Report on Formal Hearing and Indictment of the Cabal On Violations of Universal Laws

Report: The Formal Hearing and Indictment of the Cabal (Sept. 29, 2005) for Serious Repeated Violations of Universal and Spiritual Laws
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

One of the most historic (and secret, until now) events in modern history took place September 29, 2005. Now the report on that event can be told.
The event was a Formal Judicial Hearing by Star Nations on Cabal crimes. (The Cabal is the name given to a super-powerful super-wealthy cartel of oligarchs and their minions bent on ruthless world domination.) This was only the Second such Formal Hearing.
Previously in 1937, Star Nations had conducted a Formal Judicial Hearing on the then-threat presented by the Cabal in its incarnation as comprised of the Nazi empire, its Fascist Italy and Japan partners Axis empire, and the Stalinist Soviet Union. At that 1937 Hearing the Cabal were convicted of multiple gross violations of Universal and Spiritual Laws through their global threats which arose to such proportions as to threaten human survival as a free species. But the Cabal successfully appealed their conviction to Star Nations Council, objecting that there was no representation from Earth on the High Council of the Star Nations, and so thus cosmic law did not allow the Star Nations to intervene under those circumstance.
But Star Nations have not lost sight of the grave danger that the Cabal in their subsequent iterations continue to represent to the survival of the human race. Star Nations have continued tracking the growing numbers of monstrous abuses of Earth itself [environmental] and of human rights by the Cabal. And so, the Star Nations have determined that it was time for a new Formal Judicial Hearing.
That new Formal Hearing on Reported Cabal Violations of Universal Laws took place on Sept. 29, 2005. This time the outcome was different.
This time Earth was represented on the Star Nations High Council by a Councillor of Earth. This time an updated report of Cabal violations was presented by a Star Visitor Watcher, at a Hearing at which the Councillor of Earth, a Witness for Earth, and a Witness for the Star Nations also participated. Members of the High Council of the Star Nations were also in attendance, not visible on this dimension, but their energy signatures were readily detectible.
The charges which the Watcher presented against the Cabal included their multiple serious and heinous violations of the 11 (cosmic) Universal Laws, as well as human laws, and violation of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (See the 11 Universal Laws on: ) The Watcher brought up various instances of Cabal violations of the Universal Law of Free Will, citing in particular the case of former mind-control slave of the Cabal, Wendi Powers.
The Councillor of Earth presented the following Cabal violations of Universal Laws: the Law of Free Will (citing the hundreds of victims of intimidation and coercion he has interviewed), the Law of Change (citing Cabal obstruction of Earth's progress), the Law of Movement and Balance (citing the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances caused by Cabal torture and information suppression), the Law of Innocence, Truth and Family (citing especially the wholesale Cabal sexual and psychological abuse of children to turn them into mind-control sex and psychic slaves and intelligence couriers, and the wholesale Cabal disinformation campaigns), the Law of Life (citing Cabal murders and their harvesting the life energies of ritual victims), and the Law of Love (citing wholesale perversions of and MILABS gang-rapes of kidnapped civilian victims during faked alien abductions ).
The Witness for Earth concurred that the charges against the Cabal were consistent with her information and experience. The Witness for the Star Nations also concurred, and added his observation about how the Earth being (Mother Earth) has suffered environmentally so grievously at Cabal hands.

In the interest of the kind of transparency by which the dawning Fifth World human society shall be known, the identities of the Hearing participants are hereby revealed, as agreed to by the parties involved.
The Watcher is Byrd, a Star Visitor consciousness [known on Earth as part of the 'Bird People'], who has co-incarnated into the body-mind space of Wendi Powers, and takes turns being the forefront personality/speaker. Byrd also provides communication link to his adoptive race, the Zeta, who thus at times utilize the Wendi vehicle to speak on their own. Byrd's Mentor, a Reptoid Star Visitor named Councillor For the Watchers, also on occasion uses Wendi's body to communicate through. Ms. Wendi Powers is a Star Seed human computer technician and close associate of Dr. Boylan. Wendi resides in Nashville, TN. ( )
The Earth representative to Star Nations High Council is Dr. Richard Boylan, the Councillor of Earth. In a previous incarnation he was a Star Person and the leader of Star Nations Council. But, in view of Earth's devolving plight, he chose in 1939 to incarnate for a lifetime as a Human (a Star Seed human) in order to be fully of Earth, and in order to authentically represent Earth and humans on Star Nations High Council. He was reappointed during his current lifetime to High Council, but this time as Earth's Councillor, (representative), a year before the Formal Hearing. (
The Witness for Earth is Marja Roberts, a Star Seed human who lives in New York. ( )
The Witness for Star Nations is Frank Feliccia , a Star Seed human artist in Nashville, TN. ( )

