"Becoming Cosmic Citizens":
Speech of Dr. Richard Boylan to the ACCET Annual Convention, Denver, Colorado, Oct. 15, 2000

[Speech edited By Michael Brownlee, webmaster, AlienZoo website. http://www.alienzoo.com/ Dr. Boylan thanks Michael greatly for transcribing the talk tape without notes. Dr. Boylan's talk was largely extemporaneous.]

(Editor's Note: Richard Boylan, Ph.D., MSW, M.S.Ed., is a psychologist and anthropologist researching into close encounters people have with extraterrestrials, and into the Star Visitors (ETs) themselves. In addition he is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, university instructor (emeritus), and consultant to persons wishing to explore their extraterrestrial encounters and allied anomalous experiences.)

The following is an essentially complete transcript of Dr. Richard Boylan's Ketnote Speech, "Becoming a Cosmic Human", at the annual conference of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET), Denver, Colorado (Oct. 13-15, 2000). ACCET is "an association of professionals from the fields of behavioral health, counseling, consultation, and the healing arts who are developing special expertise in understanding and professionally working with experiencers of extraterrestrial encounters."

Dr. Boylan's Speech follows:

"The acclimation program. Now, we're going to get a little weird. But first, we'll start with something three-dimensional and physical.

There is an "acclimation program" that the government is conducting to get people used to the idea of UFO reality and Star Visitor contact.

And they're doing it by gradual measures.

One of the vehicles they use to get the word out to the working class stiffs is Popular Mechanics. It's sort of the working man's version of Aviation Week and Space Technology, which is the elite's version of leaking classified developments in aerospace. Joe Lunchpail gets an occasional tidbit, too. Perhaps you've seen the current Popular Mechanics cover photo -

"Air Force's Nuclear Flying Saucer." That's not the only story of interest. This issue is worth getting, November 2000.

This is a little fun. A word says volumes here. Softening up the beachhead, they have an article about the odds against "ET". But when you read it carefully, it's about the odds for "ET". It's telling the average guy and gal about all the advances in astronomy, how they keep finding more and more planets out there around stars - and even Earth-size planets, and a few that look like they're in the inhabitable zone. It's like the three bears and porridge - if your planet is too close to the sun, you fry. If it's too far out, you freeze. There's that inhabitable zone. In our system, it's roughly Venus-Earth-Mars. Other star systems have similar zones.

They go through the arithmetic on it here. And they use the famous astronomer Frank Drake's formula for the likelihood of intelligent life - life numerous enough, around enough stars, for long enough, that there would be enough civilizations (though they fall and rise) who are currently in a high phase of development to reach out to neighboring star systems and visit them, such as folks are doing to Earth. Drake came up with a mathematical formula based on the billions and billions of stars there are, and found out the odds for intelligent life visiting other star systems are very good.

Here are just two sentences from the Popular Mechanics article: "With the discovery of each new extra-solar planet, the odds of finding intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy increase." The other sentence of interest is: "The more extra-solar planets astronomers find, the more likely ET will finally call home - our home planet, that is." Are they softening up the beachhead?

Your tax dollars at work. And now, "Air Force's Nuclear Flying Saucer." There is a drawing of the Lenticular Re-Entry Vehicle, as they so melodiously call it. It's rounded, except it's got a flat back. It's 40 feet across. The average saucer is 30 feet across, so it's a little bigger than that. They say, "The operational mission design is an ability to stay up for six weeks at an orbital altitude of 300 nautical miles." That's not thin air; that is space. That is sucking vacuum. That's out there. 300 miles up is way up. This thing - which I'm sure if you saw it going up you'd say it was a UFO, because it's the rounded design you see - is nuclear powered, 300 miles up, and the crew can stay up for six weeks.

Now, how long has this thing been flying? One year? Five years? Here's the sentence: "It was classified on December 12, 1962." That's 40 years ago, roughly.

