My Reconnaissance and Penetration deep into Area 51 and Sighting of a Low-Level Test-Flight of a U.S. Anti-gravity Craft
My Penetration Reconnaissance into Area 51 and Sighting of Low-Level Test-Flight of U.S. Anti-gravity Craft

In 1992, I sneaked 25-30 miles (it was dark) into the Nellis Air Force Base 's Tonopah Test Range, northwest of main Area 51 (that cluster of buildings and hangers which show up on satellite photos.) I used the Queen City Summit dirt entrance road under cover of night with lights out. Back then almost nobody knew about the Black Mailbox 'official' entrance road into Area 51. Much less did anyone know about the Queen City Summit entrance road route. In fact Nellis Air Force Range had not even bothered to post No-Trespassing/National Security Act Warning Signs for that dirt road. (Security lapse.)

There, in a dimly floodlighted box canyon, a little before midnight I saw a disc being test-flown all covered with a bluish-white plasma discharge halo. The craft was, I later learned from my friend USAF Colonel Steve Wilson, the Boeing X-22A two-man anti-gravity disc fighter. That ARV ("alien reproduction vehicle"-Pentagon-speak) was about 80 feet above the desert floor and about 250 feet from me.

I could easily track it with my binoculars as I crouched down in my darkened car with only my eyes above the dashboard and observed its unusual characteristics. It seemed clear to me that whoever was flying it was relatively new to antigravity craft-flying. The maneuvers were not in a straight line, but jumped from side to side and back and forth in a haphazard pattern. A notable feature of the jumps was that the luminous X-22A disc winked out in one location, then after a second or two reappeared at another location. I watched carefully and it was not a question of going dark; (the craft could not turn off power to its anti-gravity field with coronal discharge without falling from the sky.) At that close range I could have seen the disc even if unlit because of the ambient illumination from the sodium vapor lamps ringing the Range. Instead, what seemed to be happening was that the disc would cease-to-exist at one 3-D space-time spot, and a second or two later pop back into existence at a slightly-different local 3-D space-time location. Apparently it jumped into hyper-space to make the transit, and then reemerged into conventional 3-D space-time.
Former Los Alamos physicist and heroic ex-Area 51 employee-whistleblower Bob Lazar has described the space-time folding that is achieved with U.S. anti-gravity ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) by harnessing and amplifying the strong gravitational force that binds atomic nuclei. Lazar said that Element 115's nucleus' Strong Force was strengthened to broaden it and create a local second gravity field which extended somewhat past the ARV/UAP rim. The Strong Force/Secondary Gravity Field could be amplified yet farther so it totally encircled the anti-gravity craft creating a secondary gravitational field independent of, and with opposite polarity to, Earth's gravity, thus able to repel from it.

I watched the test flight about 15 minutes, then, nervous about the use-of-deadly-force zone I was in, I slowly and stealthily withdrew under headlights-out mode and crept silently back out to the Queen City Summit road entrance. When I reached pitch-black Nevada State HWY 375, I finally breathed a sigh of relief, my shirt soaked with nervous sweat despite the desert night's coldness. I had the story of a lifetime to tell, but did not dare tell it for years for fear of retaliation and arrest for criminal trespass.
By now the statute of limitations must surely have passed. So I now can share with you this amazing experience.
Just think of it! In 1992 the U.S. military had been successfully making and flying copycat 'UFOs' for two decades!

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor