Here is my report on what I saw and did at the Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) the morning of Jan. 28 (2011). I look forwarding to hearing your report as well.
The object of our attention, the National Reconnaissance Office's L-49 "Death Star"orbital anti-UFO beam weapon, was floating several hundred miles above Earth. In perhaps the shortest lifespan of any Star Wars weapons system, the L-49 had been up for just 8 days, and today was to be its last.
I began my JPE by going into a focused meditative-active state, and then included in my circle of consciousness the many participants all over the globe converging their attention and directed psychic energy on space weapon L-49.
I also reached out in consciousness to my fellow members on Star Nations' High Council and asked my esteemed Councillor colleagues who pay special attention to Earth's problems. Councillor For the Watchers, Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata, my guide Estican Councillor Xleria, Zeta Councillor Peter, to join our efforts. And I sought to align my energies with theirs, so that my actions would conform with highest ethics and principles of the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Laws.
First I used telekinesis to reach out within the L-49 and focus disruptive and pulsed magnetic energy on the Boot Code within the L-49's on-board computers. This in effect erased the Boot Code, disabling the weapons system from being able to start up.
Second, I employed remotely-applied pyrokinesis (psychic fire-starting) within the "Death Star" with particular attention to computer hardware and servo-mechanisms. I "saw" the satellite's interior filled with fine combustion particles.
Third, I emplaced a super-strong mirroring shell completely around the L-49, backed and fortified with an intense magnetic-bottling field shell and an additional plasmoid energy shell. These were designed to protect against the L-49's terawatt microwave beam's being able to shoot out accidentally or on purpose. (The mirroring field would ricochet the energy beam right back at the "Death Star", destroying it.)
Fourth, recognizing that the energy system for the terawatt-microwave energy beam was almost certainly a Tokamak fusion reactor (with start-up power provided by a plutonium energy source), (powering the "magnetrons" to generate a split-second trillion-watt burst of microwaves), I knew it was important to avoid radioactive contamination while disabling the weapon. I asked my Star Nations colleagues to collaborate in psychokinetically disassembling the components of the entire L-49 down to the molecular level, and flowed with similar activity by other Human lightworkers.
Operating with respect for all creation, I reached out mentally to the simple consciousness of the molecules of the L-49, pointed out that Cabal sub-humans had fashioned them into a weapon system that was not in alignment with good purpose (the Tao), and invited them to cooperate with my and others' psychokinesis to voluntarily release the Strong Force binding their atoms, and to disassemble themselves (with psychokinetic help) down from their higher atomic state (as plutonium, silicon, etc.) down to a simple harmless atomic level (such as carbon or helium), which would not pollute near-Earth space.
Once L-49 was reduced to a slurry of simplest-elements atoms, I psychokinetically dispersed the molecules widely out into empty space.
Mission accomplished. The Lockheed-Martin/NRO L-49 is kaput!
The Cabal's precious space weapon, orbiting and stealthily waiting to destroy visiting starcraft, was itself destroyed this morning [01/28/11].
The Cabal just saw $750 billion dollars in advanced technology cease to exist, down to the atomic level.
Lightworkers: 1
Cabal: 0.
Game over.

P.S.: Thanks to all the lightworkers who joined in on this Joint Psychic Exercise. Thanks, too, to the Star Visitors who joined us in this collaborative effort to maker Earth safer and deprive the Cabal of one of their intimidation items.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA