Public Announcement of Star Visitor Reality as a Spiritual Event

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. comments below on the following dispatch by Mark Andrews:

Mark Andrews reports that, "according to Whitley Streiber, hosting the Dreamland radio program on 11-28-99, a child asked the following question of Pope John Paul II during one of the Pontiff's Q+A sessions on one of his recent tours: "What about aliens?" The Pope replied: "We have to remember that they are children of God too."

"Several times, spokespersons within the Vatican have remarked publicly that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has evidence and official confirmations from the world's governments that UFOs and their occupants are a reality. There have even been reports that Church leaders, as well as some of the popes themselves, have met directly with extraterrestrial visitors. There is increasing speculation that many of the world's governments have decided that the Earth's populations would react better if an official announcement of alien contact were to come from the Pope. There is now an increasing "rumbling" that such an announcement has been prepared and will soon be forthcoming. This scenario of official disclosure is certainly not what most had envisioned. However, it would definitely be easier for most people to swallow and digest - coming from the Pope. "I have to admit that the thought of this gives me a calm sense of assurance. Not a bad idea!"

--- Mark Andrews ____________________________________________

Observations of Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

I would like to pick up on Mark Andrews's kind sharing of this anecdote with an observation of my own, which follows.

Public Announcement of Star Visitors' presence can be viewed from several perspectives: -- anthropologically, as the contact beetween vastly different cultures, -- scientifically, as the bridging of previously-hought "impossible" distances by spacefaring cultures, -- politically, as the denoument of the UFO Cover-Up organization, and a time when embarassed politicians either have to lie that they didn't know, or admit that they had been deceiving the people "for their own good".

But the most significant way in which Public Announcement can be understood is as a spiritual event. It is a culminating point in our development as a sentient intelligent species, a Time when we meet our 'Makers'. By this I do not mean to call the Star Visitors God. But instead I refer to their long patient work of bioengineering us up from hairy jungle primate, and then increasing our braincase and intelligence further as we transited from Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens Sapiens. And then the Star Visitors continued, culturally lifting us up from hunter-gatherer roamers to stable agrarian village dwellers, literate and practicing the arts and sciences, coached by a series of tutor-Visitors, from the Watchers who came down in Sumeria, and in proto-Mali (Dogon), to the Teachers who came among the Plains Indians (White Buffalo Calf Woman), and among the Mayan and Aztecs (Quetzocoatl), and among the Australian Aborigines and New Zealand Maori, and elsewhere.
Later the Star Visitors helped shape the consciousnesses which led to the emergence of our most revered Avatars: Buddha, Moses, Jesus/Jeshua ben Joseph, Mother Mary/Isis/White Buffalo Calf Woman, Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao-Tze, Quetzalcoatl, Muhammad/Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani/Bah'u'llah, Babaji, and Mother Teresa.

So, Public Disclosure of Star Visitor presence qualifies as a religious event, in my assessment. While both Star Visitors and most of us acknowledge a Supreme Being or Source from which everything derives, including ourselves, nevertheless God does use intermediaries. And in our case, certain helpful Star Nations cultures have long served as intermediaries in the work of our creation and long ascent as a species.

When we meet our Star Visitors face-to-face, it will not only be a reunion of distant cousins, but an opportunity for Creation to look at its reflections and acknowledge that the work was good.

I would even propose that Public Disclosure Day become a world holiday, celebrated as is Earth Day, by common consent of peoples everywhere who recognize the importance of what is transcendent in our life.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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