War No More, International Collegiality, and Governmental Disclosure of Star Nations Contact and Communications Star Nations Agree To Limited Intervention To Advocate For Peace, Global Unity, and Governmental Announcement of Star Visitors Presence

There are huge developments upcoming, with history-changing implications for Earth!
I have been in communication with a Councillor who is serving as interlocutor between the Star Nations and Earth's representative. This dialogue concerned the need for Star Nations assistance in three arenas:
1) getting the nations of Earth to absolutely renounce war as an instrument;
2) replacing the current situation of the U.S. as de-facto Policeman of the World with all nations agreeing on the United Nations as the arena in which to settle international disputes, and for the UN to resume its role as arbiter and enforcer of justice worldwide; and,
3) encouraging the leadership of all countries to release into the public domain all information about Star Nations communications and interactions.
To get to the good news : the Star Nations report that these three "items are at this time approved for action of intervention."
Further, the Star Nations state that: "As it stands, all intervention conducted as requested will result in changes towards these objectives presented."
I further urged a one-year time-frame for these processes to move to fruition.
The Councillor observed that "There can be no guarantee of results, nor of the time-frame when results will manifest as described and desired. These things are not simple. The creation of the current situation was not 'done overnight', as is said here. And it will not be a simple task to set all things right. Still, it is understood by the High Councl that time is essential to these items."
He indicated that preliminary Star Nations activity on these fronts has already begun.
Previous communication has made it clear that the Star Nations can only use contact and reasonable persuasion, and cannot "take over" decision-making for Earth governments.

Previously the Star Nations had not intervened even for these very worthy causes. Their general position is to allow developing young cultures like Earth to seek their own directions. Also, there were divergent views within their High Council as to whether humanity was "too far gone" to be salvageable. And the High Council did not have from its Earth Watchers' reports a clear-enough overall picture of how greatly the Cabal** limited human understanding and potential.
I conveyed to the Star Nations High Council, through the Councillor, four basic arguments that the Star Nations found compelling, and which moved their High Council to vote to adopt a strategy of helping and influencing these three more positive Earth developments.
Those Four Arguments are reproduced below. Also below is the basic Ethical Justification I used to outline how and why it is ethical for Star Nations to intervene, given Earth's current special circumstances.

The Four Arguments were:
First, no matter when Star Nations get around to formal public manifestation of presence on Earth, it will be "disruptive", and will be misinterpreted and mis-propagandized by the Cabal as some version of their "alien invasion" theme, with the sub-variant, as you noted, that "them evil aliens" have taken over the minds and wills (if not the desks) of "those politicians in Washington", (London, Berlin, Paris, Beijing, Delhi, Cairo, etc.)
Delay does not mitigate this problem. It only grows larger each day because the Cabal grows larger each day.
"Alien infiltration" would only work as a Cabal propaganda tactic if politicians of good will (some, Star Seeds) fail to come out and state that they have studied the matter carefully, had to struggle with doubts and uncertainties, and have satisfied themselves that the Visitors are of good intention. But they will do so. There are good people in public office who are not going to roll over and play dead while the Cabal tries to foist some "Independence Day" story on the public. And the White-Hat political office-holders will speak with such sufficiently humble honesty as to authenticate what they have to say. Cabal propaganda is not omnipotent.
Second, the analysis of [Councillor's, (omitted)] does not address the enormous suffering, physical, mental and metaphysical, which is endured by humans of good will each day for years on account of Cabal oppression and information-suppression: attacks, defamation, reviling, character-assassination, economic privation (e.g., lost jobs, promotions, ruinous lawsuits), loss of family consortium (spousal estrangement, alienation from other family unaccepting of UFO truth), and on a more societal level, the anomie, adrift condition, and lost sense of higher purpose that comes from Cabal reviling of any mention of cosmic connection, and their drumbeat insistence that the materialistic world on Earth is all that is "real" and worthy of attention.
Delay only plays into the hands of the Cabal, who use each month to consolidate the position more solidly, brainwash more government, military and intelligence personnel, and craft yet new weapons to deal with the "alien problem".
Third , delay by the Star Nations only plays into the plans of the Cabal to demoralize and eviscerate the spirit and momentum of lightworkers and regular humans trying to hold on to hope that "any day now" Public Disclosure will happen, and we can get on with building Fifth World more apace in a cosmic-family context.
That Cabal playbook was revealed cruelly by its distorting a (5/9/01) Washington press conference and the testimony there by 20 government, military and intelligence officials, witnessing before the news cameras what they experienced about UFOs/Star Visitors during the course of their official duties. The Cabal really sucked the wind out of the UFO community when the Cabal demonstrated their power by making sure that this event got virtually no coverage in mainstream print or broadcast media, and the tiny trickle that was allowed to get out was generally enveloped in sarcastic micro-"coverage". Thus did the Cabal demonstrate to the UFO community that the Cabal are in charge and no one can make Public Disclosure happen, no matter how potent the evidence.
The appropriate counter-weight to such cynical tactics is for Star Nations to make sure that its presence here is manifested by events which are crystal-clearly obvious to mass groupings of humans, (such numbers as to be the social-communicative equivalent of a front-page newspaper story); and which include a Star Nations communication element with humans which signals SN's peaceful intention.
Fourth , Star Seeds and Star Kids stand ready to stand up for the Star Nations against any propaganda blitz the Cabal might try. There are millions of experiencers who are willing to come "out of the closet", once the Star Nations' "push" which I asked for happens, and speak up for their beautiful, awesome, and uplifting encounter experiences, and that they vouch that the Star Visitors come here well-intentioned.
Earth is overdue for the jump-start that will help level the playing field, and let humans see the Cabal for the liars they are.
Is Disclosure now without any risks? No. But they are acceptable proportionately. Will there be martyrs to that cause? Yes. And I am prepared to be one of them, if necessary.
Is delay in public disclosure without risks? No. Those risks are enormous, certain, and on-going, as summarized above. But every day of delay creates more martyrs -- and unnecessarily.
Let it not be said that Star Nations so underestimated humankind that they felt the need to continue infantilizing us for many more years ahead.
Let it not be said that Star Nations policy unnecessarily delayed the advent of Fifth World on Earth.
I respectfully request that you carry these arguments before High Council, to be weighed in the deliberations on my request(s).

