Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

There are many presentations on television, in UFO magazines, and on the Internet purporting to describe what aliens are like, and the purpose of their contact with Earth. These vary widely. Many of these presentations are sensationalistic, and intentionally so. Because emotional voltage sells, and many in the media are interested only in what sells, it is often the most lurid and macabre tales about ETs that are presented by producers and editors.
Other media presentations are propaganda pieces, placed in the media by the Cabal of ultra-rich-controllers behind the UFO Cover-Up. Since the Cabal has enormous international wealth at its disposal, it has the funds and influence to make sure that the vast majority of presentations which make it to public view are negative in tone. Their thinking is that if they cant sell you the lie that UFOs dont exist, then their fall-back strategy is to convince you that they are evil mean invaders. So, the presentations they finance and promote feature the Star Visitors as torturers, plotters and monsters.
The media presentations which are actually truthful are the result of some producers careful sifting of the facts from creative fantasy and disinformation, and relying on scientific research by qualified professionals who have devoted themselves to the specialized field of Star Visitor-human encounters. The producers who care about truth above emotional voltage, who are smart enough to get help from real experts to sift truth from fiction and disinformation, and who are courageous enough to push their production through despite opposition from the Cabal's henchmen in the media, are in the minority. But their work is wonderful, illuminating and exciting. Think of "ET", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Star Man", and even "The Day the Earth Stood Still".
How do persons who want to find and present the truth about Star Visitor-human encounters get the real facts? Where can they go to get reality instead of disinformation?
In researching encounters with Star Visitors, the only evidence available to study is from the witnesses, the human persons actually experiencing the Star Being visit.
And the only really qualified researchers of persons reporting extraterrestrial encounters are researchers with professional behavioral-science education, training and experience. Thus, the only experts are the psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists who actually have a sub-specialty in working with experiencers of Star Visitor-human encounters. These are the professionals who have educated themselves sufficiently about UFO and Star Visitor matters to have the necessary information for working with experiencers.
As Board Member and past Officer of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, I have had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of such professionals involved in this kind of highly-specialized work with those having Star Visitor encounters. In so doing, I do not find credible reports of low-life aliens from these professionals, nor from the experiencers they have worked with. On the contrary, the reports coming from these professionals describe intelligent, wise, compassionate, interested Star Visitors, who want what is best for our world and theirs.
My analysis, shared by Drs. John Mack, R. Leo Sprinkle, Edith Fiore, Rauni Kilde, Gilda Moura, Ruth Hover, et al., is based on the experiences of those Humans whom the Star Visitors have interacted with. Actions speak louder than words.
While the theoretical possibility of evil aliens invaders may exist, as a practical matter, we do not have to fear such potential visitors. Why? Because the coalition of advanced civilizations making contact with Earth, called Star Nations, have pledged to, and stand prepared to, stop any potential marauder who might decide to drop by this blue planet. This guarantee comes from innumerable statements by Star Visitors to experiencers, from Earth's indigenous peoples ancient oral traditions and Elders teachings, and is corroborated by honest government insiders who work with Star Visitors, such as the National Security Council's Special Studies Group consultant Dr. Michael Wolf, Brigadier General Shadow, and others.
The Star Visitors messages contain warnings for us of the dangers we are presenting to ourselves by our unwise ecological, military, social and economic behaviors. Star Visitors provide us with important and useful information for advancing our society and ourselves mentally and spiritually. The Visitors are preparing us (via messages relayed through human experiencers) to socially accept the reality of extraterrestrial contact, and are readying us for later joining the larger community of inhabited worlds.
Remember: the burden of proof is on those propagandists who allege that there are evil extraterrestrial races actually harming Humans. In reality there is no proof. What has been presented as evidence are lurid tales found in some UFO magazines and books, and mouthed by Cabal-controlled experts on television. These are fictions and distortions. The Star Visitors who interact with humans are benevolent.
Misunderstandings of Star Visitors can sometimes occur due to human tendency to lack understanding of very different cultures and personality styles. As anthropologists know, in dealing with culturally very different human groups on Earth, it is incorrect to judge the culturally-different group by the cultural standards of one's own culture. Even in America there are people who put down another ethnic group because they think/talk/behave differently than we do.
Some Star Visitor races are here to teach, some here to guide, some to heal, some to advance us culturally, some to advance us biologically, some to study us, some to passively observe and learn, some to take samples of our flora and fauna, some to stand guard to protect us, or to protect space from our plutonium-contaminated space probes and space weapons systems.
None are here to invade, none are here to kill, none are here to intimidate, none are here to experiment, none are here to take over.