And another sentence in here: "It was designed by engineers at the Los Angeles division of North American Aviation" - which doesn't even exist anymore; I think it was eaten up by Martin, now Lockheed-Martin - "under a contract with the U.S. Air Force. The project was designed out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio," where German engineers who had worked on rocket plane and flying disk technology in Germany had been resettled under Project Paperclip, after World War II.

So, this is your tax dollars at work. In 1962, we have craft that can go into space and stay out for six weeks. Do you imagine that development has arrested since that time? No, it has not. And while the article says we can only surmise that it went operational, since the declassified documents we have only talk about research and design, they go on to say: "the fact that it remains classified suggests that it went operational."

I'll give you a little bit from an intelligence source that goes beyond what they say in the article. My intelligence source says it was mentioned in an NSA paper in 1968, developed for use by the CIA as "a re-usable photographic reconnaissance platform" - in other words, to go around the world and take photos of other countries and snoop.

Just in case Joe Lunchpail didn't get the message, the third shot is the back cover. It shows a typical disk hovering very low over a cornfield, with an "American Gothic" farmer and wife staring in awe as the ramp goes down and a bunch of cows walk off. So, they're giving them back!

Now, one, two, three: 1) the odds of inhabited planets are astronomically large; 2) we've been up in space 40 years before you knew about it; 3) and Sony Corporation, which likes to make money, is not afraid to show UFOs interacting with people and giving back cows.

So what is the message here? I wonder.

Building on the transformation. In the past I've talked about "UFOs are real" - that was the old Rich Boylan - and had enough documentation that a retarded right-wing fascist would have to concede that it was true.

Then we went to, "ETs are real, and they are visiting folks, and they're nice people; and anything you hear to the contrary is government disinformation."

Then we went to, "Well, we have to differentiate 'government.' There's the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys are trying to pump out information as fast as they think the public can absorb it without culture shock. And the bad guys don't really represent government; they represent a rogue organization of plutocrats trying to hold on to Star Visitor technology, monopoly, and world power - and penetrated this country's military and intelligence establishments, and every other major country, and have their fifth columns in there doing nasty work. And when people beat you up in back alleys and sabotage your car, it's not the folks that answer to the Congress and the President."

Then we went to, "Experiencers' experiences, and how it psychologically transforms folks, and how we process that psychologically and emotionally."

Now I want to build from there and go another tick, because this is where I think it is headed now.

Building on the transformation, we now have enough collective experience as ACCET therapists and other researchers to be seeing a little bit more of the picture than just the kind of core phenomenon of Star Visitor contact. We know it's a global phenomenon, and we know the Star Visitors are here for a larger purpose than just amusing us with the fact that there are folks out there; that they're really midwifing a very large developmental process that we are going through.

And if I may borrow a page from human lifespan development psychology about staged development - you know, like from adolescence to adulthood, young adulthood to middle age, and so forth - we are moving from late adolescence to young adult development as an Earth society. Adult development will be as cosmic citizens, and as a cosmic society.

Many of the people in this room are already cosmic citizens by conscious choice awareness. We're all default cosmic citizens, because we're part of a larger society. But we have to own that personally. And we have to go beyond owning it personally, to recognizing we're not just little smug elites peppered among the less aware general population, that all our society needs to go - and is going - that way. That's our trajectory.

Crossing into Fifth World society. Some of the changes that come with contact, or are enhanced by contact, are part of what the Natives call "Fifth World society." The old society, the military-industrial technological materialistic complex that we live in currently - where you turn on NBC, ABC, and CBS, and they feed you - is fading and dying (as indeed those networks are fading, and may die). It's being replaced by a consciousness, a global and transglobal cosmic consciousness that is coming in and that we're now beginning to see in some of the more far-reaching programming and information.

