The MJ-12 Committee has suppressed and controlled access to information about UFOs, Star Visitors, and their advanced technology for 3/4ths of a century. It's past time to end that Committee.

Following the Roswell, New Mexico 1947 UFO crash, U.S. President Harry Truman created a secret national-security advisory group on extraterrestrial matters. Classified above Top Secret, it was called OPERATION MAJESTIC, then the MJ-12 COMMITTEE .
In 1962 the UN Security Council removed the MJ-12 Committee from under the U.S. Government (with concurrence of the U.S. President), and transformed MJ-12 Committee into a covert United Nations group exercising control over information about UFOs.
Current Chair of MJ-12 Committee, Admiral Curt Copley is also Commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence. He favors full UFO reality Disclosure , and in time transferring the three remaining (progressive) MJ-12 members to be part of a new successor organization, the UN Secretariat for Outer Space Affairs. This soon-to-be-created UN Secretariat would provide fresh policy direction, including favoring open contacts with the Star Visitors and future cooperative projects with them.
Those three progressives members of the for-now MJ-12 Committee are:
- 'MJ1', Admiral Curt Copley, Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence [Star Seed], Chair of MJ-12 Committee. U.S.
- 'MJ6', Nick Begich, Traditional Medicine Doctor, [Regular Human], scientist, investigative author, specialist in energy and alternative health. U.S.
- 'MJ10', Shawki Allam, Ph.D., [Regular Human], Professor of Sunni and Sufi Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University, Cairo; Grand Mufti of Egypt, and anti-jihad activist. Egypt.
All the other nine MJ-12 Committee members (the anti-Disclosure group) have resigned now. Good timing. Good riddance.
These reforms within the MJ-12 Committee are why the U.S. Navy just recently has been green-lighted to take the first steps towards advancing full Disclosure of UFO and ET reality. These first steps include releasing Navy pilots' video footage of their F/A-18 fighters' encounters with 'Tic Tacs' (UFOs), as well as posting on-line the anti-gravity and other UFO-technology patents the U.S. Navy has received for the technology it back-engineered from recovered UFOs.
The American and world public await more disclosures. Soon!.