met with representatives from various tribes of Central and South America - Mayan, Aztec, and Kechua-speaking peoples of the Andes cordillera to teach those gathered for this special conference. Their meeting and this conference were not an accident. Indeed, Standing Elk, the Conference's convener, had spent most of the year in the Miami area setting up this Conference at the boundary zone where the Northern Hemisphere meets the South; and where fittingly the indigenous elders of each hemisphere could meet at their common border.

Such a meeting, and this Conference, were a fulfilment in part of ancient Native prophecies from both North and South. Those prophecies stated that "when the Eagle flies with the Condor," then the End Times are upon us, and the time of Transition from Fourth World to Fifth World will be certainly under way. These shaman-spokespersons for North and South indigenous cultures sharing their traditions, prophecies and ceremonies are indeed part of the fulfilment of the predicted Spirit Bird of the North's circling with the Spirit Bird of the South.

It was also no coincidence that these elders of the hemispheres came bearing traditions about contact and messages from the Star Visitors, whom the non-Native world calls "extraterrestrials". For native traditions from both hemispheres affirm that their cultures were nourished by contact from Star Visitors, who taught them their origin from the stars, their healing practices, astronomy, sacred ceremonies, as well as prophecies about the return en masse of the Star Nations at the time when the earth would be transitioning from its present cycle (Fourth World) to a new beginning (Fifth World).

This Star Knowledge Conference was called Maka 11:11 in reference to two realities.
On November 9, 1996, the Grandmother Elders at the Star Knowledge Conference at Estes Park, CO declared the beginning of the 15-year cycle of transition from Fourth to Fifth World. The Mayan Calendar indicates that the transition to a new world beginning will be largely accomplished by December, 2011. "Maka" is a Lakota (Sioux) word for grandmother, and can variously refer to an older female relative, serve as an honorific title for a woman tribal teacher/tradition-keeper of any age, and can refer to Mother Earth (Unce Maka). As the Fifth World society comes into place, compenetrating and gradually displacing the old Fourth World society, the leadership styles associated more with women will become the predominant ways. In recognition of that process, Standing Elk has given women teachers at the Star Conference increasingly prominent place.

The "11:11" part of the Maka 11:11 Conference refers to the 11 Spiritual Laws and 11 Universal Laws of the cosmos, recognized generally by Star Nations civilizations. These laws were inscribed as symbols on a portion of the UFO which crashed at Roswell. They were subsequently translated by Standing Elk and other Elders with the help of Spirit guidance during Inipi sacred sweat lodge ceremonies.

This report will be selective, incomplete and personal in perspective. This is because I was not able to attend a number of talks, because of side meetings, interviews, and consultations I was involved with. My apology to those giving many fine talks which I missed.

The Conference meeting hall was bedecked with sacred yellow, red, black, and white banners hanging down from the middle of each of the four walls. These banners remind of the sacred Four Directions, and ask the Guardians of these Directions to watch over the Conference.

While Dakota Star Alter-Keeper Standing Elk would open the other two days of the Conference by smudging with smoke from sacred sage, followed by an extended prayer in Lakota invoking Tunkasila ("Grandfather" - Great Spirit) and Maka ("Grandmother" - Earth), on the opening Friday morning, it was different. A gathering of grandmothers (women elders) led by Miccosukee elder Pamela Red Buffalo opened the Conference with a Native song. Following this the grandmothers made a presentation of gifting robes to Elder Red Buffalo for her years of service to the community. Thus was the Conference opened and blessed with the Maka energy of these great women.

First speaker Melvin Saunders spoke about ways of increasing usage of brain from the 10% he says most people use to the 100% we are meant to use. He outlined a set of practices to accomplish this, including meditation incorporating a mandala, but also emotional practices. He emphasized the importance of operating more from our higher brain centers, with love, courage, compassion and happiness, rather than from the more evolutionarily-primitive limbic brain area, the seat of lust, fear, anger and sensual pleasure.