We're in that delicate crossover stage. When the ice floes are breaking up, and you're on this ice floe and it starts to crack and break up into smaller and smaller pieces, and you've got one leg on one floe and one on another and they start to move apart - it's not a good place to be. You don't want to be in the North Sea in that situation. It's like that for us now. We have to jump onto one floe or the other.
We're either going to go with the old well-known Fourth World materialistic-industrial technological-militarized society - because it's tried and true, it worked in World War II, it's good enough for me - or we're going to go with the new ice floe, cosmic society. Many of us as individuals have had to step on those two floes and decide which one we're going to pledge allegiance to.
As an Earth society - thanks to global satellite communication and things like that, and lots of ET visitation and overflights - we are now straddling those two ice floes and preparing to decide which one we're going to jump onto.

The Star Visitors know we're in that very delicate transitional stage. They're trying to be as helpful as they can, but they have a problem in being helpful. Some people I talk with, particularly if they're of the "rabid new age" persuasion say, "Well, why don't they come down and just sweep away all this nonsense, and just take us to the next level? Or come here and get rid of all the bad government, and just run this place the way it should be run, and we can just get there?" Well, that would not be good.

The paranoid extreme ultraconservatives in the military are afraid of "alien invasion" - which is why we have orbiting weapons systems in space, in violation of no-weapons-in-space treaties; reconnaissance satellite networks watching for incoming UFOs, nuclear weapons, killer lasers, electromagnetic pulse weapons, orbiting and ready to shoot them down. This is the military's version of how we greet our Visitors, because "you never know if there's a Trojan horse." So we have that kind of thinking.

But we also have the other option, which is to understand our Visitors in a proper context, and where we fit with them in this delicate phase of development. It helps to do a quick historical review, and I believe in my last presentation to the [ACCET] conference last year I got into that in detail. So I'll just summarize, because that's not where I want to go today. I want to get into some new territory.

As has been alluded to by other speakers, when the paranoids in the Pentagon (Joint Chiefs Council - not all of them, just the paranoids; there's also lots of bright guys in the Joint Chiefs) worry about "alien invasion", they don't know their history very well. I guess we can forgive them, because you won't find proper history in history books.
But the proper history is that we made the transition from dragging our knuckles on the ground to homo sapiens sapiens due to Star Visitor bioengineering. If you study all other species and their evolutionary track, you will not find such rapid acceleration of species differentiation and advancement, and the kind of tight timelines that Humankind - modern Humans - sprang up from archeological origins.

So they can't invade us, because they helped fashion us; they've been here for millennia.
Furthermore, they don't want to take over, because of what I was speaking to a moment ago. There's a spiritual and karmic law that applies to them as it does to us. If they come down and sweep aside all the imperfect governments and run an idealistic government, that might sound good on paper. But what would it mean? It would mean we didn't do the work.

Think of it as being a parent. If you have a kid trying to learn to ride a bicycle, and you've got trainer wheels for him, and you refuse to ever take off the trainer wheels because he might fall over and hurt himself, the kid will never learn how to ride a bike. He'll only know how to ride a four-wheel contraption.

They're doing it a lot more subtly - even with us. Rare is the experiencer who gets what Philip Krapf, the L.A. Times editor, got - you know, where you're yanked up and given a 72-hour intensive briefing, the whole magilla in one shot, and come back down. Most of the experiencers I talk to have a little visit, are shown a little bit, set back down, given time to digest that and try to incorporate that as much as a person chooses to.

All of us therapists have run across experiencers who said, "I'm sorry. It's real, all right. But I don't choose to deal with that. It's too much bother. It's going to upset my reality too much. I hereby turn my back on it and walk away."

We always have free will. Some people exercise it to choose not to engage with that reality. Most do, and most are transformed by it. But it's done in incremental stages. And then after a person is taken - their first contact experience - and has had a chance to chew on it and digest it and decide how much they're going to incorporate or not - they come back for the next installment. And so forth.

The ripple effect. As they are doing with individuals, so they are doing with our society at large. And indeed the two processes are interdigitated.
Not only are we as experiencers being incrementally exposed to wider areas of consciousness and awareness, with some enhancement of our abilities, but many of us who choose to go at least modestly public with our experiences and serve as witnesses to others, this ripple of witnessing by experiencers all around the globe is having a ripple effect on those who have not been formally visited, and it is a shared experience - just like everybody doesn't have to be an aircraft engineer in order to get the benefits of the people who know how to design 727s to fly safely from one city to another.

