Bio-electromagnetic-photic Fields, Dowsing, and Star Kids/Star Sseeds Versus regular Humans
Bio-electromagnetic-photic Fields, Dowsing, and
Comparing Energetics of Regular Humans Versus Star Kids and Star Seeds
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Updated: 04/08/2024.

Dowsing rods are useful to detect water underground. Or, if skillful, to find a ring lost in high grass. But did you know dowsing rods can tell things about a person without their saying a word?
I have been using dowsing rods as a simple mechanism to detect and measure the Bio-Electromagnetic-Photic energetic field that surrounds every person. 'Bio' because the field is generated by a living organism, in this case, humans. 'Electric' because humans utilize electicity (among other processes) to operate their bodies and brains, and because electromagnetic fields on Earth always have electricity and magnetism associated with each other. 'Magnetic' because of the electromagnetic association just mentioned, and because the field seems to generate a counter-magnetic force, pushing the rods to a perpendicular angle to their original direction. 'Photic' (light/photon) because the field seems to have some of the properties of light, e.g., the field bounces off mirrors, and some people can see this field as visible.
When two dowsing rods are aimed toward a person being "read" (measured), and the rod arms pointed level and parallel to each other (about 2-3 inches apart), as the rod arms encounter the outer edge of the target person's bio-electromagnetic-photic field, the rod arms splay outward in opposing directions, forming a spread-eagle position at right angles to their original (parallel) positions. Those splayed-out rod arms define the outer boundary edge of the person's bio-electromagnetic-photic field. Regular humans have a bio-electromagnetic-photic field extending about 12-18 inches out from and surrounding their body in all directions. But Star Kids and Star Seeds have much wider fields, anywhere from a 3-foot radius up to the current record of 50 feet out from their body.
An extraterrestrial woman I dowsed had a field extending 300 feet out from her body!
It gets more interesting. I have also determined that a photograph of a person also has its own copy of the person's bio-electromagnetic-photic field. It's smaller than the person's regular field, but it's there. It can be measured using focus and intention. I determined this by dowsing photos of people I already knew were Star Seeds, and people I knew were not, and noting the differing sizes of energetic fields that each's photos emitted.
When 'reading' the energy field which a person's photo is emitting, there are three potential readings. The two rods either point straight ahead (indicating a Regular Human), or splay a bit outward (indicating a Star Kids/Seed), or turn inward towards each other (indicating a person whose energy is of the dark side).
This part about images' energy signature is not exactly news. Shamans and psychic practitioners know that people's photographs carry some of the essence~presence of the person in the photo. Understanding this helps one appreciate why Native Americans use to resent being photographed by the European settlers (or tourists), because the Native Americans felt that the white men were trying to capture and confine their soul in the camera and photograph. The Native Americans didn't know what purpose that energy capture might be put to.
I made a further discovery. This happened when I dowsed photographs of a couple of individuals I suspect are deeply involved in the dark-side Cabal cartel, including a “retired” spook Colonel, formerly of Army Intelligence and Security Command's psychic-weapons studies Unit. He had a doctorate in Death Science (!), and his friend and fellow Army Intelligence Lt. Colonel, had been arrested and charged as leader of a serial child pedophile ring, and Head of the Satanic Temple of Set. I noted that the dowsing rods crossed over on top of one another in a cross-eyed fashion when they encountered the Colonels' energy fields, i.e., they went the other direction than they do for normal Humans and Star Folk,. This I took to mean that those operating on the Dark Side project a diametrically-opposed kind of energy than those who try to operate in the light.
(Also, remember that some of the Cabal use a portable energy device to cloak and change their energy signature to falsely read "good" when present physically near a Star Seed. (To reduce mistakes when you dowse, set your intention to read the target's precise heart center/chakra specifically, not their entire body.)
Also, be aware that some of the Cabal have an advanced-technology portable device to cloak and invert their energy signature so it reads "fake-good" when present physically near a Star Seed, (to fool them). Avoid mistakes: set your intention to read their exact heart center~chakra specifically, not their entire body.

