"Catchers of Heaven": National Security consultant reveals UFO secrets

"The Catchers of Heaven" is a blockbuster tell-all book by a scientist on the National Security Council's secret subcommittee, (Special Studies Group) that manages UFO matters. From his position on the executive committee of what is popularly known as MJ-12, Dr. Michael Wolf was in a position to know virtually everything about UFOs and Star Visitors' contact with Earth over the last 50 years.
In amazing first-person chapters, he talks about not only working side-by-side with Star visitor consultants at covert government laboratories, but of developing personal friendships with them.

His account of a classified meeting in London attended by military intelligence representatives from the developed countries, and including the Vatican, gives a fascinating glimpse into the day-to-day struggle to coordinate world policy on how to manage Star Visitors contact.

But this is an intensely personal book as well. In many chapters Dr. Wolf reveals his intense emotions. There is passionate love for his wife, son and unborn child, martyred by terrorists seeking retribution for Wolf's work helping Israeli Intelligence. There is sadness for humanity's folly, as we pollute our Earth with industrial waste and fratricidal wars. There is joy for the vast expansive cosmic future that is within our grasp, if we but live up to our spiritual potential.

"The Catchers of Heaven" is at once a kiss-and-tell book disclosing top secrets about government-UFO contact, a lyrical and poignant biographical statement, and a message of hope to the generation of children who will live the cosmic future this book outlines.

As an internationally-recognized researcher into Star Visitor-Human contact, I rate it the most important UFO book published to date.
His book, The Catchers of Heaven (1996) makes many well-informed revelations. [ISBN# 0-8059-3907-5; (US$26.00) [out of print: check for used copies with your bookstore or Amazon.com]

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified
clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into Star Visitor Human encounters.

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