So we ripple out this experience. And as we ripple it out, our society at large is becoming transformed in its awareness from an earthbound society that used to use the vocabulary of "world" and "country." You don't hear "world" any more. The folks that do language manipulation for CNN and other major news organs have given us a new vocabulary, because they're trying to get us ready for cosmic citizenship. So we don't talk about "world" any more as though the reality horizon stopped at the end of planet Earth.

They've started to talk about Earth, the planet. You've noticed that. They're starting to use terms like "global society," because we can't become cosmic until we're global first. We have to stop defining reality as stopping at the borders of the United States, or even at the borders of planet Earth. We have to do each stage, and get it into our consciousness.

Now we're a global society - and that famous photo the Apollo astronauts took when they were out about two-thirds of the way and turned back and photographed Earth as a bright blue globe as seen from space really tripped people's consciousness, because you could see it's one Earth. You couldn't see any division lines like in the geography maps. You couldn't tell where one country stopped and another began. It didn't really matter. There were land forms, and water - one world.

Now that we've kind of absorbed the global citizen message, we're ready for the next step: cosmic citizen.
Your witnessing of contact helps - along with all the other experiencers in all the other countries - in giving people both a cosmic consciousness that it isn't just theoretical, as in Frank Drake's formula that there probably is an inhabited planet or two out there. You're giving it existential reality. In point of fact not only are they inhabited, but they are at a very advanced level of flight capability, and they have traveled across star systems and visited us; and they come not only in peace, but with the magnanimity of Peace Corps workers to help a struggling civilization at a very awkward stage of its development, as it decides to either move into adulthood, or stay in arrested development at the jumpy, aggressive adolescent stage and probably do itself in.

The role of free will. They want to make sure we put our feet as a society on the right ice floe, the one of the Fifth World, the one of cosmic society. But they can't twist our arms. That would be karmically wrong. We have to choose freely. And so when you talk about an exquisitely delicate dance of how much information without so flooding us and traumatizing us with overexposure that there's frankly no free choice left - they don't want to go to that extreme. They don't want to go to the extreme of not any information, so that we may blow ourselves up nuclearly, and poison our ecosystem to the point of irreversibility - which we're headed for by 2025, according to our own scientists, if we don't turn around.

Those are the two possibilities: cosmic future as grownups; or society's end, as any kind of recognizable global society, in the next generation. We're at this very delicate transitional point.
As cosmic citizens, we have the capacity to make a difference. But all we can do is our own authentic witnessing and the example of our own lives - along with whatever opportunities spirit and fate, if you will, throw our way.

Some of us may have larger platforms on which to make a difference. Some of you may get called to do interviews. It's always a sacrifice, giving up your privacy, exposing yourself to ridicule and bad jokes at work and things. When you're making those tough choices - of who to talk to among your relatives, co-workers, family, friends - I can't tell you what to do. That's your choice. But I would ask you to add this to the equation, when you're deciding between comfort and privacy versus exposure and risk that go with that: consider yourself not only as an individual facing these choices, but as a member of society. To a tiny but significant degree, each one of us, with each of those choices we make, helps create a momentum of awareness - or not.

Our society's at a very delicate decisional phase, and the sum of enough people making enough of those choices, and pushing the momentum wave far enough forward, may be just what it takes for society as a whole to go with that awareness momentum and freely choose to go cosmic society and change the way we do life on Earth.

"Freedom schools" for Fifth World society.

As we move into Fifth World cosmic society - something a number of us have been giving some thinking to, and perhaps some of our thinking has been inspired by our star friends - it occurs to me that we need some new institutions to help nurture and build Fifth World society. We're not going to be able to do it with some of the existing institutions, because frankly most of them were created to perpetuate current society, Fourth World materialistic, industrial, earthbound-perspective society.

