Many of the drawings on these four pages are the work of David Chace, a talented Washington State artist:
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We thank David for his permission to share these illustrations.

The first photo, of a dolphin mother and child, shows an intelligent, telepathic Star Visitor species seeded in Earth's oceans aeons ago.

A Tall Zeta standing next to a Short Zeta. Another view: A Short Zeta and two Tall Zetas.

Actual photo of a female Short Zeta who died at Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM after being subjected to Cabal "experiments".

Councillor 'Mariam' of the Variant-Altimarian People, who met with Dr. Boylan in the New Mexico desert in mid-1992 aboard her craft and held a briefing.
She chose to incarnate on Earth 2000 years ago as a human we have known as Jesus's mother Mary.

Dr. Boylan's drawing (below) was done later in 1992 of that encounter.

Another view (black and white) is of Variant-Altimarian woman "Miriam" appearing in a full-page photo "ad" with no explanation of why in an issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine in 1989. Apparently the 'powers that be' were softening up the public's mental beachhead for an announcement of extraterrestrial reality, which did not come for thirty years.

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