Over the three days of the Conference, there were several presentations by panels of representatives from Hispanic and Meso-and South American cultures. These speakers included Luis Mostojo of Bolivia, Juan Leal, Virgil Sanchez Ocejo, Ricardo Gonzales of Peru, Professor Rodolfo Morales-Minutellia, as well as Miccosukee Grandmother Isabelle. Translation for this largely Spanish-speaking group was done by Miami-area ufologist Giorgio Piacenza, as well as Taty Villaplana-Barrero of Arizona State University.

Ricardo Gonzales spoke of his group from Perú, who have developed their own contacts still under the guidance of the star beings behind Mission Rahma, (the effort of star beings to communicate and develop the consciousness of these people.) They possess information about the role of ancient indigenous cultures and their contacts with otherworldly and underground civilizations. Ricardo contacted a branch of the White Brotherhood (ascended teachers) living in the jungle of Perú. Their existence is known to Kéchua indigenous persons in the village of "Keros". Luis Fernando and a few contactee friends stepped into a dimensional door in the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca and met with "Soromez", the regent of the temple in this sacred lake. Now, Ricardo is physically building a spiritual retreat center on the shores of the lake, near La Paz, Bolivia.

Dr. Rodolfo Morales, member of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, is perhaps the only Hispanic US researcher conducting therapy in the area of soul communication across space-time boundaries. His work goes back 16 years, with over 600 cases recorded. Scientific and cosmic information has come about, he said, by direct dialogue with the higher conscious aspects of common and simple individuals, including children and babies who, through hypnosis are capable of "remembering the future" of a simultaneous lifetime in which they were trained by Star Visitor entities or other teachers wearing white garments. Many of Dr. Morales' patients come to him because of having experienced strange encounters or a form of light followed by more unexplained events. A tutorial dialogue has ensued in his practice, which he discovered as sometimes advanced entities give information through a patient at the point where the former patients left off. Many of the so called "imaginary friends" of children, he says, turn out to be advanced beings existing beyond our normal frames of reference, and transmitting "star knowledge" information when one is ready and capable of listening. Dr. Morales said that impressive, accurate information beyond the thresholds of the normal conscious mind has come about from future lives and from past ones, indicating the existence of an important trans-human psychology that exists as part of our total reality and needs to be known.

Luis J. Mostajo was born in Bolivia in 1964, and developed an interest in the "Mission Rahma" contacts while living in southern Perú, In 1977 he began to develop an astral, visual and telepathic relationship, initiated not by him but by the "extraterrestrial guides". In 1980, a Tass Agency correspondent was able to film a spacecraft after the event had been telepathically pre-arranged. Then Luis claims to have experienced two physical contacts "in [astral] projection", contacts that took him in also in 1980 to "Morlen" (Ganymede) and in 1990 to "Siris" (Venus). After these two totally conscious interdimensional/ physical contacts, Luis was approached by "Soromez", a teacher of the "Inner Retreat of Lake Titicaca", and allowed to go into the lake's Inner Sanctum together with some prepared friends . Now, he is joining with Ricardo Gonzales in building a retreat center on the shores of Lake Titicaca, near La Paz, and is very much involved with Mission Rahmas's efforts to unite (at a conscious and mutually respectful level) the so called White Brotherhood -- humanity and those cosmic civilizations that from time in memorial have been part of our human legacy.

Juan Leal is a highly creative electronic engineer, knowledgeable in fundamental scientific discoveries that point toward an information-based reality behind phenomena, perception, matter and evolution . His learning includes the common factors basic to specific effective techniques of Yoga, shamanism and most spiritual practices. Juan spoke of teaching techniques that induce transpersonal and expanded experiences beyond the limits of memory and perception.

Virgil Sanchez Ocejo, a gracious researcher of the Miami UFO Center, gave a presentation on his research on the chupacabras. He reported various sites in the south-Florida area he has gone to, where this extraordinary creature has attacked various animals and drained their blood. One report described the creature as six feet tall when standing erect, and weighing about 100 pounds. It is dark brown, hairless, with a big head and small neck. It has two big red eyes, no pupils, a very small mouth, and three protuberances on its head. Sanchez-Ocejo's research work did not go unnoticed. He had photographs of a black helicopter which flew around a ranch site where he was investigating a fresh sighting.