One of the institutions we do use in our society to make change and to look at new things is our schools - and variations on schools, in the form of workshops and academic conferences such as this.
(One of the reasons this [ACCET] conference was created was as an instrument, an institution, by which we in a non-casual, non-disorganized way try to create some of the tools for building consciousness, awareness, and information so that people can learn how to participate knowledgeably in Fifth World cosmic society.)

In most cases, our current school system is not particularly built to prepare citizens - our kids - for cosmic society. As Earth chooses to become a cosmic society, it will change the curriculum of the schools to match that new agenda. But it occurs to me that at this point in our delicate transition we can't wait for a systematic change in the curriculum of the public school systems of this country and other countries, that we need something in the meantime.

I borrow here a page from the 1960s - our revolutionary little warm-up dry run getting us ready for cosmic society. One of the things that came up in the '60s for people involved revolutionary change - who didn't have time to wait for the school systems to catch up with it - was Freedom Schools.
They started in the South, in oppressed black communities, and in urban centers of the oppressed black community (and later other people of color) where the kids could go sometimes after school (later instead of school, depending on the degree of revolutionary consciousness), and get a quick orientation to black history, culture, everything that was left out of the curriculum of the time.

It's better now. You have to have lived a little while to remember how bad it was then, when being black meant, "Oh, your ancestors were slaves." We're now aware there's a lot more to black history and culture. It was devastating to kids in those days to have their Black History consist of historical slavery. Enslavement. Period.

Let's borrow, I thought, from that and create Freedom Schools for the Cosmic Society. We don't have time to wait for institutional change across the board in our public schools to get kids ready for cosmic society. Besides, some of the kids that really can't wait are our experiencer kids, our hybrid kids, our Starseed kids, ones who've been modified either in utero, or by genetic engineering, or by post-birth Star Person Visitation and gene manipulation, to have extraordinary abilities (and of course, by ET visitation, extraordinary (cosmic) awareness).

These superkids, if I may say, can't wait for society to move into the Fifth World and for us then to say, "Oh, by the way, we'd better change our school curriculum, because it doesn't fit this cosmic society any more."
They're rocking the school systems now, in terms of who they are, what they are, what they know, and how they know it. We owe it to them to give them a better sense of their origins, their potential, and their abilities - to normalize all that and to give them a sense of their role in this transition to building cosmic society.

Special Education for Star Kids (and Star Seed Adults)

Who is the future? Let's just talk about America - we'll just kind of make this small, so it's easier to digest. But everything we say here is applicable in every region in the world. How can we help these kids find some identity? Well, we've got a couple of ideas going. Starkids School, for instance. This was handed down by the Star Visitors to my friend and buddy, Russ Winje, up in Northern California when I was visiting him, doing a workshop there.
He had indicated we two have some role in helping set these up, and we're working on that - Young Adult Starseed Schools for people who don't see themselves as little kids any more but are still in that coming-into-their-full-adult-maturity stage.

Last weekend, I did one of these Young Adult Star-Seed workshops down in Santa Cruz, California. It was an amazing experience. We had 20 people there who - many of them perhaps for the first time - were able to talk about their abilities, their awarenesses, and to be in a room where they weren't the oddball but were surrounded by everybody else who was the same. Can you imagine what an experience that is for a kid? Suddenly, they're normal. They don't have to fight about shame, being in the closet, being worried about being an oddball. They're normal.

That little room of folks was Fifth World cosmic society. They could relax and let down their guard, and not worry about social society. What that did was liberate them to say, "Well now, let's see what we do with this as a bunch of folks gathered." And I want to tell you that the minute everybody sat and introduced themselves - bang, instant community. There was none of this awkwardness you get when you put a bunch of people together in a motel ballroom nervously feeling each other out, deciding who you like and who you don't, who you can trust and who you can't. None of that. It was instant "on".

