Red Road To The Stars: Star Family Gathering of Native American Elders


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

(C) 1997

For four days in mid-March, fifteen Native American Elders [1] assembled at a conference next to the Western hub of the U.S. Military/Intelligence Complex. San Diego was displaying Chamber of Commerce weather, with brilliant sunshine, warm days, and nights cooled by ocean breezes The Indian teachers had come to finally disclose, in simple yet compelling terms, long- held sacred knowledge about past, present and upcoming contacts between their people and the Star Nations. These are matters which the Office of Naval Intelligence, several miles away, would consider classified Top Secret Ultra, Q Clearance, above Level 10.

Joining the Native Elders at this Star Family Gathering were fifteen other specialists [2], speaking from a non-Native perspective on the changes in our society being wrought by growing awareness of expanding human consciousness and of Star Nations visitation.

Also standing by "in the wings" were certain Star Visitors invisibly monitoring this educational process. These Star Nations emissaries signaled their presence by a daring daylight appearance of their craft about 300 feet over San Diego Bay, between the conference hotel and Coronado Island Naval Air Station, an appearance captured on Polaroid film by Jose Fernandez, a speaker at the conference.

Because of limitations of space, and the physical impossibility of covering all the Speakers, some of whom presented concurrently, this report will present a representative summary. Native Speakers will be presented, not necessarily in actual order of appearance at the Conference. Non- Native Speakers, while substantive, are not included here, since their remarks have been reported from other conferences. The reader should not infer that either the Conference organizers or this writer necessarily agree with every remark reported from this Conference.

The Gathering was opened with traditional Sioux chanting and smudging with cedar. Dakota spiritual advisor Standing Elk introduced two traditional Elders, Looks For Buffalo/Floyd Hand (Lakota) and Galen Drapeau (Dakota), who stood and prayed in their native tongue. After they had finished, they announced in English that they had prayed in the energy of the Elk People, "who are the Helpers of the Indian people." Standing Elk then introduced the first Speaker, characterizing him as the most respected seer among the Sioux.

The thin, youthful Dakota mystic Wobleza, "Vision All Over", shyly stepped to the microphone and began to teach. He told the crowd that in 1981, the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe was brought back out from where it had been reverently and secretly stored. This was in response to the many changes Wobleza was seeing. He talked of going to a sacred visioning site to pray. There he heard Sitting Bull talk about how the people are suffering, and that we are going into the Fifth World (total geophysical and societal turnover). An Unce Maka (Grandmother) gave him a sacred stone from an old Ghost dance site. Another woman seer came to him, saw the stone, and said that the beige stone told of the world at the time of creation, (no distinct colors). She said that it had seen all the rising and falling of civilizations. Wobleza noted that the children now living will make the changes, as this (Fourth) world transitions to the Fifth World.

He told the legend of Rock Boy, who went on a spiritual quest up on a mountain. Later he was met by the Spirit of the Plant People, who taught him how the plants could meet with (be reverently harvested by) the people. "When you come to harvest a little of the medicinal plant, being a sacred gift, you only take a little." Rock Boy grew up to be a great leader.

The Dakota seer spoke of being in an Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony and seeing a large, silvery cylindrical UFO with lights along its side. It came from the Buffalo Nation (the people of the Pleiades star system), "who are our relatives and come here to check on us, and who love us."

He explained that the Third World, (the era before the rise of the present civilizations), was destroyed by flood. "People went to higher ground to escape but drowned." One Indian maiden was taken by an eagle to high ground to save her. Later the Indian people came to understand that the "eagle" of the legend "was a flying saucer, which took her to another planet, where she met other people." Of these she became pregnant and had twins, who became the restart of the Sioux people. Wobleza said his sister, a Native Reader, was told by Spirit "to get ready for a new world." He noted that their Prophecies tell of Earth Changes. He said, "Don't worry about Earth Changes. You'll live to have much work to do. Tunkasila (Grandfather Spirit) will come and take away the water in the future. There will be a Great Drought for many years. Over 50% of humans and other life will die. There will be diseases because of the drought, (because) people violate the spiritual laws against poisoning the water, the Earth. We must pray daily for our families that they be healed and strong, and also for the animal families. The animal families went to Tunkasila to complain that the humans are poisoning the Earth."

Wobleza stated that Little Elders will come in the children now being born, who will suddenly talk early, to tell us what we need to hear. "Sitting Bull predicted the world will go faster and faster, not paying attention to their brothers and sisters. Slow down, then, and ground yourself with Mother Earth. The Stone People are the ancient Wisdom Keepers: sit and pray with them, and they can give you knowledge (of what they have witnessed). The stones are like computers."

