Dr. Boylan's latest book is: THE HUMAN - STAR NATIONS CONNECTION: KEY TO HISTORY, CURRENT SECRETS, AND he Human - Star Nations Connection: Key to History, Current Secrets, and our Near Future (2012).
The Human-Star Nations Connections is a life-changing book. The Human-Star Nations Connections will revolutionize your ideas about who you are, where you came from, and where you are heading. It will empower you; it will make you mad; and it will give you hope.
Find out what your connection is to those UFOs reported in so many places. Learn how both the Sunday School explanation of where we came from, and Charles Darwin's, are both wrong. Find out who are behind the constant crises, wars, financial turmoil, and political intrigue that keeps our society off-balance. Understand the real reason why the UFO Cover-Up has been going on for 75 years. Discover latent abilities which your children and you never knew you had. And come to see where our society is headed, and how we are going to get there.
Take a deep breath, and move behind the curtain of The Matrix which you have been told your whole life is reality. As the seer John of Patmos said, You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free!
Please spread the word; this book is revolutionary. The Star Kids/Star Seeds Revolution has begun!

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Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation is an exciting and complete explanation of the phenomenon of the tidal wave of children with advanced abilities being born and growing up among us now, and their relationship to the Star Visitors who are appearing in our skies. In its pages you will meet actual Star Kids, and learn the many indicators, attributes and powers of these amazing psychic wonder kids.
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by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

Project Epiphany is Dr. Boylan's only fact-written-as-fiction book. It's the one exception to Dr. Boylan's writing only factual information. But it is educational and entertaining . Project Epphany is available as a paperback at online bookstore.
An exciting, highly accurate immediate-future scenario, (nonfiction presented in the format of a UFO/Spy Mystery novel,) dealing with dramatic government and civilian events leading to open acknowledgment of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth.
Authored by a noted psychologist and researcher of extraterrestrial-human encounters. A brief synopsis is below.
Roger Maguire, a cultural anthropologist, meets Barbara Catalina, a professional psychic, at an Ancient-Puebloan village site in the U.S. Southwest. They discover a mutual interest in the Star Visitors, fueled by a common bond of both having experienced close encounters. They learn of a secret civilian plan, 'Project Epiphany,' involving a formal meeting between the Star Visitors and human representatives during an official extraterrestrial landing. Maguire and Barbara endeavor to join the civilian welcoming team. Adding to the intrigue is a rogue National Security Agency group called JANUS trying to thwart that Landing. A Hopi Indian Elder befriends Roger and provides secret helpful predictions about the Star People's return and of coming cataclysms on Earth.
Amid human treachery and conflict, the Star Visitors plan to begin making an open entrance into human society matures, and they arrive.

(c) 1997 Published by Truth Seeker Foundation/Book Tree; ISBN# 1-885395-21-3
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An earlier anthology on human responses (governmental, civilian and Native/indigenous) to extraterrestrial visitation.
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[A Sampling of Contents: "The Grand Tour: Earth Saucers and Star Wars"; "The Shadow Government: Its Identification and Analysis"; "Birds of a Feather No Longer: 'Aviary' UFO-Secrecy Group"; "UFO Reality Is Breaking Through"; "New UFO Events in 1996-97"; "Native Elders Reveal Centuries of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore"; "Worlds In Transition: Report on the Star Visions Conference; "Red Road To The Stars: Star Family Gathering of Native American Elders"; "Effects on Human Consciousness and Spirituality of World Announcement of UFO Reality"; "Star Visitors Theology"; "Official Within 'MJ-12' UFO-Secrecy Management Group Reveals Insider Secrets", "Quotations From Chairman Wolf"; "Transition From Fourth World To Fifth World: The Thunder-Beings Return", "Life in the Emerging Fifth World", "Further Disclosures By NSC Consultant Dr. Michael Wolf", "Latest Revelations By Dr. Michael Wolf"; "Network Chart-Analysis of Official U.S. Government's UFO Cover-Up Organization"; "Dialogue between USAF Special Forces Colonel Wilson and Dr. Boylan On Secret WW III in Space"; "Dr. Boylan's Open Letter To the (UFO Cover-Up) National Security Council's Special Studies Group"; "NSA Specialist Reveals NSA Project Receiving Star Visitor Communications"; "Apollo X Gets Glimpse Of An Extraterrestrial Monolith In Space; Later A Secret Military Space Shuttle Retrieves the Space Beacon"; "Secret Government Gravity-Control Formula Revealed"; "Star Visitors Base On Earth Sanctioned By Officials Since 1954 Confirmed; also revealed: Secret U.S.-USSR Manned Space Station, Positioned In Orbit For Past 30 Years"; "Close Encounters and Personal Transformation", "Role of Star Visitors In Shaping Human Development", "Helping Children Explore Star Visitors Encounters", "42 Signs That a Child May Be a Star Kid", and "The Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire". ]
(c) 1996, 2003.
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A broad and detailed overview of the UFO phenomenon, the nature of extraterrestrial visitation and UFO secrecy, based on Dr. Boylan's professional research into hundreds of cases of extraterrestrial encounters. This book describes the visiting Star Nations' races, their missions and messages. The nine middle chapters give personal accounts of Star Visitor encounters. This fascinating book provides 20 indicators of extraterrestrial contact, and outlines important ways such encounters change lives, and will soon transform our society. A chapter on counseling and resources for experiencers of these close encounters is also included.
Published by Wild Flower Press/Blue Water-Granite Publishing.
(C) 1994 ISBN# 0-926524-26-7
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Dr. Richard Boylan is a psychologist and researcher into Star Visitor-Human encounters, using his skills as also an anthropologist of extraterrestrial cultures, and an educator.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.