Many of you have experienced similar dynamics at an experiencers support group. Have you noticed how when you get in there, it feels kind of familiar, even though you haven't formally met the folks before? It's kind of like instant-on group community. Why does that happen? We are changed, and we can spot a fellow experiencer across a crowded room. I don't know all the dynamics of why that is. I'm sure our telepathic awareness and our intuitional awareness of folks that are vibrating on the same frequency of awareness is picked up. We can tell there's a fellow vibrator at that level in the room. I'm using crude vocabulary here, because the vocabulary has not really been developed yet. Maybe Dr. Leo Sprinkle can help us out, and some of the others here. But they are there, those intuitive gifts to make that happen, so you have instant community.

And then we get down to examining how we are different, what these changes are, and what they're for - and what we are for. So many experiencers say, "Why me? Why these changes in me? Is it so I'm set up as some kind of carnival freak?" No.

Transformative abilities in Starseeds and experiencers.

I'd like to in a systematic way go through some of the transformative changes that occur so often in Star Seeds, hybrid kids, and experiencers who are deeply touched and modified by repeated contact. Then I want to go through them again, in terms of not just the oddness, the differentness, the amazingness of these changes, but what's the social purpose, what's the social-spiritual purpose of this?
And there I think we get down to the punch line not only of where our development is headed, but why the Star Visitors - most of those cultures with highly spiritually advanced consciousness - are investing time and energy in trying to help us reach our full potential. They respect the fact that we have that spiritual and metaphysical full potential built into us, and they'd like to fan that flame and see it reach its full design potential.

So bear with me while I suggest a list of things. You might in your own personal experience go down and tick off which one applies to you.

Mental telepathy communication, both incoming and outgoing. Everybody who has had Star Visitor contact had incoming. That's the only way, usually, they talk to you, and it makes for social connection.

Precognition. Knowing the future; hunches that just happen to come true time and time again.

Telekinesis. The ability to modify things by focused mental effort alone. The classic example is lifting something up. Some of you have seen that movie, "Bless the Child," where the little girl rotates an object in mid-air just by mental thought. There it is. You could do that, and more delicate things. (I'm a "psychic dunce," as they say. But I've been known to cheat a little on bowling, when the ball's going down the alley - a little bit over there, that kind of stuff. Some of the kids can use this with pinball, you know.)

Penetrating intuitiveness . Being able to see into a situation and know exactly what's going on with the agendas without anybody briefing you; to see a story in the paper and know just what's going on behind the scenes making that happen. Or looking at a person, knowing what's going on with them.

Aura reading. The bioelectric field around us. Some people define it a little differently. We all have auras, we can all see them. You can quickly learn how to do that. But the more you develop the ability, the greater the potential for good use - to see colors, to see where it's fuller or diminished, or even little bits of absence. You can tell things, diagnose mental or physical illness for example.

Psychic healing . The ability to achieve healing in another person without medical instrumentation and medicine. The antidote or successor to medical school, in some cases. We don't want to throw out allopathic medicine. It has its place. But it isn't always going to be available. There are some things allopathic medicine can't fix, that psychic healing can. It's like you have two hands. Yes, you can cut off one and still function, but most people would rather have two.

Remote viewing. Why should Army Intelligence researchers have all the fun? They're not that good at it. I mean, think about those two words: "Army, intelligence." Some of my best friends are ex-intelligence. But would you want your daughter to marry one? (Laugh... Please.)

Invisibility work. Imagine this power in the hands of a six-year-old child. You're looking for him, it's time to come in and do the dishes. Where did that kid go?

Teleportation . The ability to have an object that used to be here, now be over there. Some of our shamans can do that. Some experiencers can.

Levitation. Antigravity without the antigravity craft.