At the conclusion of the Formal Hearing, the Councillor of Earth requested of Star Nations an expedited decision, in view of the desperate situation on Earth. It did not take long for High Council to render a verdict. Within a few minutes, the Zeta reported that Star Nations High Council had accepted all the charges as valid. The Cabal stood convicted of multiple counts of serious and flagrant violations of Universal Laws.

Following the Hearing the Cabal tried to present some flimsy Objections to the High Council. The Councillor of Earth was designated to respond to them. He dealt with these hypocritical Objections in a lengthy legal brief presented to High Council. The Council on Oct. 1, 2005 promptly dismissed the Objections as without merit, and ordered their Decision un-suspended and carried out forthwith.

What is the practical consequence of this Cabal conviction? The Star Nations made a Declaration, after the 9/29/05 Formal Hearing on Cabal Violations of Universal Laws, that High Council Finds that the Cabal are guilty as charged: that the Star Nations will thereafter affirmatively discriminate against Cabal types, will deny future contact with them, and will deny them any future access to information that is shared with humans.

In view of the Star Nations' decision, one could anticipate that any contacts with U.S. military or government officials will be limited to officials not members of the Cabal. The same limitation will apply to contacts with any Earth government in any location. In fact, the Zeta have been tasked to determine, and put into place, safeguards so that Star Nations information given to the Humans of Good Will does not fall into the hands of the Cabal by theft, deception, or coercion. This is not easy, given current Cabal penetration of the halls of power, and will take time to make fully effective.
The result of this laudable discrimination against the Cabal will be that over time, Humans of Good Will will forge ahead in progress using the information, advice and consultations of the Star Visitors, and that the Cabal will fall more and more behind as they are kept out of the loop. This will lead increasingly to cumulative Cabal disempowerment.

In addition, the Star Nations are going to engage in a campaign of strategically "outting" Cabal members to Humans of Good Will in official positions, so that the prestigious veneer of "fellow government official or military/intelligence officer" is stripped away from these Cabal members, and so Humans of Good Will can know who they are really dealing with.

For example, The Zeta have now begun a new practice of presenting in their reports notations as to the negative deeds and energy signatures of Cabal individuals named, and draw contrast to the positive deeds and energy signatures of regular humans. One might say a sort of Black Hats versus White Hats Report, (to borrow an old cowboy-movies metaphor.)

It is the Councillor of Earth's view that the result of the Star Visitors now being legally able to deal with the Cabal with appropriate and certainly just discrimination is that this will result in the gradual and accelerating dismantling of the Cabal's empire. It is this Councillor's expectation that signs of Cabal devolution will thus increasingly become apparent.

What will Earth be like after the Cabal are gone? There will be no more obstacle to our task of ushering in the long-prophesied 'Fifth World', a cosmic, just, non-materialistic, peaceable, extended-family sort of society. Such a Fifth World will incorporate the soon-to-be-liberated benefits of such elements as clean non-petroleum energy, advanced-technology healing machines, Zero-Point-Energy-powered hydroponic food-growing machines, gravity-shielded superfast airliners and sea freighters, and the immense store of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific knowledge that the Star Visitors wish to share publicly with the people of Earth.
But the Zeta also point out that the Cabal will not go down without a fight, and that, following their legal conviction at the Hearing, the Cabal will accelerate their actions in a desperate attempt to consolidate power and neutralize perceived adversaries. Prudent humans will need to be mindful of the risk that the Cabal's desperation poses and maintain appropriate vigilance in dealing with persons who may look human. [The Cabal are actually a sub-human look-alike but separate and inferior species.] The Cabal have no 'human rights' because they are not Human.
And so, as one Star Visitor put it: 'The war has begun.'
Insha'llah !

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor