Colonel 'Shadow' (cryptonym) and Sons 'Ghost' and 'Sting', Star Seed Super-Soldiers Within NSA's Echelon 3
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Rarely do Star Seeds and Star Kids get an inside glimpse at how the Cabal make use of the secrecy and classification within military and intelligence units to exploit government units to do their work. Recently I have been contacted by a Green Beret Colonel who eventually worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) until quitting in disgust a little over a year ago. He now wants to whistle-blow on what he was ordered to do.
During the years 2000-2005, this Colonel (code-name: Shadow) worked for the NSA, Third Echelon. Towards the end of this period, Colonel Shadow was in charge of a 53-man training platoon at Area 51 made up of super-elite Special Forces, the best of Green Berets, SEALS, and DELTA Force. It was called Task Force White Tail, its mission was labeled Operation Star Gazer.
The training took place at the subterranean Area 51/S-4 complex in Nevada, and concentrated on counter-operations in urban settings. The training specialized in dealing with situations involving Star Visitors in close proximity: how to deal with incoming telepathic communication, mental imagery-sending, and mental cloaking by the Visitors' of their actual appearance. The training also involved function and use of advanced weapons that subdue, immobilize or terminate Star Visitors, as ordered.
The training also encompassed dealing with Star Seed adults and even Star Kids, who have double-handfuls of psychic and other paranormal abilities. Task Force training involved how to evade, confuse, and dissemble, so as to throw off the Star Kids'/Seeds' "reading" of the Special Forces operative, how to counter their psychic abilities with countervailing psychic force, or psychotronic or other directed-energy weapons devices, how to break them and super-interrogate them.
At a more exotic level, the training included psychological instruction in how not to be attracted to, or drawn in by, these Star Seeds/Kids, and how to try to win them over to join the group that put on this training. The Colonel said there was more training involved, but felt he has said enough with this.
The broad implications of training like Task Force White Tail is that the Cabal ( foresees and is actively planning for the day when the UFO Cover-Up falters, and it is "necessary" to round up Star Seeds who could cause the Cabal trouble, and to interdict and subdue any Star Visitors who are on the ground. At first, his special-branch NSA superior officer did not tell him what the psi [esp] and other special training was for. But the Colonel kept pushing until he learned what the actual objectives were. Upon learning these, the Colonel lost stomach for being further involved in such an enterprise, and resigned. And upon further reflection, he decided to reach out to one or more other Star Seeds to see what could be done about thwarting this Cabal instrumentality's horrific plans. He then contacted me, and divulged this information.
And now you have it.

Ghost (Colonel Shadow's older son)

Soon after having engaged in dialog with Colonel Shadow, trust had built to the point where the Colonel's older son, 'Ghost decided to contact me also and share his perspective on how alert Intelligence insiders were becoming to the Cabal infiltrators among them.
Ghost is a DELTA Force operator. His military career began in 1996 when he received an appointment to the United States Military Academy, West Point. After graduating, he was assigned to the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He was soon promoted to DELTA Force (1st Special Operations Operational Detachment-Delta), with further training at Fort Bragg, North Carlina. Ghost has risen to the rank of Major in the U.S. Army.
Ghost is proud to follow in the footsteps of his father, a legend in military intelligence circles, and emulates his high standards and genuine (Constitutional) patriotism.
Ghost gives heartening news from the inside about how many NSA agents that formerly were unwittingly doing tasks (dirty work) for the Cabal have now been wised up as to who was behind their trumped-up orders. These informed NSA White Hats are making themselves "disappear"so they are no longer available for such misuse. Ghost tells me that it takes years to properly train an agent, so the loss of these personnel is really hurting the Cabal. Let me have you hear it in his own words.
[Ghost]: "And yes, it is good what is happening within the Intelligence world. The Cabal's resources (agent-wise) have been greatly reduced within the past year. Although this will not take them out of power, it will keep certain, little tasks from being accomplished with such ease. Either way, it is a fight towards the greater good, and maybe one day we can restore this once-great Nation into a habitable, peaceful place where people can be proud to live, and where the Constitution plays the appropriate role that our forefathers (some of them) intended it to play. We may not live to see that great day, but I have a feeling we will. Everything has a purpose, and nothing happens on accident. We are all part of this fight for good, and I am glad that we met, Dr. Boylan. Without you, I may not have made some of my recent decisions."
So, the Cabal is weakening why we are growing stronger. This is good news for the outcome of the Transition from corrupt Fourth World society to a transformed Fifth World one.