He told of a buffalo standing on the bowl of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe. In each age (World) the buffalo loses a leg. After the buffalo loses all four legs (as it has), it will lay down. When the White Buffalo Calf Woman (ancient Pleiadean extraterrestrial teacher who showed the Sioux sacred ways, healing ceremonies and future prophecies) departed, she changed colors as she left: black, red, yellow, white. The White Buffalo Calf born several years ago went through the color changes in reverse: white, yellow, red, black. This signals that it is time for us to pray hard. When we see another buffalo calf born who goes through the original color sequence, "then we'll know that we did our work right," because it will be the time of the Buffalo People's return from the Pleiades!

Fernando Limarco, a Peruvian experiencer, spoke about the Star Visitor presence being part of our cosmic history. "We are an answer to stellar hybridization, stellar shipwrecks, importation and deportation. We come from various places," he said. "Our role is to return a new dynamic to those places of our origins."

Standing Elk introduced Cherokee teachers Pathfinder and Silver Star, who spoke about their joint work in interpreting the symbols found on panels of the UFO which crashed near Roswell, NM in 1947. They told of getting guidance from the Elohim spirits who come in. Each symbol has a dual interpretation: as a Universal Law and as a Spiritual Law. While it would be too lengthy to recount their explanations of each symbol, I will provide some comment excerpts. [3]

Pathfinder noted: "These laws are encoded in our DNA strands. These laws are the heart path. We are responsible for the vibration we are living with, so bring in the light." He stated that the Pleiadeans are the ones making the crop circles." And that "Andromedans, Pleiadeans, Sirius, Orion, and Mera are the Landing Crew."

"Think of your chakras as a temple for the holy ones who live within them: Quan Yin, Sophia, St. Germaine, Maitreya, Krishna, Shanti, Emmanuel. The Sasquaihiton are coming down from the collapsing Fourth Dimension, and will become visible in the Third Dimension. They had left because our vibrations are too harsh [discord]. The Third Dimension is merging with the Fifth Dimension; thus the Fourth Dimension is dissolving.

"All the [self-destructive] karma from Atlantis and Lemuria has been healed. Doing the Teachings is helping the Shift to the new World. Living the Laws is helping the Shift.

"Send the light from your heart of hearts to your children and everyone. Everyone is telepathic.

"The stones are wisdom-keepers. The plants are healers. The Animals are helpers. Spirits are [those] who were here. Turtle Island [North American continent] is the continent of teachers for the new World, so we need to fast and pray. Some children's dysfunctions are because they haven't grounded their spirit to this world yet.

"The Pleiadean-Sirian-Lyran Alliance will move Earthlings from Karma to Dharma, from "you did it, take the consequences" to "you did it, but we forgive you anyway." Karma is no more; but if you think it is, then it is, for you.

"The Diamondback Rattlesnake (Quetzalcoatl/Kulkulkan) says to invite him in to transmute the false DNA we have in us. Everyone can become Christ, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, for they are way-showers. Be in balance with the elemental beings of earth, air, water, fire, ether, manna and vibration."

Puerto Rican Jose Fernandez, of mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry, who spoke from the cultural perspective of his deeply-Catholic island. He spoke in Spanish, with translation provided by UFO investigator Giorgio Piacenza. Fernandez talked as an experiencer who has been asked to represent a star group, the Council of 22. He spoke of an elliptical craft from Venus which took him up into a spaceship where the Council was. Fernandez showed clear, close-up daytime slides of him being lifted up [e.g., at 30 foot altitude] towards a spacecraft, and a follow-up slide of him levitated right below a craft, with a white energy field around him.

He told of being contacted in 1991 by a figure he recognized as Mary [Jesus's mother], who healed his left leg as well as his dog's eye. The following year he was contacted by a star being from Mars, who was accompanied by a Bigfoot. Fernandez said: "Humans come from 67 different localities in the universe. Our body is but a hologram of what we really are. The ETs are the Angels of Judgment mentioned in the Bible. Comandante Elijah is in charge of planetary evacuations. He travels in a bell-shaped craft." Fernandez showed a slide of that craft, as well as of a discoid craft which he said hovered near a federal building in Miami on August 6, 1996, and caused computers and cars to fail. He showed a photo of his mother from Atlantis, whom he said "lives at Level 11, in a dimension where Jesus lives at Level 55." The photo showed n luminous female humanoid figure floating above the ground. He told of being before the presence of Jesus, whom he described as "a seven-foot-tall rugged man of rough appearance." Ferenandez went on top say that star vehicles move at the speed of thought. He showed another clear, close-up daytime photo of a structured craft which he identified as a "SQ9 Orion" spaceship. It was, he said, "completing a mission in Puerto Rico, transmuting negative energy, using beacons of light built there. We need to prepare for approaching bad times." During one visit by a star being, he was told that Puerto Rico would be spared destruction by three tropical storms. That year there were three major hurricanes which came close to but did not strike Puerto Rico. Fernandez built a seven-foot-high pyramid to avert a storm from Puerto Rico, as directed.

