Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation
Richard Boylan, Ph.D


My latest book is just out: Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation ((2005).

Star Kids is an exciting and complete explanation of the phenomenon of the tidal wave of children with advanced abilities growing up among us now, and their relationship to the Star Visitors who appear in our skies. In its pages you will meet actual Star Kids, and learn the many indicators and attributes of these amazing psychic wonderkids.

Star Kids is available now from the publisher. . 352 pages!
Just $18.95 plus shipping & handling fee (see below). ISBN number 1-881542-75-9. Library of Congress number 2005927292.

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Direct your order for Star Kids to the publisher, Blue Star Productions/Book World,
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Or you may place a Pre-Order with and get Star Kids as soon as Amazon's shipment comes in. I would appreciate if some of you would order through Amazon, so that they decide to stock up on my book.

Thank you for your interest in Star Kids.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact can Transform Your Life
Mary Rodwell

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The new bible of the "abductee" phenomenon.

Up until now, the phenomenon of alien abduction has been presented in a bleak, oppressive, threatening, and fear filled fashion. As we all "know", abductees are victims and counsellers help them cope.

But what if its not like that at all? What if its only our fear that makes us see this way? What if its our fear prevents us from seeing the truth? What if alien "abductions" are not about experimentation and probing but about spiritual awakening and galactic contact?

Sound fantastic?

This is just what Mary Rodwell, counsellor, registered nurse, and midwife, suggests in Awakenings. After working with over 900 experiencer (abductees) , Mary concludes that it is our fear that prevents us from seeing the truth and our fear that creates our terror. Once we overcome our fear, we see the phenomenon for what it really is.

It is past time that we shrugged off our fear of this amazing spiritual phenomenon. Let Mary help you overcome the fear and conditioning that prevents you from seeing the profound and beautiful truth.

There are ships on our horizon!

Book Description | Cudos and Reviews | Author Bio

ISBN: 0-9738442-0-5 ISBN PDF: - 0-9738442-1-3
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Author: Mary Rodwell
Retail: $16.99
Distributors: New Leaf, Ingram, Phoenix

Purchase from:, go to: ;
Barnes and Noble;
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or your local retailers

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Submitted by: Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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