On January 25, 1982 a UFO crew of four had been sighting-seeing at 18,000 feet over the scenic red-rock desert country of the U.S. Southwest when suddenly their spacecraft was hit and disabled by a disintegrator beam from an orbiting Cartel neutral-particle-beam cannon. The Star Visitors' ship struggled but kept losing altitude, finally crashing into the jungle of northern Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental mountains 500 miles southwest of El Paso, Texas. Procyon B star system envoy 'Eve' is shown in the first two photos about to be captured by Blackwater mercenaries in the jungle of northern Mexico after her starcraft was shot down January 27, 1982. The UFO Cover-Up cartel then sent a mercenary retrieval team to southwest Chihuahua State, Mexico to retrieve a UFO they had shot down and any Star Person crew members. In the photos online a female injured Star Person survivor is seen, (whom Dr. Boylan has dubbed 'Eve'), warily peering out from behind the jungle foliage. She is looking cautiously at two U.S. Blackwater military contractors working under a cartel contract with Brown and Root/KBR (now Blackwater) private military company. One mercenary approaches Eve and then radios her location to his boss while a fellow mercenary video-records the scene.
The craft was from the Procyon-B star system in the constellation Canis Minor, 11 light years from Earth. It carried a crew of four. One crewman, male, was killed in the crash. Three crew, two females and a male, survived the crash with moderate injuries and were able to walk, slowly. Star Visitors seen in the website photos are 'Eve', and her husband Jim.
Another Procyon-B woman [name unknown] hid in the woods and was not videotaped. After the Blackwater goons left, she was befriended and sheltered by Mexican villagers. Five days later the Blackwater goons returned and captured her as well. The mercenaries had been sent by the National Reconnaissance Organization, a contractor affiliate of the National Reconnaissance Office): (the name similarity is intented to confuse.)
The cartel's crash-retrieval team took the three survivors to an underground detention facility code-named 'G-13' four miles northeast of Creech Air Force Base at Indian Springs, Nevada. The G-13 facility was the Cover-Up cartel's principal prison for holding and torturing Star Visitor captives.
Meanwhile the dead crewman was examined and dissected at 'S-4', the secretive Papoose Lake National Laboratory 13 miles south of Area 51, Nevada. After his dissection and tissue harvesting, the dead crewman' remains were transported to special hermetically-sealed containment-storage vaults 7 miles west of Area 51. G-13 is the code name for a top-secret detention facility operated under cartel contract by Halliburton-Kellogg, Brown, Root (KBR), an enormous construction, engineering and private military contractor often engaged in classified and off-the-books operations. G-13 was situated beneath a large lava-rock outcropping 4 miles northeast of the control tower at Creech Air Force Base. G-13 Prison extended 13 stories underground, sprawled over 209 acres, and was 8/10-mile long and 4/10 mile wide. This Top Secret special prison for captive 'aliens' was opened in November, 1981, at the beginning of the "Star Wars" Era of the Ronald Reagan Presidency, and continued in operation until 2013 when a Special Forces detachment of the CSS [transnational military 'White Hats') shut it down and demolished it.
The cartel's UFO Shoot-Down Program to retrieve Star Visitors' coveted technology, and to torture any survivors for more information, began with the microwave-cannon shoot-down of the 'Roswell' UFO on Aug. 15, 1945 as it flew just west of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. This was during the Truman Presidency. It reached its high point during the Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush presidencies. But Presidents Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump were not informed of G-13's existence. George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President and Texas oil trillionaire, a higher-up in the Cartel hierarchy, was the only U.S. President aware of G-13's existence. During G-13's 31 years operating, 23 Star Visitors died in captivity due to mistreatment, and countless scores more were tortured. By the beginning of 2013, the G-13 prison had just 35 Star Visitors left, all innocent but unlawfully imprisoned.
Security at KBR's G-13 prison had been provided by the infamous private military company Blackwater (aka Xe~Academi). Each shift had 18 security personnel. G-13 security measures included acoustic and infra-red motion detectors, night-vision-capable video surveillance, and cell walls honeycombed with dense wire clusters running pulsed extreme-voltage electricity to prevent any Star Visitor from escaping.