Sting (Colonel Shaow's younger son)

The other night I had an extensive conversation with "Sting", the younger son of ex-NSA Colonel "Shadow", and "Ghost"'s younger brother. Like his brother and his father, Sting is a Star Seed. Sting wanted to make additional revelations, adding to what his father and older brother had already shared with me. As with the other two, Sting not only gave permission to share what he revealed with the public, but said that was his explicit purpose in phoning me.
Sting joined the U.S. Air Force in 1998 and graduated from the Air Force Academy. Soon thereafter he joined the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence (AFOSI). His career movement up included assignment to the 16th Special Operations Wing and to the 4th Special Operations Squadron, the "Ghost Riders", with training at Hurlburt Field, within the sprawling Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The 4th SpecOps is a rapid-deployable unit with global reach, specializing in infiltrating, resupplying, and exfiltrating U.S. and allied special-operations forces during long-range, low-level penetrations of hostile or denied territory at night.
Sting moved from there to the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence (AFOSI) in 2006. Sting says AFOSI gives the impression of being a law enforcement investigations unit. It is anything but, he says. While in AFOSI, he received orientation to "aliens" and related training. This "training" including liberal amounts of disinformation designed to make sure AFOSI agents carried out orders. For example, Sting says that orientation included a supposed "history of hostile relations with the Star Visitors." The training propaganda was nuanced, with the indoctrination that "a small portion of the Star Visitors are rebels."
Sting was quite unsettled as he narrated an incident that made him decide to leave AFOSI. He received an assignment to travel to Germany and to find a man who was described as "a danger to U.S. Intelligence." Sting did his job and found the man one night. It was dark but he fired a fatal shot. As he drew closer to the dead man on the ground, Sting noticed that the man's pupils dilated enormously in death, causing his somewhat larger than human eyes to become all black. The man had no hair, not even facial stubble. His skin was pale and reflected light in a manner different than human skin would. He was very slender with absolutely no body fat. He was unusually tall. Sting quickly realized that the man was a Star Visitor. He felt he had "screwed up". He had joined AFOSI to take out enemy agents, not Star Visitors.
He left AFOSI and joined another military-intelligence organization. During his time with that organization, he became aware of a super-elite covert intelligence unit that reports directly to the Pentagon. The unit's rumored cryptonym is "Clandestine Knights". So extraordinary is the mission of the Clandestine Knights that Sting wanted to be sure word got out about it. The Clandestine Knights unit was created in June, 2006. It is composed of five teams of ten-each, made up of super-elite special forces operators, men and women from all Spec-Ops branches of the military: Army DELTA, Navy Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU; formerly SEAL Teams 6 and 8), Air Force SpecOps Squadrons, Marine Corps SpecOps Command (MARSOC), etc. Sting has learned that the Clandestine Knights is an experiment closely watched by the Pentagon. Of its fifty members half are Star Seeds who are aware they are Star Seeds, and half are Star Seeds who are not aware of their identity and advanced potentials.
The experiment which a covert branch within the Pentagon is conducting is to determine the degree to which awareness of Star Seed identity makes a difference in the performance of these special operators in comparison with the Star Seeds who are not aware they are such.
Dr. Boylan commented to Sting that this Clandestine Knights experiment is a watershed development within the military. He also commented that the outcome of the experiment is an obvious conclusion: that Aware Star Seeds are going to vastly out-perform Unaware Star Seeds. Aware Star Seeds are readily able to summon up various psychic and other high-development skills to augment traditional methods, or even stand alone as the superior tactics or strategies of choice for assignment situations. Unaware Star Seed operators are going to use only conventional Spec-Ops methods.
Dr. Boylan told Sting that the Pentagon is moving ahead with its dream of developing the Super-Soldier. (What they may not realize is that the Super-Soldier is not going to follow deceptive or immoral orders.)
Also important to note, I told Sting, is that the Cabal are going to derive pointers from this experiment: that it is important to keep Star Seeds in the dark as long as possible about their actual identity and advanced potentials. Colonel Shadow and his two sons have taken considerable risk and suffered consequences already for sharing this information. Yesterday the Cabal cleaned out a bank account the Colonel maintained abroad, and ran up many tens of thousands of dollars on the Colonel's credit card number. Several days previously the Colonel ran into a roadblock and was the object of an attempted assassination. He narrowly escaped with his life, although sustained a leg wound.
What are the implications of these striking revelations?
The military and intelligence communities have not only accepted the reality of Star Kids and adult Star Seeds, they have determined that these are the recruits of choice! Further, the nature of who Star Kids/Seeds are is revolutionizing the way military and intelligence operations are going to be conducted. Skills in marksmanship are going to be supplanted by skills in remote-viewing, telekinesis, and remote-influencing, just to mention three skill areas. Will Star Seeds cause the military to evolve away from killing and brute force towards a more smart-force operation utilizing such elements as, for example, future-sight, enhanced persuasion, and non-violent containment?
Will Star Seeds cause the intelligence agencies to become obsolete, as these new non-violent (Clandestine) Jedi Knights manage information-gathering and usage in the course of their societal proctoring?
In the past, some of us have seen the military and intelligence communities as an obstacle to society's moving into transformed just, peaceable Fifth World. It may well be the irony of our times that the Star Seeds within such organizations may be among those hastening such an overdue Transition.