Mayan Elder Grandmother Windrider revealed that previously she had not been allowed to speak to white persons of the Mayan traditions kept by the women. Her Mayan grandmother had to be hidden to be kept from being killed by the Mexicans because of her power. Her father was Aztec, and taught her "flying medicine" ways. Grandmother Windrider herself has had threats on her life and cannot travel to Mexico. She said that the dolphins have come to her family and saved them various times. But now "the medicine arrives."

"Extreme changes are taking place. The Wakened Ones are listening." She predicted that our food preferences will change. "Karma cleaning is over. Things are speeding up. Do not hold onto old victim attachments."

She noted that the Mayans, Toltecs and Olmecs [4] have a tradition that this planet was designed by the Star Visitors as a Club Med Vacation which has everything, deserts, mountains, seas, etc. "It is no longer time to pretend that we are not of extraterrestrial origin. "The Gateways are starting to get into position to allow the celestial avatars in. The women need to get together to do the work [of preparing for the transition to the Fifth World]. Our male counterparts need to be healed of the [Fourth] World they are in. We do not possess our children. We must practice forgiveness. Pray for those walking on the Dark Side. Do not sit on the throne of judgment. Unconditional love is practiced in all the galaxies. Pay attention to the children and treat them with respect."

Next, Lakota elder Looks-For-Buffalo (Floyd Hand) shared his visions and traditions. He told of the teaching that the Earth's races, black, red, yellow, white, have all failed in their assigned tasks of caring for the Earth. In the Native American tradition of the journey of life, "the female is the doctoring of a plant, and the male is the foundation of the plant. The woman is the supreme power in North America. The women will congregate on [Turtle] Island."

Moving to the subject of Star Nations, Looks-For-Buffalo said, "The Star People are already here. Jesus was a Star Man." It was he who taught the Vision Quest. Back in 1948, his grandparents told him that by the end of the century it will all come out in the open. "The animals are getting nervous, telling us to prepare. Each of us can bring the Star Beings in, but only with purity of heart and intention. There will be man-made disasters, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc." The Star Visitors gave Looks-For-Buffalo the message that during 1997-1999 there will be famine, and that a quarter of the Earth's population will die off. "When man creates four-leggeds [starts cloning][5], then there will be the overturning." He predicted that by 2021 we will be back to the 28-day, 13- month cycle.

Looks-For Buffalo ended his remarks with a moving statement about how he is going to travel from the Conference to join Joe Chasing Horse and Arvol Looking horse at the Yellowstone Park-Montana border to stop the slaughter of buffalo by Montana militiamen, who are being slaughtered as they migrate from Yellowstone Park into Montana looking for forage.

At the Saturday Opening Prayer Ceremony, six medicine men, Standing Elk, Looks-For-Buffalo, Galen Drapeau, Panther, Nestor Night Owl and Wobleza, chanted prayer for the sacred Buffalo People. Then Galen Drapeau said "It's time for the men to stand up for the Buffalo." He vowed to be on the front lines, confronting the slaughterers of the buffalo. Handicapped and able to walk only with a cane, he waved his cane and spoke with the determination of his Plains warrior ancestors. "If I have to go down [die] for the Buffalo, I will, and take down a few of the militia with me, for my buffalo relatives."

Standing Elk spoke to the crowd about the White Buffalo in the Sky [Native American constellation], which spans the Orion, Sirius and Pleiades star systems. He noted that there are thousands of star races in those star systems.

Apache medicine woman Kachinas Kutenai taught about the use of traditional medicine herbs and their extraordinary powers, including converting an HIV-positive patient to a condition where no Human Immunodeficiency Virus could be detected. And with cancer she observed, "Herbs and natural processes can help where chemotherapy and radiation do not."