Mental influencing . My favorite example is in the first "Star Wars" movie, a decade ago, when the Imperial storm troopers come marching up to Obe Won Kenobe and Luke Skywalker, and the two droids they have with them. The storm troopers are looking for the droids, because they contain downloaded information that's dangerous to the Empire. It's terribly important that the droids not be captured. And so as the Imperial captain marches up, Obe Won Kenobe thinks telepathically to the captain - and you can hear it in the sound track - "These are not the droids you want." And sure enough, the captain turns around to his men and says, "These are not the droids we want." And then Obe Won says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go." Then the captain turns around to his men and says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go." An illustration of mental influencing.
Now, we've seen some illustrations of the psychotronic version of that for dire military intelligence purposes, but that's not what the gift is about, and it frankly doesn't need electronic circuitry to do it.

Earth energy adjustment work. Psychics - or perhaps yourselves - who have done some work to try and smooth out some of Earth's energetic perturbances, trying to calm down hurricanes that are beginning to develop, or smooth down tectonic plate movements, so the earthquakes that are building up won't be quite as violent, that kind of thing; or trying to smooth Earth disturbances from all the nuclear weapons and pollution and wars which resonate with Earth - which is a conscious organism (even our physical scientists have now conceded that) - and smooth that energy out.

Time dilation or contraction. For example, making a journey a lot shorter that it normally would be. To go from one town to another, a trip that should take an hour, and you get there in 40 minutes, because it's terribly important to get there quick. Is that possible? Yes. Or the other thing, to make an experience last longer than it normally would, slow down.

Pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters . Like car crashes - knowing ahead of time it's going to happen, and sure enough it does.

Interdimensional awareness . Being able to sense beings from another dimension. Or being able to move across the "dimensional barrier" and sensing what's going on in another world. These abilities exist. In fact, I was just given some information by my ex-NSA contact that this technology (of course, the government always does that at a technology level) has been achieved at Los Alamos National Labs, with the interdimensional portal that's been created using extremely high-powered holographic technology. They've sent a person through. On the other side, they accessed another world, and it both intrigued and unsettled them. One of the scientists involved in this project was Dr. Wen Ho Lee, famous in the headlines.
It wasn't nuclear secrets that they were worried about. Dr. Lee knows about a lot more delicate stuff than 50-year-old A-bomb designs. It was very important to keep his mouth zipped shut tight.

Astral travel, out-of-body travel. Many of us as experiencers, and us as researcher-therapists, have run across astral travel as one of the preferred ways in which Star Visitors make contact with Humans. If I make an oversimplified template of how contacts go as a pattern, often the Star Visitors soften up the beachhead with a physical encounter. They show up in the flesh and you say, "Oh, my god, they're real. They're visiting me."
After you get over that, often the subsequent encounters take place in the astral, out-of-body mode. You're lying in bed, your body stays in bed, your conscious self goes elsewhere, maybe up on a craft, is with them, gets information, has communication, is shown things, then comes back down into the physical body, you finish sleeping, and wake up in the morning with something you went to bed not knowing. That's a lot easier than running discs through military radar nets, trying to get down and snatch the persons physically from Earth's surface - and more efficient.

Cultivating Close Mental Connection to an ET Guide . Anybody have mental connection with a Star Visitor guide?

And here's a throw-away, extra-added item of no great importance:
Putting out street lamps when you walk by. How many folks have had that happen? Doggone, they make lousy light bulbs these days, don't they? :-)

Social and spiritual applications

You read this menu of things to the average citizen that's not been indoctrinated in psychic paranormal reality, and they think you're talking science fiction - if they don't think you're talking "looney bin." But, as the majority of the people in this room know, it's not only real, it's personal.

Now we're at a different phase in our human social evolution. Now it's going public. Now it's going across society. No more shamanistic elitism. Our kids, many of them, are being bred with these characteristics as a given. It keeps spreading. And as the reproductive genetic spread goes on, it will become normative in society. The folks in this room are merely the vanguard of what our whole population is going to look like in probably the next couple of generations. If you want to see Fifth Society, you're looking at it.

Now, why the gifts? Let me just quickly suggest some social purposes, the social and spiritual uses of these gifts, a few ideas from yours truly. I'm sure you can add your own.