Two Examples of Missions Done By These Star Seed Super-Soldiers

05.17.07, Cabal prison in New Mexico for Star Visitors liberated!

What follows are some of the most stupendous developments to date in the effort to disempower the Cabal currently exerting control in governments and society. This is a report on the dramatic events leading up to the breaching of a secret Cabal prison in New Mexico containing many scores of Star Visitors, and their successful liberation on Thursday, May 17, 2007.
This Report also contains an analysis of why this event marks a sea-change in the struggle by lightworkers to break the power of the Cabal, a shift so powerful that I designate it the New D-Day.
In the space of two weeks, Dr. Boylan's Team of psychic workers and I went from first learning of the existence of a major Cabal installation holding many scores of Star Visitors prisoner to creating the conditions which resulted in for their safe rescue. The description of this Exercise, with chronology, follow. I have used some discretion in limiting details that are not essential. This helps preserve some privacy where warranted.
First, let me introduce the principals involved. The psychics who have worked closely with me, including on this project are Wendi, Marian, and others. The psychics were on many occasions assisted by Star Visitors, who provided information, clarification of things remote-viewed, and filled in details on data needed for the Mission. The Good-Guys military and intelligence assets include the same Counter-Insurgency Team (CIT) that previously liberated the Human-Star Visitor clones from the Djupidalur, Iceland installation; aided by Special Forces teams from NSA and CIA. Thus, this Mission was the result of combined efforts of psychic Humans, Star Nations, and good-guys mil-intel operators - 'the Axis of Good'.
On May Third a woman Star Seed psychic relayed to me important information obtained from her remote viewing. She had discovered a major underground Cabal installation imprisoning and torturing many scores of Star Visitors. The installation is within DeBaca County, New Mexico., and five miles underground.I used her information to develop GPS coordinates and a Google satellite map of the area [don't ask], surmised that the installation is partly embedded into a mountainous area, and enlisted the aid of other psychic to develop further information. They all were anxious to help.
Wendi was familiar with the installation, having Dream-Walked (a kind of out-of-body travel) there a number of times when the Cabal had her their prisoner. Other psychics on the team developed further information on the kinds of Star Visitors being held and abused. Some were physical flesh-and-blood Star Persons of various races, including some higher-ups within the Star Nations organizational structure. Others were energy beings, such as the Orbs folk. There was even a moderately-intelligent pet of one of the Star Visitors being held, a being of jellyfish-like consistency (without the tentacles) that lived in water and shared thoughts and images telepathically with its master.
Our psychics examined the holding facility. It occupied the lower levels of a secret but legitimate government research installation. The commander of the legitimate government lab was unaware of the Cabal operations going on underneath him. He had been told that there were two tunnel levels underneath his lab that were hot with radiation from a failed energy weapons experiment (true). He was not aware that there were additional tunnel levels under the rad tunnels.
These are the lower levels where Star Visitors were held by extremely powerful, dense, and complex electromagnetic-containment fields, backed by artificially-generated radiation fields to disorient the Star Being captives. The Cabal had code-named this prison SkyHawk-ULTRA.
Our psychics learned that the person in charge of the taking of Star Visitors prisoner and assigning them to one of the various detention installations like this one is named Anders. I believe that I have made possible identification of who this individual is, but until he is brought to justice and convicted, I am not going to provide further identification.
Another psychic sketched a rough map of the installation's levels based on remote-viewing.
Judy, another psychic provided further information from the Orbs folk about security measures the Cabal had emplaced in the containment tunnels. Other details came in from various team psychics. Without the abundant, accurate and detailed intelligence developed by this psychic team, the good-guys in charge at DNI, CIA and DII would not have believed there was a rogue operation under the legitimate laboratory. These women are heroes in the dismantling of the Cabal.
