The HOUSE INTELLIGENCE SUBCOMMITTEE HELD A HEARING ON UFOS MAY 17, 2022. A complete waste of time! Supposed to be an "Open Hearing", it was instead DISHONEST AND EVASIVE. The two 'star' witnesses - the top Defense Department officials in charge of UFO information, evaded and lied about what they actually knew when questioned by the Congressmembers.
The Intelligence Subcommittee wasted that important opportunity to finally tell the public the truth. That truth is: (1) WE ARE BEING VISITED BY PEOPLE FROM THE STARS; (2) ET Visitors are advanced, peaceful people; and (3) that the U.S. government already know a lot about the 'UFO' spacecrafts the Visitors travel in (3).
Those Defense Department liars gave the impression that collecting UFO sighting reports is as far as the government has gotten in dealing with UFOs. THAT IS A BALD-FACE LIE! Those Defense officials also insinuated that 75 years of UFO visits represent 'a national security threat' that only those with TOP SECRET - SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION - UNACKNOWLEDGED SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM (TS-SCI-USAP) Security Clearance are able to know about it. The public be damned!
Ironically anybody who has watched the History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens' documentaries knows far more about visiting extraterrestrials than top military intelligence officials are willing to say they know. So, the UFO Cover-Up drags on.
WHO BENEFITS FROM THE UFO COVER-Up? Two quite different groups within the population:
1) advanced-technology contractors such as Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, etc. who have been making trillions in profits by back-engineering alien technology ever since Roswell on condition they not acknowledge the ET origin of such tech; and,
2) leaders (clergy) of fundamentalist and evangelical faith communities who have financially benefited greatly from their congregations' old-time world-view not being challenged by ET news (e.g., that the person they worship is actually a Star Man, a highly spiritually-advanced extraterrestrial person incarnated on Earth as a human teacher for a lifetime.)
Those two constituencies have had enough combined political muscle power to keep the UFO Cover-Up going for 75 years. Truth about UFOs/ETs would get in the way of their immense revenue streams. So the hypocritical wink-and-nod secrecy in government continues. Key insiders in Congress are also in on the wink-and-nod routine. That's why on May 11 they put on that ridiculous dog-and-pony show disguised as an 'Open UFO Hearing'.

To get the the truth from our government, we need to organize and build political power greater than the giant aerospace corporations and the bible-thumpers have.
Only then we can demand the full truth AND GET IT!
Or we can go back to playing HALO-type science-fiction video games on our computers.
The choice is ours.

-- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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