I find this dowsing rod tool to be good 'trainer wheels' in developing psychic sensitivity. Of course, persons who practice and develop their psychic sensing~empathy~intuition are able to discern who is who without the use of dowsing rods. And I like to say that Star Kids and Star Seeds can sense a fellow Star person across a crowded room. And I encourage all to develop their inner sensitivities.
As you practice, then the need for dowsing rods may end. But if you're feeling psychically lazy, or have a headache, or aren't able to concentrate inwardly, then the dowsing rods are a quick way to help tell a bit about a person.
As I understand it, all knowledge and events are present (contained) in the universal Higher-Consciousness Field, (what some might label the infinite omnipresent 'Mind of God'), or the 'Akashic Record', or what Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious. We, as 'Sparks of Consciousness', have access to that Higher-Consciousness Field, which both permeates the entire universe and our mental fields as well. Some people are gifted with ready direct contact with that Higher Consciousness Field. Others find the use of mediating tools like rods to be helpful to access that Higher Consciousness Field. Such tools include dowsing rods, pendulums, and other means.
The person using the dowsing rods or the pendulum is him/herself a conscious being, and so needs to be a wise steward in utilizing these tools in a way that is conducive to a correct reading of the information available in the Higher Consciousness Field. The wise person exercises their responsibility: 1) in choosing to use the tool, 2) in setting an intention to acquire information, 3) in setting an intention about how to use the information, 4) in creating their interpretation of what the information acquired means, 5) in operating ethically with the information-gathering, and 6) in responsibleness in using the information acquired.
Accessing the Higher-Consciousness Field is also how Remote Viewing works.
And what does all of this have to do with UFOs, Star Visitors, close encounters, and the societal changes resulting from close encounters? Star Visitors, in their contacts with humans, often utilize information gathered from the Higher Consciousness Field to do such things as show an experiencer their personal future, or a scene from society's near future. Also, in encounters, the Star Visitors frequently effect upgrades in the experiencer's consciousness, so that following a contact the experiencer finds him/herself with psychic (or more intensified psychic) abilities.
And Star Visitors sometimes thereafter choose to visit the experiencer on the astral plane, i.e., via an out-of-body travel experience, (one of the psychic abilities often enhanced as a result of contact.)
By their example the Star Visitors encourage us to reach to our own highest and best unfolding as sentient conscious cosmic beings, what Chief Counsel for Smithsonian Institute called Homo Alterios Spatialis (Alternative Space Human). And as we practice integrating access to higher consciousness information into our regular daily lives, we progress in our development towards highest and best potential.
Also should be mentioned that each person I have studied so far has a vortex at the center of their personal bio-electromagnetic-photic field. The vortex is at the center of the person, i.e., along a vertical line defined roughly by their spinal column and the vertical alignment of its seven chakras.
To access this vortex and to demonstrate its presence, all one has to do is take a single dowsing rod and hold it above your head directly over the spinal column, or better have someone else hold it over your head. The dowsing rod will slowly rotate by itself due to the swirl of energies at the vortex. In some people the rod (vortex) will rotate clockwise. In other people the rod (vortex) rotates counter-clockwise. I have not yet determined the significance of these differing rotational directions.
So, while some people dash off to Sedona, Arizona to access the mysterious powers at one or other vortex there, we do well to contemplate that each one of us carries our own personal portable vortex. :-)

Since dowsing is not familiar to all, let me suggest one way to make yourself an inexpensive pair of dowsing rods. You will need one wire coat hanger, a pair of pliers and a plastic drinking straw. First, use the pliers, or your hands, to untwist the coat hanger ends from around the neck of the hanger. Once the hanger is apart, use the pliers to cut the coat hanger in half, or bend the hanger back and forth rapidly at midpoint until metal fatigue (molecular friction heating) causes the hanger to part into two pieces. Then grasp one piece and use the long straight portion as your pointer. Use the pliers to bend the shorter part into a right angle. This will be your handle. Straighten out the bends in that portion of the hanger until it is straight, You may want to cut/twist off the neck part. (Do the same procure to the other hanger half you broke away earlier.)
Cut the drinking straw in half, and insert each half up the hanger handles as a swiveling sleeve. These are your freely-pivoting handles, which will allow the rods to turn quite freely. (Important.)
Hold the rods by the plastic-straw handles, so that the long pointer arms are horizontal and parallel about two-three inches from each other. You are now ready to do some dowsing.
Be humble. Learn from your mistakes. Practice. (But it's ok to have fun.)
For psychically 'reading' (dowsing) photos, or emails, you need to use a smaller set of dowsing rods, making the rod pointing-arm about an inch long, and the vertical “handle” part about 2 or 3 inches long. Again, slip the handles into shorter soda-straw sleeves. Smaller dowsing rods let you get close to the small photo or on-screen email.

Such energy-signature reading can also be applied to photos/videos that supposedly show UFOs. Using the same kinds of readings, it is possible to distinguish the energy signatures of Star Visitor craft from mis-identified, conventional high-performance craft, from U.S.-manufactured antigravity crafts, and from Cabal anti-gravity craft. Each has the distinctive energy signature which emanates through its image, and will 'read' differently depending on what inquiry is made.
Yes, you can also use this procedure to "out" famous celebrities or politicians on your television screen, or in a magazine, as to whether they are Star Seed, versus Regular Human, versus of dark energy.

Some Further Notes:
- To properly dowse, it is necessary to be of pure heart and calm mind, (not, for example, a person messing up the reading with unsettled energy from his/her own vacillating, or still-undecided, orientation to Source~God~Spirit.)
- It is also necessary to hold a focused mental intention, e.g. that "I am now dowsing to detect the energy signature of the image/text/signature in front of me, and for a solid good reason." (This avoids ambiguity about what the target is. If you're fuzzy, the 'reading' will be fuzzy.)
- It is important to clear your mind of any preconceptions about what you will find. (If you think strongly that, for example, U.S Senator Blanche X is of the Cabal, it is possible that your mind can subconsciously exert telekinetic force on the rods to make them move in the direction you expect them to.) Empty your mind like a good Zen Master. Then you will get a valid reading, Grasshopper. :-)

Be aware, too, that the Cabal have developed an advanced technology False-Energy-Signature-Field Generator, which generates a fake "Regular Human" energy signature field superimposed over the Cabal operative's own basic dark-energy signature. Fortunately this can be overcome. What you do is set the firm intention in your mind to break through any fake generated "energy signature", and drill through to the person's real energy signature underneath. You can watch as the rods swing from straight-ahead to cross-eyed as they bore through to read the real underlying dark energy field. Thus the Cabal is busted. (Once again).
I offer these explorations for your consideration and discernment. Go exploring. Have fun.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Star Cultures anthropologist, UFO & ET expert, consultant, and educator.
Councillor of Earth