We were ready for me (Dr. Boylan) to convene a Joint Psychic Exercise inviting thousands of members of my on-line groups and mailing list to join us. The Exercise would involve using psychic abilities to effect the incapacitating of the subterranean prison, and the leading of the Star Visitors to the surface and freedom.
Then Star Nations advised us to not put out a general Joint Psychic Exercise notice.
I previously had invited the leader of the counter-insurgency team (CIT) that had effected the liberation of Human-Star Visitor clones from a Cabal detention installation in Iceland to consider joining our effort to free the Star Visitors from the Cabal holding cells in New Mexico. He immediately agreed,and had his team do supplementary reconnaissance of that site.
On May 11, the CIT leader sent me an electrifying encrypted message. He had been approached by CIA officers, who had been decrypting and reading our communications. They stated that they had been unaware of the New Mexico installation's secret activity being done by the Cabal. They did their research and discovered that it was all true. They said that they would be releasing the Star Visitor captives upon the CIT leader's request. They further revealed hat they were under orders from the Director of National Intelligence office, the CIA Director office, and the Director of Interstellar Immigration Office. The CIT team leader said he had never heard of the Department.of Interstellar Immigration, (nor had I.) Undoubtedly it is extremely secret. Until now. :-)
These officials are aware of the Cabal, but the Cabal members' individual names are not known. As of this operation, they will have some names.
They agreed that a joint operation would be conducted. The CIT Team would lead, accompanied by a CIA team and an NSA team. The CIA team would consist of 20 credentialed officers, carrying official orders to take control of the unauthorized Lower Levels and shut the holding facility down. The NSA team would consist of 25 elite DELTA and Shadow Knights special-forces operators prepared to Kick Kabal Keister, if necessary. The purpose would be to extract the Star Visitors from the installation, with no shots fired, by presenting official orders.
The CIT leader demurred at my suggestion to overlay a Joint Psychic Exercise on this military-intelligence liberation operation. (My surmise is that the military and intelligence leaders had seen the damage we had effected on the Cabal-area equipment at Naval Weapons Station Charleston, and the "deactivated" Rome Air Force Base (New York), and preferred their way.)
Star Nations passed on through me and the CIT leader to NSA the request for a three-mile-diameter cleared airspace around the place where the freed Star Visitors would be picked by their star craft at 11:30 am, MDT, flanked overhead by two additional Zeta craft. The star craft would be cloaked,and the Star Visitors transferred from the ground to on-board via teleportation. Star Nations would also provide protective energy to those involved in the liberation.
The Star Nations were so impressed with the CIT Team's courage and selfless readiness to serve that they explicitly compared then to what in Earth culture are called Jedi Knights.
On the morning of May 17, at 10:00 New Mexico time, the CIT Team, accompanied by the CIA and NSA Teams and the by-now informed and cooperating commander of the official-government installation, accosted the commander of the Cabal Lower Depths. I'll let the CIT leader relate the details.
"Dr. Boylan, "I am back from NM a lot earlier than expected, and everything went fairly smoothly. I don't know if you've heard anything from Star Nation's side, but I am pretty impressed with our friends in the "good" part of the CIA/NSA. They were very professional, and followed my orders perfectly. My old commander had no problems with me, nor did I with him (although I still dislike him a great deal). All of the Star Visitors were extracted. I hope Star Nations is pleased. No violence was necessary.
Now I'm sure you want to know why I said, "fairly smoothly," and not, "perfect." Well, we did have a little run in with about ten of the Cabal's agents, who tried to present us with fake Presidential orders saying this base was to remain "as is" by order of our Commander-in-Chief. At first I was shocked, fearing that it was legit and that we had traveled all this way and worked so hard to make this mission go smoothly for nothing. Fortunately for all of us this was not the case, because then we'd have to double-back home to prepare a less orthodox operation. It seemed that the, "presidential orders," were fake, which was pointed out by A., who is a paper-pusher for the NSA who is pretty high up in the analysis department. He was there to oversee intelligence gathering and code decryption during the mission. Thank God he was there, or I'd be sitting here pulling my hair out trying to put together another operation.
