Earth's First Step in Joining the Cosmic Family 07 June, 2007

Earth's First Step in Joining the Cosmic Family Is to Have Some of the Cosmic Family Join Us
The Mission of the 12 Scientists From Altimar Coming To Earth Soon

On June 7, 2007, I announced that, in response to Humans declaring they welcome Star Visitors coming among us, that Star Nations decided that the best way is start that is to send a small contingent of 12 Star Visitors.
These individuals are from a planet they call Altimar, which orbits a red dwarf star in the Barnard's Star cluster of red dwarf stars. The Barnard,s Star Cluster is between 6 and 7 light years from Earth.
These twelve scientists want to come to Earth to help with the restoration of the environment. They are all highly-advanced environmental scientists. Each are leaders in their fields, having equivalents of an Earth Ph.D.-level expertise in their environmental specialty area. While on Earth, they will help by working with our (non-Cabal) scientists and officials. They will teach our scientists, and show them advanced technology they will use to help clean up Earth faster than we can do it on our own without such advanced environmental knowledge and equipment.
These Altimarians are hybrids, with the basic Altimarian genome, but have volunteered to have enough Human genes spliced in to give them lungs and other attributes that make them able to come to Earth without needing artificial aids to adapt to our atmosphere and gravity. But, since our Sun is brighter than their star, to protect from excessive solar radiation they will spend most of their time indoors, or work at night and sleep during the day.
By the way, they see the legitimate governing authority of Earth as vested in the people, not the government officials who think they rule, rather than serve, the people.
They have chosen Human names for ease of communication. Two are Technology Specialists. Chris & Oman work with negating the damage of technologies which are oppressive to the environment and living beings. And they utilize technologies which do not require equipment. They also work with the electromagnetic field that Gaia/Earth Being has. Three are Botanical Specialists. Fred-1 works above water with the green lifeforms in their unique habitats. Alvin & Luke work with the unique green lifeforms beneath the water: one in fresh water environments and the other in salt/saline eco-zones. Mada is an Energy Cleanup specialist, a female who uses skills somewhat analogous to Human psychotherapeutics and homeopathic healing. She is the one who works with energy systems that have been thrown out of sync. And she goes about using the healing techniques of psychology and homeopathy to negate various energy patterns not conducive to healing.
Four are Environmental Specialists, each with sub-specialties. Fred-2 (he also likes the name Fred) works with the environment of Fire in all its forms. Sam works with both fresh and saline water. Alfred specializes in the atmosphere. Tom works with Gaia/Mother Earth Being, and in remedying any disturbances in Earth. These folks actually merge with the element that they are working with to balance the element out molecularly. While these Environmental Specialists have a sense of humor, they take their work very seriously.
Amanda is a Communication Specialist, and will work with translations and language problems such as helping clear up misunderstandings and reporting issues between Human Specialists and Teams and the Star Nations Team. She works with communication of every sort by way of telepathy, whether it be with the elementals, with various species, or whatever.
The twelfth one is Gene, overall administrator for the contingent. He is similar to Amanda, but he works mostly with the various parties like a messenger of sorts. And he will facilitate communication with Humans as well.
The Altimarian Twelve scientific team looks forward to coming to Earth and helping. Yet there are some within the team who have some trepidation, because Earth is an unknown to some of them. (Others have come here before to quietly do some clean-up of crash sites after Cabal rogue military shot down Star Nations craft. And these 12 volunteers will be leaving their home planet for the duration. They are committed to staying and doing a thorough job. The Altimarians have a deep love of Earth and its exceptional bio-diversity, uncommon in the galaxy. They come in service to the greater good.
Altimarian-Human hybrids started being created several thousand years ago to help with former environmental clean-ups of nuclear waste and other toxic by-products of the failed past Human civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria and their wars.
It is the Altimarians' plans to start here with the larger-scope environmental-restoration projects first, for example, working on cleaning up a given ocean, and then later to tackle smaller-scale projects such as critical toxic sites.
The work of the Altimarian Twelve scientific team will be places the public will eventually notice. And Altimarians will interact with Human environmental scientists and officials to get the Earth clean-up job moving more rapidly. The results will be open soon enugh to public view, and this will dissolve the UFO Cover-Up.
The Altimarians will travel in a large mother ship, which will carry a scout craft that the scientific team will use to come down from where the mothership is parked in space. The mothership's metric dimensions are 23 hectares, or about 56 acres, or roughly, if the mothership were round, about 1/3 mile by 1/3 mile. The scoutcraft is comparatively smaller, about 60 yards long by 40 yards wide.
The Altimarians are not allowed by their spiritual laws to make general use of defensive weapons, so they will be relying on Human security measures. I am working with experts experienced in working with Star Visitors on getting those set up.
The Altimarians have some concern for the magnitude of change that will occur on Earth as a result of their soon-to-be open presence here. It will be a time of public awareness of when cosmic cultures meet. I pointed out to Amanda and Gene that most Humans are ready and welcoming, as recent sampling polls have indicated. When I asked their Communications Officer Amanda what the Altimarians' general statement for Humankind is, she replied, "We come in peace, to help."
The Altimarian scientists landed in 2008. Several colleagues and I greeted them from a distance because of security concerns. Evrentually I hope to facilitate meetings with Human top environmental scientists and officials.
The Cabal's hostility to the coming of these scientists is already known. The Cabal have made trillions by monopolizing advanced technology quietly back-engineered from crashed starcraft, all the while having their media lackeys deny that UFOs exist. Because the Altimarian 12 will be working soon enough with Human scientists in open, non-classified projects, that will blow the Cabal's UFO Cover-Up.
I know that tens of thousands of you would like to meet them. But because Cabal attack attempts can be assumed, general public direct contact with the Altimarians will have to wait until the Cabal menace has been taken care of. For now, hold good thoughts, intentions, and prayers for a safe and successful accomplishing of the environmental remediation work they are engaging in.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth


regarding the CIA & NSA vote on accepting Star Visitor immigrants

Friends and Star Kids,

The liaison person whom the CIA and NSA have appointed to serve as a point-of-contact and communication intermediary, Special Agent Major R.D., today wrote me the following message of interest.
"I'm writing because my chain of command said they "intercepted" your little vote about Star Visitors immigrating to Earth (I'm not sure why they used the word, "intercepted," it's not like you sent a coded, secret message...ha, ha). So, they got to work on researching and making the gerbils run faster to come up with the proper vote. God I love bureaucrats. Not that you care what their vote is. I'm not sure whether you do or not, but I'm letting you know either way.
"About fifty guys were put on this project already. They quickly discussed matters, and had heated debate over the situation. I wasn't there, so I don't know what went on. They, of course, wanted people who weren't biased in any one direction (funny, huh?), and they also wanted people who were intelligent enough to talk about it. Man, I wonder how and where they found fifty people like THAT? Fifty people who are not biased AND who are intelligent? In the Intelligence community? No way...
"Okay, okay, I'm sure you want to know the outcome by now. Here it is:
"Yes: 29 [58%]
"No: 13 [26%]
"Undecided: 8 [16%]
"So there you have it. I guess the NSA's vote is Yes. Hope it means something." - SA R.D.

Friends, I have to parenthetically comment on the Special Agent's report.
If a militaristic, conservative, cautious-to-the-point-of-paranoia pair of organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency are prepared to vote Yes on welcoming a petitioning band of Star Visitor immigrants, are we not very, very near to readiness by officialdom to throw in the towel and declare UFO and Star Visitor contact reality?

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., COE

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009