Ethical Justification :
You, Councillor, speak of the current times on Earth as "unique", Indeed they are. And thus, as you intimate, old standard High Council policies about non-interference in political affairs of developing planetary cultures are not going to be appropriate nor tailored to these unique times, and will instead become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.
One element of the "uniqueness" is that Earth's geo-political affairs are intimately entwined with the Earth population's denial-of-access to vital clean information it needs to make informed social (and social-morality) choices, because of Cabal interference, cover-ups, distortion, distraction, and misdirection.
Anther element of that "uniqueness" is the active "outside" role the Cabal plays in actively and persistently pursuing a policy-and-action course of dialectical conflict-fostering, in order to keep peoples off-balance, distracted, and seeing the situation as one group being pitted against another for social, political, economic, religious, or personal advantage or even survival.
Such tactics exhaust, and create an inflamed atmosphere, such that it is very difficult for regular humans to make the moral social choices they would otherwise be more normally capable of. The amount of turmoil on Earth is not natural, and there is a reason for this situation, just summarized above.
Because of these immoral and "external" influences on Earth society, dislocating it from its otherwise more reasonable and amicable course, this artificial situation ethically justifies Star Nations insertion of influence to readjust the situation to a more wholesome framework.
This is Step One of leveling the moral playing field to where humans can be evaluated on their ethical choice-making in a non-highly-distorted environment.
Measures which the Star Nations have already alluded to, such as "outting", or influencing humans to "out", Cabal operatives as such are helpful, but not enough. So embedded in power are the Cabal, and so psychologically accustomed to powerlessness and inertia are regular humans, that it will take substantial Star Nations' (and strategically-placed, Star Nations-prompted light workers') push to jump-start the Earth society transformation process.
This jump-starting is Step Two of leveling Earth's moral playing field. Once the moral-ethical playing field is leveled, and humans have had an opportunity to operate in such a neo-normal environment for a while, only then can a fair assessment be made of whether human society is worth further Star Nations' investment of attention and effort, or should instead be consigned to quarantine and abandonment.
Those recalcitrant voices on High Council who speak about humanity not being up to minimal standards have been making their assessment based on the past and current highly-distorted and Cabal-manipulated societal situation struggling to operate on a distinctly-tilted playing field. Such is not a fair assessment.
What is needed is massive Star Nations intervention now!
Speaking for humanity, I say, "All we are saying is give Earth this chance."
- Councillor of Earth*

[*The representative for Earth to the High Council is Richard Boylan, Ph.D.]

** For definition of the Cabal, go to: http://www.drboylan.com/cabal.html


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