I will briefly share what I "saw" during my participation in yesterday's successful Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE), and then share what Star Person Incarnate Human Fran has to say about the Cabal-controlled media and the LCROSS NASA mission.

I moved over in time some minutes, and moved (astrally) over in space a certain distance and then, operating from "there", went out psychically to LCROSS and Centaur booster as they were streaming towards the Moon.

Next I enwrapped LCROSS in a telekinetic force and redirected it onto a course to the left so it was aiming towards one Moon-diameter's width left of the Moon's left side. Then the same was done with the Centaur booster rocket.

After LCROSS and Centaur were speeding on their new course, I engaged first one, then the other, with strong dissolution energy to unbind the Strong Force bonds holding their atoms together as molecules. Moving from top to bottom, I un-did the Strong Force bonds, causing the component materials of these space vehicles to come apart at the molecular level. This process also safely dismantled the advanced munitions which were secretly aboard these space vehicles. Nothing left but a expanding array of atoms.

I could somewhat feel other lightworkers at work, too.
Good work, fellow lightworkers!

Mission accomplished!

This was confirmed this morning by Star Nations, whose members were also at work on these two space vehicles during our JPE, to assure thorough deflection and disintegration.
Thus the star folks lunar colony within Cabeus A Crater is safe from overhead bombardment.


in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Star Person Incarnate Human Fran had this to say:
"NASA Cabal [infiltrators] can claim whatever they wish to "save face", I think is the saying. Still, they have lost in their attempt to harm others [Star Visitors] that reside there on the Lunar Daughter [Moon]. And the various Cabal media outlets are going to be stumbling over each other to explain away the occurrence."
Take care.
Love & Peace in Service

Already the (Cabal-controlled) media are starting to report NASA's disappointed and contradictory assertions about what was supposed to happen this morning on the Moon. Really, how can NASA say that their LCROSS and Centaur booster changed course and then suddenly disappeared off the screen?!
- RB

(CNN) -- NASA said Friday's rocket and satellite strike on the moon "was a success", kicking up enough dust for scientists to determine whether or not there is water on the moon. The Centaur upper-stage rocket impacted the moon shortly after 7:30 a.m. ET, and the satellite followed it four minutes later.
But immediate NASA images of the crash produced no sign of the plumes, which were expected to rise six kilometers from the moon's surface, said John Marmie, LCROSS deputy project manager.

"Everyone was like, 'What's happening here?' " Marmie said.

NASA had encouraged amateur astronomers to join the watch parties. "We expect the debris plumes to be visible through midsized backyard telescopes -- 10 inches and larger," said Brian Day at NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California, before the strike.

And news reports stated: "The big live public splash people anticipated didn't quite happen. Screens got fuzz, and no immediate pictures of the crash or the six-mile plume of lunar dust that the mission was all about. The public, which followed the crashes on the Internet and at observatories, seemed puzzled.

"NASA officials said their instruments were working, but live photos of the actual crash were missing."

[This reminds me of the "missing" 18 minutes of White House tape recordings during President Nixon's discussion of the Watergate black-bag-ops Burglary. - RB ]


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