Mr. Sanchez-Ocejo showed me a plaster cast of the footprint of the chupacabra, and had had it analyzed by a biologist, who asserted that it walks primarily on two feet. While he notes that the extraterrestrial-origin hypothesis has not yet been scientifically established, there have been reports of UFOs seen near chupacabra sightings. He said to me, "One thing is for sure, this creature is not a natural animal of Earth."

Saturday night a number of Conference participants participated in Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremonies conducted by our gracious Miccosukee Indian hosts at a remote location on their reservation. As has happened before, there was a period of approximately two hours missing time for all in the lodge. Where we went or what happened out-of-body, I have no conscious memory of. But Spirit did send in messages through the sweat lodge leader for several people in the lodge including me.

Chelsea Flor has been a repeat speaker at the Star Knowledge Conferences. A student of esoteric doctrine, metaphysics and mysticism for over twenty-five years, she has offered instruction in the development of consciousness and energy in the "Way of the Ancient Science of Initiation". Her dedication is to empower man with the tools of the "initiate" through the "Natural Law of Sonic Structure and Esoteric Geometry of the Dimensional Worlds".

Cynthia Moore, a Florida native, told of becoming interested in crystals and healing 13 years ago and began studying about the crystal world. She currently incorporates Sound Energy Dynamics (tuning forks) energy into her crystal work, thereby amplifying the vibration of the Stones. She said that "Crystals are powerful, God-given allies and tools, here to help our physical and light bodies resonate with and move to the higher dimensions - very important through these next years."

This writer (Dr. Richard Boylan) told about his work with creating educational workshops for Star Kids and older Star Seed adults, persons transformed by the ETS, often prenatally, These persons have what are now considered paranormal powers. He made the point that the these Star People will be the leaders of the Fifth (cosmic) World which is emerging, as the Fourth (materialistic) World finishes its disintegration. Some of these Star Seeds will be humanity's ambassadors to the Star Visitors who are coming among us in great numbers now. More on this talk's substance can be found in articles at his website:

Typical of the extraordinary happenings which occur on the side at these Star Conferences, two women came up to me the next day and told me that they had been directed by Spirit to come to this Conference, and once there, further prompted to offer me a healing. Tamara and Carol then found an out-of-the-way spot, and conducted some psychic surgery, removing green gunk that had been placed in my innards, by focused thought and motions near where I lay. They then did some healing and smoothing energy work. After some brief conversation, they parted with just a smile, and not a word said about fees. Such is the way in the Fifth World society emerging around us, and fully in evidence at the Maka 11:11 Conference.

This Star Conference, like others, was not without rogue intelligence intrigue. In this case, keynote speaker Tezlcazi Guitimea Cachora, highly respected 88-year-old elder and spiritual leader for the Yaqui nation, and the one on whom Carlos Castenada chiefly modeled his shaman "Don Juan", was blocked at the border trying to fly from Sonora, Mexico to the Miami Conference. His previously-arranged visa was challenged as "not spelled orrectly", (as though anyone in U.S. Customs spoke fluent Yaqui.). If Elder Cachora had made it to the Conference, he was prepared to talk about how he learned the ways of the medicine plants from his father and grandfather, who traveled with and were friends with Sitting Bull and Geronimo. Don Cachora is a Nahaul (a man of knowledge), and as a child, witnessed certain spacecraft entering subterranean openings in Mexico.

Contactee Ti Mar, a tall, thin, unassuming grandmotherly woman, spoke next about a life filled with ongoing UFO and star being contacts and communications. From 1983 to 1995 a manuscript was co-authored by six light beings and Ti Mar. This manuscript is now the book Travel The Winds. Ti Mar received this manuscript in what she calls "overshadowing sessions" (very similar to channeled communications.) Her main contact, Bezon, reportedly says they actually position an electric magnetic formation behind her to bring the information forth. Ti Mar explored energy differences, "because they are the main cause in the missing time syndrome and forgotten close sightings and encounters." But these can also help with memories and communications from Spirits, Angels and star beings. She stated that her workbook offers the higher vibratory energies as an aid to physical healings.