She reiterated the ancient wisdom saying, to live each day and order your actions, so that at the end of the day you can say, "It is a good day to die." The Apache teacher went on to exhort, "Pray for the Ozone Layer. Human beings are not better than the other species. The immune systems of trees and plants are affected by the decline in the Ozone Layer." She then reminded the audience of the scene from the movie Gandhi, where a contrite Muslim who had killed a Hindu in religious conflict approached Gandhi and asked what he could do to atone for his evil deed. Gandhi told him to adopt a homeless orphan, and raise him Hindu. Kutenai noted, "There is always a way to balance out your karma, to balance deeds with creative deeds." She also said that we must practice cleanliness.

Blackfoot-Delaware teacher Nestor Night Owl spoke of his personal journey through very difficult times and human failings until he arrived at his spiritual calling. He summarized what he had learned by enunciating his conviction that we must each operate from the guidance of our heart-place.

The final speaker I will report on, Dr. Steven Greer, is not ordinarily thought of as Native American, although he revealed at the Conference that he is one-quarter Cherokee. Because of that, and because of Dr. Greer's report presenting recent developments of global significance, excerpts from his presentation are included. He disclosed plans about an April, 1997 meeting with members of Congress and Congressional and White House staff, to present testimony from a representative sample of the more than eighty governmental, military and intelligence witnesses to UFO and Star Visitor events. Greer told of learning during his 1993 briefing of the then- Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) that that DCI had no access to information on UFOs. The current DCI has access to such information. Dr. Greer learned that one-third of the policy group controlling UFO information, variously known as MJ-12 and PI-40, wish public disclosure of UFO reality, while the rest do not support such initiative. He also talked to the Administrative Assistant to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, who said that the Federal Reserve had no problem with the emergence of Star Visitor-derived technology. Dr. Greer said that the military aide who briefed President Eisenhower on UFO evidence and developments said that Eisenhower was angry, because he was being shut out of the loop about "black technology", reverse-engineered from captured extraterrestrial devices. [6]

Dr. Greer also said that the hot UFO area is not Area 51 in Nevada, but rather a remote area in Utah not accessible by road. He recounted a meeting with a four-star General on the Joint Chiefs of Staff who traced UFOs within the Department of Defense structure, and named the DoD entities involved in UFO matters. This General admitted that he hadn't been briefed previously, because those in charge of UFO matters had deemed that he did not have a "need to know"! Eight National Security insiders, including Navy and Air Force intelligence officers, told Dr. Greer that Star Wars weapons were being used to destroy UFOs approaching Earth. The clandestine organization maintaining UFO secrecy has also engaged in cloning experiments. The CSETI Director said the Star Visitors are working in areas of volcanic instability, trying to stabilize these areas of the Earth. He also announced that Larry King and other media persons have said that they will help with a civilian public media event involving disclosure of UFO reality and Star Visitor contact.

(c) 1997


1. Presenters included: Standing Elk (Dakota), Floyd Hand/Looks For Buffalo (Lakota), Wablesa (Lakota), Galen Drapeau (Dakota), Panther (Choctaw), Pathfinder (Cherokee/ Apache), Silver Star (Cherokee), Kachinas Kutenai (Apache), Scout Cloud Lee, Ed.D. (Seminole), Mary Thunder (Metis), Monica Medicine Wind, Grandmother Wind Rider (Mayan), Nestor Night Owl (Blackfoot/Delaware), Jose Fernandez (Puerto Rico), and Dr. Steven Greer (Cherokee/Metis) of CSETI.

2. Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Truman Wong (Pine Ridge), NATO/SHAPE Command Sergeant-Major Robert Dean, Lee Shargel (NASA), Chet Snow, Angela Brown- Miller, Ph.D., LCSW, Alex Collier, Bettye Binder, Marilyn Carlson, CHT (Yellow Hand), Paula Peterson, Lewis Martin and Erica Snyder, Jeanette Matacia, Tom Scere and Star Sparks.

3. A book, presenting and deciphering the various Star Nation symbols and the Laws they represent is coming out soon, has been authored by Standing Elk, with Pathfinder and Silver Star. It will be published by Truth Seeker Foundation (800) 321-9054, ext. 200.

4. These are three ancient Indian civilizations in an area we know as Mexico.

5. This Spring the news media carried prominent stories about successful experiments of cloning sheep. Currently (5/97), the Clinton Administration is recruiting a Director of the Federal Bioethics Office. The successful candidate must be prepared to develop policy directives on the cloning of human beings.

6. Examples of such back-engineered Star Visitor-derived technology include antigravity-propulsion "copycat" UFOs, zero-point energy devices, and advanced fibre-optic applications.

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