Anyway, once they knew they had been beaten, the Cabal agents left in anger, and did nothing to defend their unlawful installation. Their totalitarian-like leaders were unable to do anything.
The installation commander had been notified prior to going there, and was very, very willing to help. He was indeed unaware of what was going on below him, the lower levels being ran by yet another installation commander. The top, "clean," levels were used, oddly enough, for seismic activity research in one part and advanced communications research in another part. Below them were six levels, two which were toxic and unused, and four levels below them that were being used for activity unknown to them for quite awhile (the actual amount of time is unknown).
Being obviously outnumbered, the Cabal-appointed commander surrendered the captive Star Visitors with no stand-off or argument. We gave him an hour to release them, or we were going in hot. He allowed us access to his part of the facility fifteen minutes after he was notified. At first he said he could be there because he had, yet again, presidential orders. It turned out he really did think he had those orders, but they were the same orders presented to us by the Cabal agents prior to contacting him. Commander G. tried to convince him he was wrong, but the [lower-levels] commander begged to differ. I decided to have a go at it, and it turned out we knew each other (him knowing me a little more than I knew him). Needless to say, I have had a less-than-fruitful history with this man.
To make a somewhat long story short, we got the Star Visitors out of there and transported them five miles due east of the facility, just in case. Once we had transported them, they knew exactly where to go to be transported up to Star Nation's ships. (I don't know how, but I'm glad they did, because even I did not know where exactly they should go, the ships being shielded and invisible), and [the liberated Star Visitors] vanished out of thin air. Well, that about covers it. Congrats to all who helped with this operation on a job well done!"
[End of CIT leader's report]
I also heard from the CIA and NSA teams Task Force, which evidently had code-named itself SATL.
"Dr. Richard Boylan, "On behalf of all of us who participated in Thursday's event, I would like to say thank you. Without you, and the connections [Star Nations; and Human psi teams] you have, none of this would have been known to us for quite some time, if at all.
"Inform [CIT leader] that we, again, are thankful of his abilities, and his devotion. We have already expressed our gratitude plentifully, but no thanks is enough for what he has done.
Sincerely, SATL"
One final thing: why do I call this the New D-Day? Because the Cabal has considered the United States government, the most powerful in the world, as a principal source of its power, by infiltrating it and subverting its power, especially in military and intelligence operations. The Cabal rely on being invisible and not found out. And therefore, this Thursday's action goes deep. It is my intuition that this marks a Turning Point, on an equivalence to D-Day in WW II, when the tide of the war turned, and the Nazis began to fall back.
For Thursday, May 17, 2007 marks the Turning Point, when the Cabal begin to see the handwriting on the wall. "Mene, Mene, tekel upharsin." "You have been weighed in the scales of justice and found wanting." [Book of Daniel, 5:25-27]
With the Director of National Intelligence, Director of Central Intelligence Agency, and Director of the Department of Interstellar Immigration now quite aware as to Cabal infiltration and usurpation of legitimate military and government assets to accomplish their dirty work, the Cabal no longer have the advantage of being invisible in order to escape scrutiny.
It makes a difference, too, for Star Nations. The Star Nations are _deeply_ touched when Humans choose to extend themselves in service, and indeed at considerable risk of harm, to see to the restoration of well-being to Star Visitor guests upon our planet. Thursday marked a signal day in the improvement of Star Nations' perception of Humans as a species. We are capable of altruistic self-sacrifice not only for our own kind, but for Visitors from the stars as well. Such is the mark of an advancing species.
It is now up to us to finish the job of extirpating the Cabal infiltration into our institutions of power and influence. Then we will become fit to have Star Nations openly and formally begin public dialogue on our cosmic future.


