01/04/06 Star Nations State: It Is Time To Move Into Fifth World (Cosmic) Society! 01/04/06 Star Nations State: It Is Time To Move Into Fifth World (Cosmic) Society!

On January 4, 2006 a Councillor of the Star Nations' High Council communicated the following declarations, which I am sharing here. The Councillor For the Watchers said:

"It is known that the time is upon the Humans to move into the world of their design, which includes interaction and awareness of the Star Nations beings.
"However, the rate of accomplishing these objectives will not be set by the Star Nations. They can not be, as the matter is of [human] growth and evolvement.
"In all ways Star Nations is permitted to act, interact, and intervene, these things will be done and are being done. There are no plans to disengage this mission or to rescind the ruling of the High Council on the petition approved."

So, this Councillor has clarified that the forms of persuasion that the Star Nations will use on governments to give up war, act collegially, and disclose contact by the Star Nations appear to include communication-in person, noticeable actions, and selected interventions.
This Councillor also indicated that this is not a unilateral (Star Nations) process. Humans, including governmental officials, will have to respond and take bold new action, (which is part of the "human growth and evolvement" process.)
Only with both sides involved will Earth move into a renewed and cosmic society.
But what if the Cabal try to block these initiatives as they have in the past?
The Councillor made clear that the Star Nations will not quit or be put off by Cabal opposition, and that the three noble objectives, 1) renunciation of war, 2) governments setting and enforcing international policy collegially, and 3) government disclosure of Star Nations contact and communications, will be achieved .

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth


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