Charles Bolta, an always-cheerful electrical engineer and experiencer, spoke about how, in ancient times, the medicine man or healer would choose a sacred space before engaging in spiritual practices or simply before going to sleep. Our environment today has changed drastically. "Today," he says, "our space, homes, and even the earth itself are subjected to electromagnetic frequency interference that disrupts our brain wave activity, commonly called mind chatter, and biological functions." During his workshop he measured electromagnetic waves and demonstrated their influence on R.E.M., sleep patterns, circadian cycles and effects on spiritual levels. He also addressed geopathic energy lines, safe lighting and ways one can make the environment a sacred space. He stated, "Many people have said that after they had cleared their homes, it's like going camping," so clean-feeling is the ambience. He has also been experiencing energy projections from dolphins, with whom he swims frequently, and showed an exceptional video presentation on the telepathic and joyous healing ways of the Dolphins and Whales, using diamond energy projections in their communicative and healing work.

Pathfinder is a Metis man and co-author, along with Standing Elk, Siver Star and others, of Maka Wicahpi Wicohan, "The Way of the Stars". This book reports the deciphering of the 22 symbols found on wreckage from the 1947 Roswell UFO. With the help of Spirit, these symbols were interpreted as standing for the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws recognized and accepted across Star Nations civilizations. Later, the group received additional information, which became the basis for the books Anpao Wicahpi Wicohan and Iktomi Wicahpi Wicohan. They are currently learning and sharing "new information that will change the way we perceive what we call Earthly, Starry and Heavenly realities," and will comprise a fourth book.

Jane Egan told about how trips aboard a Pleiadian mothership provided her with a whole new outlook on the lives we live on planet Earth. She explained what the Pleiadians are doing to help humankind on Mother Earth. Since we have been "Seeded from the Stars", she said, "we need an entirely new philosophy once we realize we are not alone on planet Earth."

Rod "Bear Cloud" Berry, of Osage and Welsh ancestry, spoke about how the Star Nation People first came to him when he was 6, in the way of a vision. Recently Rod says he was gifted with being able to see and interpret Star Nation drawings (crop circles) in the fields of England. He presented inner understandings of some of the more complex pictographs, and said that these encoded drawings have within them hidden spiritual messages. "The symbols will clarify our understanding of ourselves and the Great Mystery, and can bring about healing and connection to the Earth Mother and All There Is."

Jeret Crow is an unassuming young Metis man, who has had the extraordinary experience of apprenticing for two years with the real "Don Juan", Yaqui elder Cachora. Don Cachora affectionately nicknamed him "Cuervo", (crow). Jeret told of all this starting when his memory was activated August 4, 1991, when Jeret was contacted and given information by star people, the "Old Ones". He was in a deep state of meditation and for approximately two days he journeyed through his past lives and experienced a higher dimension through raised vibrations. Remembrance of spiritual responsibilities which he had committed to prior entering into the third dimension were once again accepted, and are now being carried out.
The Old Ones asked him to bring messages about the path of ascension to Creator through The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation ( Maka Wichape Wicohan ). Upon his return from the Old Ones, he spent 2 years in solitude learning the messages. He was instructed to aid others as an open channel, allowing Star Ancestors to work through him, and activate the memory of those in need of their guidance on the return path to the stars. (Wicahpe Tosa Wicasa) He has been working with Native American elders and strictly follows Dakota tradition-the way of the pipe (canupa). He says, "Messages from The Old Ones and The Universal and Spiritual Laws will help guide the planet into the Age of The Coyote, also known as the Age of Aquarius.

The Maka 11:11 Conference closed with ceremony and final prayer by Standing Elk and others. Thus it marked another year closing in the progression of humankind from Fourth World to Fifth World by the end of 2011, as foretold in Mayan culture.


Videotapes of the various presentations at the Maka 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference are available from Standing Elk. His e-mail address is:


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