Cabal Do Pay-Back, Kidnap Colonel Shadow's Son

It was not to be that the Cabal would leave unavenged the April 19 liberation of several-score Human-Star Visitor hybrids, and the destruction of the Cabal clone factory in Iceland, (and the May 17 libration of 240 Star Visitors from the Cabal major containment facility in New Mexico.)
On May 21, I was informed by ex-NSA Colonel Shadow that his son, code-name "Ghost", had not been heard from for three weeks. The Colonel feared something bad had happened, and he turned out correct.
Three weeks earlier Major "Ghost" had received orders from his DELTA superiors to report to a new assignment in Europe. That was the last that the Colonel and his younger son "Sting" had heard from Ghost. It was most uncharacteristic. Even on black operations assignment Ghost had clearance to communicate with Sting, a fellow member of DELTA, and regularly did.
Finally on May 20 Colonel Shadow contacted me and requested help finding out what happened to Ghost.
I turned to some of the psychics I had worked with on the New Mexico liberation operation and requested they each use their talents to find out what happened to Ghost and where he was. This ad-hoc psychic team sprang into action and rapidly developed highly-useable information. Star Nations also provided important information.
The psychics' work product was summarized by me into the following apparent scenario.
Ghost, while in or on route to Europe received new "orders" (fake) from Cabal members within NSA. He was redirected to a submarine, where he was placed in restraints and spirited across the Atlantic to Marine Corps Base Quantico on the banks of the Potomac River, 30 miles south of Washington, DC. There he was transferred via the military's subterranean superfast vacuum-tube mag-lev bullet train (called TAUSS*) to Area 51, Nevada. Ghost was being held there drugged and immobilized at a lower level (Level 35?) of Area 51. [*TAUSS is the acronym for Trans-America Underground Subway System.)
Star Nations communicated a warning through me to the Colonel that Ghost was "bait" for a trap. The Cabal wanted to lure the Colonel to the lower levels of Area 51 where they would ambush and kill him. Payback time.
Colonel Shadow requested assistance to get into Area 51, but when I asked a CIA liaison who had just introduced himself to me, this Special Agent, 'TL', demurred. I then "fired" him, and demanded that he pass on to the CIA Director my request for a new liaison. Within hours the CIA Director had appointed Special Agent RD my new liaison. I pressured RD to get the CIA into effective action to help the Colonel get to his son and rescue him. Special Agent RD made some initial steps.
Upon Star Nations suggestion, I then got ahold of my friend at the White House staff, who talked to the person at State Department who was aware of the situation, and put pressure to get CIA to offer all possible assistance.
Despite Special Agent RD's demurral that contacting the White House "wasn't necessary", it sure got damn fast action !
On May 24 Colonel Shadow effected entry into Area 51 disguised (with CIA assistance) as an employee. He reached Level 35, neutralized the Cabal operatives holding Ghost, and freed his eldest son.
Ghost then exited Area 51 using the same means his father had used to get in. The Colonel had to wait a day so as to not draw attention to Ghost's method of departure, and then made his own exit of Area 51.
By Saturday morning, May 26, the Colonel was also safely away from Area 51, and sent me an email announcing his successful liberation of his son from Cabal torture and confinement.
I hope that father and son celebrated with some superior champagne. I know I sure did!

Colonel Shadow & Star Seeds' Operations Scores:
Operation Djupidalur, Iceland: Lightworkers: 1; Cabal: 0
Operation DeBaca County, NM: Lightworkers: 1; Cabal: 0
Operation Area 51, Level 35, NV: Lightworkers: 1; Cabal: 0

There seems to be a pattern here. In actuarial terms, I'd have to say that the Cabal is a poor risk to bet on for their survival.

in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor
Councillor of/for Earth, Star Nations Council