Approximately 3,000,000 Altimarians have been facing the end of their civilization and planet as their home star Altimar (in the Barnard's Red Dwarf Stars Cluster) has grown dangerously unstable as it nears the end of its life-cycle. These Altimarians have been seeking safe relocation from their dying star to a suitable safe planet. Star Nations had determined that Earth, just 6 light years away, can provide such a safe location and has suitable gravity and atmospheric conditions for them.
As Star Nations' Ambassador ('Councillor') for Earth, Dr. Boylan has been in dialogue with Star Nations, and even authorized a poll of a sample group of Humans (workers at NSA and CIA with clearances for extraterrestrial matters). The upshot of these dialogues was consensus that Earth is a proper place for a settlement. With a Human population of over 7 billion people, Earth can easily accommodate these 3 million Altimarian refugees. For those interested in what an Altimarian looks like, you can see a photo of a typical person of Altimar-4, 'Hearold' at:
The Altimarians who landed May 1, 2016 are the same people who previously sent 12 of their top environmental scientists to volunteer to help heal Earth's environment. These scientists have since arriving been working quietly on environmental remediation. Humans owe these Altimarian scientists a large debt of gratitude for their critically-important programs of environmental repair. And one way in which Earth can show such gratitude is for Earth to welcome all the Altimarian people and allow them a quiet location of refuge.
On May 1, 2016, eight large Altimarian space vessels landed in the U.S. Southwest at a location at 5000 feet altitude southeast of Capitol Reef National Park on undeveloped U.S. Bureau of Land Management desert land well south of Hanksville, Utah. The Altimarians have established a subterranean Settlement Site. Their settlement is compact, (2 miles by 2 miles), and extends down 1700 feet down into the bedrock. These Altimarian refugees then quickly constituted a self-sufficient community. They are prepared to repay Earth's kindness in the years ahead, in accordance with Universal Principles such as Balance and Family.
As Star Nations' representative, Dr. Boylan has requested that the United Nations designate this Altimarian Settlement Site as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and provide appropriate safeguarding. A UN response has as not yet been forthcoming.
Dr. Boylan was taken by star-craft, June 21, 2017 to the Altimarian Settlement Site and discussed with them their role in helping Earth's future. The Altimarians indicated they are ready to help as needed.

A Future Note:

The people from Altimar-4 who recently settled here are not the only race in the Altimar star system. There are two other races, one living on the third giant moon, and the other on Altimar's fifth giant moon.
Those living on the third giant moon, Altimar-3 have been dubbed Variant-Altimarians . Because these Variant Altimarians are also in peril of dying as their star becomes more unstable and moves towards becoming a supernova, they also need to obtain refuge now on a planet in a stable star-system like Earth's Sun. These Variant-Altimarians number just 736,000. Some may wonder what the Variant-Altimarian people are like. To give some idea, a Variant-Altimarian Master Spiritual Teacher came to Earth 2000 years ago. We know her as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This Star Person woman teacher returned several times over the centuries afterwards, and we have known her on Earth at various times as the Lady of Guadalupe, the Lady of Fatima, the Lady of Lourdes, and finally as Mother Teresa.
The people living on Altimar's fifth giant moon number 2, 250,000. These people of Altimar-5 look similar to those of Altimar 4, and also have highly-developed spiritual and philosophical development. Altimar-5 sent two Spiritual Teachers to Earth to teach Humans elevated ideas about philosophy and morality. The first of these is Star Person Master Teacher known on Earth as Quan Yin. She incarnated around 700 B.C. in China appearing as a human woman. She was known as the bodhisattva of compassion, [a being of enlightened existence]. Quan Yin is viewed as the very embodiment of the compassionate loving kindness which she taught. She is revered by Taoists, Confucians and Buddhists alike.
120 years later, around 580 B.C., Quan Yin reincarnated as Lao Tse in a male reincarnation. Lao Tse was a famous and revered teacher in ancient China. Tradition considers him the author of Taoism, who wrote the immortal philosophical classic the Tao Te Ching. Lao Tse taught that underlying all reality is the Tao, the dynamic unfolding of things, which is itself a manifestation of God~Source~First Principle. Lao Tse described the Tao as ever-evolving, and as embracing change within a larger matrix of the constancy of truth. He taught that wrong behavior came from a person's being out of harmony with the Tao. Qualities like simplicity, not being pushed by desires, and humility are all signs of a person's being in harmony with the Tao, a practice which is important to cultivate.
Obviously the Altimar-5 people share the same peril of star instability as the others in their solar system. Humans can help these people in peril, who have so kindly shared their very gifted Spiritual Teachers with us. Humans can contact their government or the United Nations, and say that they are agreeable with the people of Altimar-3 (the Variant-Altimarians) and the people of Altmar-5 each establishing a modest settlement here when they need it.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Councillor of Earth