Dr. Richard Boylan furnished to his 'White Hats' contacts in government precise location information about the Halliburton-KBR (Cabal) G-13 prison for Star Visitor captives. Shortly thereafter, a special-forces assault team from the Central Security Service (its Operations Division's elite top-secret TIER 3 Detachment) assaulted the G-13 detention facility, overpowered its Blackwater mercenary guards, and liberated all the Star Visitor captives! Hoo-rah!! Procyon B 'Eve' and 'Jim' were so grateful for their release after two decades of captivity that Eve has shown herself to Dr. Richard Boylan over ten times! since her liberation, taking on the appearance of an extremely-friendly human woman. On several of those occasions, Eve was accompanied by her dashingly-handsome husband 'Jim'. On one of those occasions they greeted Dr. Boylan as he visited the Furnace Creek Ranch General Store at Death Valley National Park. There they smiled broadly at him and spoke briefly with him. The bright desert sun outside the windows of the DVNP General Store was matched by Eve's and Jim's bright smiles!
Eve and Jim plan to be active and public participants in the effort to roll out official acknowledgment of UFO and Star Visitors reality at public events in the time ahead. Then everyone will have a chance to see them on a globally-televised Star Nations Press Conference!
And now some further special background on Jim and Eve you ought to become aware of. Procyon B star system Envoys 'Eve' and partner 'Jim' have been two of the scores of teachers from various star systems who have had (often unacknowledged) roles in human history, particularly in our spiritual history. A number of these Star-Person Teachers were historically thought of as 'angels'. ('Angel' comes from the Greek, angelos meaning messenger.) And indeed these Visitors came down from the heavens [star systems] with important messages.
I have had the privilege of meeting Jim and Eve in person several times after they were liberated from a Cabal detention facility. They showed up with quite human appearances in Death Valley National Park, CA and again in Placerville, CA, each time smiling warmly with gratitude, and conversed with me. A photo of Eve and Jim on this website next to this report shows what they look like in their natural bodies as persons of the Procyon B star system.)
It turns out that many of you have surely heard of 'Jim' already from two of his earlier missions. Jim was the Messenger known as 'the angel Gabriel' who around 6 B.C informed the Jewish teen girl Miriam (Mary) in Nazareth, Palestine ['Israel'] that she was to become the mother of Yeshua (Jesus). Jesus was destined to become an outstanding spiritual teacher. Jesus was already a Star Person Master Teacher when he incarnated on Earth as a Human from 6 B.C to 33 A.D.
Six centuries later, Jim again returned to Earth as the Messenger from the sky known to Muslims as 'the angel Jibril, (Gabriel in Arabic). In 610 A.D. this messenger Jibril appeared to Muhammad as he was meditating in a cave north of Mecca. Jibril taught him basic spiritual truths, (which are also common to Jewish and Christian traditions.) The 'angel' Jibril also commissioned Muhammad to confront the errors of polytheism common among his fellow Arab tribesmen, tell them there is only one God, unseen Allah, to avoid infanticide and value female as well as male infants, to share generously with those who have little, to be humble in recognition of God's gifts received, to see to it that widows and orphans are cared for, and other simple spiritual truths, including respect for the simple spiritual truths which core Judaism and core Christianity also proclaim.
Thus the violent intolerant hate-filled distortions which 'Islamic jihadists' and Iranian imams recite have no real support in what Angel Jibril [Gabriel] and Muhammad actually taught. Dr. Boylan is sure that Eve and Jim would agree that it is well past time for Christians, Muslims and Jews to come together in mutual respect, and in a brotherhood and sisterhood of shared core faith. The Book which all three faiths share, The Bible, has many additional stories of angel messengers from the skies providing guidance to humans. Truth is one. God, Yahweh,and Allah are one. It is now time for everyone to understand that helpers from the stars have long aided Humans in developing correct spiritual understandings.