Telepathy. Creating a social network of trust. Just like in an office building, you have a bunch of computers that all are connected by a LAN network to a master computer, so that many terminals talk to each other with a common database. That's a model of us, Fifth World society.

Sensitivity or precognition. Folks with these talents developed are sort of like the Indian scouts of old, up in the trees saying, "There's buffalo over that next hill. Let's go get 'em and have something to eat." The precognitive Indian scouts of Fifth World Society will be seeing probable futures, because no future is absolutely cast in stone. They're highly probable, based on current circumstances confluencing together in the most likely way. That's as close as anybody can get to the future, because of free will and chaotic random interpinging of events. (Even for a subatomic particle at Los Alamos, our scientists can't say for sure whether it's going go through one grid or another, because of the "uncertainty principle.") Anyway, we have probable futures.
And if the precognitive experts in our pack can point that out, that allows us as a society to say, "Hmmm, unless we do something, such and such is going to happen. If we'd like it, fine, let's keep on doing what we're doing. If we don't like it, whoa, let's see what we can do to change it." See, this is a benefit to society from that kind of ability.

Telekinesis. We're moving to a stage of mind over matter - mentally-assisted vehicle guidance, for instance. As someone was saying yesterday, that technology already exists. Many experiencers have "taken the wheel," if you will, in a saucer, and after a little coaching mentally guided it in doing its maneuvers. The better star civilizations do it by mind alone - there's no joy stick. Some of our advanced classified military fighters and fighter pilots are doing that, only they use helmet technology. They think, and their helmet accepts their electroencephalogram waves without wires, by radio pickup, and translates the signal into aileron and rudder control in the craft. That's not quite mental telekinesis, but it's pretty close; it's a mechanical model of it.

Penetrating intuitiveness. Social discernment could be the benefit. If all of us can pick up when something is "loaded" - it's not right, and there's some hidden agenda - it's going to be much harder to pull a lot of political and social scams that are now floating successfully.

Aura reading. This allows each of us to discern the other. How are they doing today? And if they're coming from an unsettled, dark place, we can spot that. If they need a little help, be it physical or emotional, it can perhaps trigger our psychic healing. Imagine everybody as a "barefoot doctor" to everybody else.

Psychic healing, remote healing. We've already indicated some of the usefulness of that. We're going beyond medical science, for situations where you can't get to traditional help. Or maybe as an alternative choice a person would be rather be healed psychically than visit their doctor.

Remote viewing. Seeing the past or the future, learning from past mistakes, seeing future probabilities.

Invisibility work. In certain situations, a person may need protective privacy.

Teleportation. For important urgent deliveries that just can't wait for FedEx.

Levitation. If you fall off a cliff, it might be nice not to have to go all the way to the ground.

Mental influencing. This could also be used to encourage and support people doing difficult work. You know, it doesn't have to be mind control. It can be supportive and friendly, giving somebody in a tough place a little extra boost from the outside.

Earth energy adjustment work. With the earth changes coming up, we're probably all going to have to get fairly busy to modify some of the rather dramatic cataclysms that otherwise are building.

Interdimensional awareness. Some of our visitors are coming across dimensions, and when we see them we're not just seeing somebody who came in a high-tech vehicle from another star system. We're seeing folks who jumped dimensions. Often they have trouble getting into third-dimensional density here. They kind of are fuzzy on the edges of it. It's as dense as they can stand being without getting a migraine. If we can reach across halfway and meet them with some interdimensional awareness, the connections are that much easier.

Astral travel. That's how remote viewing works. This is a preferred way of doing a lot of Star Visitor and other contact - connecting with relatives who have departed, for instance.

Connection with Star Visitor guides. Having our "guardian angels" to offer some suggestions and hints." <><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

(NOTE: The conclusion of Dr. Boylan's ACCET Conference address was not recorded on the tape due to a glitch, and thus was not available for transcription. However, 95% of his Speech is transcribed here.)

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