Close Encounters And Personal Transformation


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

One of the most striking things about a first encounter with an Star Visitor (extraterrestrial) is the intensely personal feeling, dialogue process, and relationship formation that goes on almost instantaneously, when the lead Star Visitor of a group engages a human experiencer (contactee) in mind-to-mind communication. Often a feeling of love is experienced from the principal Star Visitor. A bond, often life-long, is forged between the Star Visitor and the selected human visited.

The bonding experience that takes hold between a human experiencer and his/her primary Star Visitor contact person leads to feelings and behaviors that sustain the relationship. The attention to this relationship, and the nourishing of this relationship by both sides, Visitor and human, is one of the more touching aspects of the Star Visitor Contact phenomenon.

As a young woman put it: "I got a feeling of wanting to be bonded with the ET's.

I find myself missing them. When I was with them, I had a sense of peace, love. You become a part of the (principal) ET individual dealing with you. He becomes your counterpart."

This communication with a Star Visitor, after the initial close encounter in-person, will frequently be from a distance. The message is telepathically projected into the mind of the Experiencer. This communication can take several forms: a message given during sleep, during what appears to be a "Dream"; or an insight or intuition that a person wakes up with that s/he didn't have when s/he went to sleep; or a sudden gentle or strong thought that comes to a person during the day, that is so out-of-character with their usual thinking as to draw attention to itself and suggest an external origin.

The Star Visitor close encounter permanently affects the human involved. One of the more common effects, in those Experiencers who have had competent debriefing and counseling, is a sense of altered and heightened conscious. Along with that goes the felt need to begin "cleaning up one's act" in respect to practices which are at variance with higher consciousness. Some experiencers feel drawn towards a vegetarian lifestyle, while other experiencers have felt an imperative to get rid of habits which interfere with their full awareness and consciousness. These have included jettisoning tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, caffeinated coffee, free sugar, and other consciousness-changing substances from their diets.
I have humorously complained about being turned into a "Zen monk" by the Star Visitors. But the truth is that I have voluntarily made these changes, because they feel better, and the old habits repel me now.

Some pop UFO magazines would have you believe that the Star Visitors are mainly interested in exotic technology. The surprising truth is that the "punch line" of Star Visitor communication is the philosophical and spiritual messages they bring. During an encounter, one late-20s male raised the topic most on his mind, whether the Star Visitors also believe in God. They do. With relief this experiencer states, "The ET's back my faith in a Supreme Being." As a matter of fact, some people who have had encounters have moved from agnostic or uninterested in religion to start cultivating the spiritual dimension of their lives.

Of course the Visitors understand God in a fairly sophisticated way. Numerous experiencers have gotten the information that the Star Visitors acknowledge a Supreme Source of everything. Furthermore, the Visitors acknowledge a common link, based on that common Source. Indeed, that is why they so often say to the human they visit, "You and we are one."

One Experiencer reports her sense of having been subtly but profoundly affected in the way she allows the spiritual to have a place in her life. For her, Star Visitor contact resulted in a spiritual awakening, or deepening. Furthermore, she gained insight into the place of a practical spirituality in the course of daily living. "As a result of my ET contact, I find myself moving away from materialism. I see better that the spiritual and material realms penetrate each other."

There is not space here to lay out how the Star Visitors' visit awakened her spirituality. However, other experiencers have noted that exposure to these wise, sensitive, deeply caring Beings, not to mention the change of perspective that comes with awareness of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe, causes the Experiencer to move into more philosophical and spiritual life directions.

Why do the Star Visitors go to the trouble of traveling across huge distances to come here? One Experiencer, in her processing of extraterrestrial encounters, told of her overall impression of the agenda of the Visitors. She had moved from initial anxiety during the surprise of her first meeting, to a calmer and respectful appreciation of their role at this stage of human history. Her pithy comment: "The ET's are here to help us." Indeed, in my research with hundreds of experiencers, I have come to characterize the visiting beings as similar to our Peace Corps.

Yet another message speaks to one more central principle of the Star Visitors' philosophy, that violence and warfare are to be avoided. As one young male put it: "I got that peace is to be worked on -- it's important!" The Star Visitors are quite concerned with our proclivity for wars, and that we now possess the weapons for mass destruction (nuclear, fuel-air, biological, nerve gas aerosols) that could cause loss of life on a truly horrific and apocalyptic scale. Because life is sacred, such weaponry is, to the Star Visitors, unthinkably morally wrong. It is striking that even some career military personnel, after an encounter with one of the space Visitors, finds himself wanting to move away from war and killing.

As a result of these visits and communications, an awareness comes to captivate a number of experiencers -- a sense of mission. Sometimes the sense of mission is quite specific, such as when a part-Native American housewife I worked with got that she was supposed to get ready to do a lot of public speaking. Other times the mission sense is vague. The Experiencer knows that s/he ought to be doing something related to the Star Visitors presence among us, but cannot yet get a clear sense of what that task is. At still other times, the sense of mission is unconscious. The Experiencer feels uneasy, restless, that something is not right; yet s/he cannot put her/his finger on what exactly it is that s/he should be doing or doing differently. This person will often struggle and think and consult until they get a clearer sense of their mission.

Concern for the proper rearing of the children is another important principle of Star Visitor philosophy, whether those children are human or of the Visitors. As a result of encounters, most experiencers develop a profound sense of the importance of tending to the well-being of the children. As one older woman said, "They communicated that it's important to steer the children in the right direction."

The Star Visitors are well aware that the next generation is already forming now. Visited humans come to share that passion for the next generation. Perhaps as part of that awareness, the Star Visitors often begin their campaign of contacts with an individual early in his/her life, sometimes as young as preschool years, or even in the crib. They believe that thorough preparation across the formative years is critical for nurturing the developing experiencer. And correspondingly, these humans feel deeply their cosmic roots, and that they have a foot in each world - human and cosmic. Thus, these experiencers are transformed into what the former General Counsel for the Smithsonian Institution called "Homo Alterios Spatialis" - the Transformed Cosmic Human. As such, these avant-garde humans pioneer the path that our whole society will soon take, as the reality of Star Nations contact is eventually and inevitably acknowledged by the authorities.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, retired university instructor, and internationally-noted researcher of extraterrestrial-human encounters.

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