To recap: people from the less-evolved cultures on other planets are not permitted by Star Nations to roam the galaxy freely and cause havoc on vulnerable planetary populations such as Earth. That is the reason why we have been assigned Watchers since our earliest times: to protect us while we grow up as a species. The Star Visitors also have genuine interest and concern for our positive evolution and development.
Bottom line: there are some violent predatory civilizations in other solar systems in space. However, Star Nations has established a protective cordon around Earth, so that any evil-intentioned occasional visitor is turned away before he can reach Earth. All we ever see and interact with are the morally-advanced members of Star Nations.
This reality is in marked contrast to the rampant disinformation peddled by the Cabal's assets, who include such propagandists as ex-CIA operative John Lear, Jr., ex-Naval Intelligence operative "Wild Bill" Cooper, the Cabal team of Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs, ex-CIA operative Derrel Sims, ex-Air Force Intelligence operative John (Val Valerian) Grace, and others.
As for Cabalista Zecharin Sitchin's tales of all-too-human-like Annunaki, Sitchin published his interpretation of some Sumerian legends about early contact with Visitors from the stars. Unfortunately, Sitchin tends to present Sumerian legends as though they were transcripts from the New York Times. Actually, ancient Near East literature in its cultural context reflects the faulty understandings and distortions of primitive people faced with sky visitors they thought were gods, and then in the countless retellings of these visits, ascribing to the Star Visitors the arrogant, ruthless and scheming qualities of their own human rulers. Thus the legends warped earlier events into almost unrecognizable tales, as these stories got passed down. Some Sumerian language experts hold that Sitchin took liberties with the translation and interpretation of what the original cuneiform text said. The basic premise which Sitchin started from is fact: that Sumerians acknowledged contact from Visitors from the stars who helped establish the foundation for a Human civilization. The rest of Sitchin's tales, the drama about lust, jealousy and wars, are cultural trappings added on by deceived Sumerian scribes. These scribes were confused when accounts of the original activity of the Zeta bioengineers perfecting the Homo Sapiens recipe got mixed up with the intrusions by Cabal types reincarnating from the Atlantis civilization they had destroyed, and were then trying to dominate, impress, and oppress the Sumerian peasants with advanced knowledge and technology they remembered and recreated from the Atlantean times. These Sumer-era Cabal ruler-priests passed themselves off as gods come down from the sky [ Annunaki ]. Sitchin's interpretation of the confused Sumerian legends as literal fact can be ignored, including his putting forth sensationalistic scare stories about a supposed inhabited Marduk/ Niburu/ Planet X heading ominously for Earth, (more Cabal psychological-warfare propaganda).
Some of the lurid reports being palmed off on the public as examples of alien misbehavior are actually the result of secret psychological warfare operations (MILABS) by Cabal mercenary para-military units. Let's look at these deceptive operations.
Cabal rogue mercenary units, often pretending to be military, kidnap civilians without any legal authorization or justification. These MILABS units drug and/or hypnotize those they kidnap, often experiencers, then deliberately intimidate, interrogate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape these victims. The Cabal mercenaries use brainwashing drugs to create drug-induced hypnosis, and then implant a false memory about the horrific experience as an 'alien abduction'.
There are eight ways in which false tales about supposed terrible alien encounters arise.
1. MILABS, Type 1. Cabal operatives capture and mistreat a victim, then drug and hypnotize her, or stage a costumed fake scene for her/him so as to create the false impression that the victim's Military Abduction (MILABS) ordeal was an "alien abduction".
2. MILABS, Type 2. Cabal operatives using psychic, 3-D ultra-real holographic, or psychotronic devices, stage a horrific abduction experience, which the victim then believes was real. Also, operatives will wear alien costumes or even shape-shift into an alien to convince the kidnaped victim that aliens are the ones tormenting her. In some cases, Human hybrids, created by the Cabal to look extraterrestrial, and Cabal-controlled, pretend to be Star Visitors and behave in terrorizing ways.
3. Some horror stories arise when the person reporting the negative experience with an alien is a paid, or coerced, or mind-controlled patsy for the Cabal propaganda campaign, and is basically making it up.
4. Some negative stories are the result of incompetent, non-professional amateur (or undercover Cabal) UFO investigators dabbling in brainwashing pseudo-"counseling" of experiencers, and misuse hypnosis, so that the experiencer ends up confused, reprogrammed, and unnecessarily left feeling a victim.
5. Some distorted stories occur when psychologically-unstable persons have a jumbled partial memory of an actual encounter with a Star Visitor, but because of pre-existing deep psychiatric disturbance, they misinterpret and misperceive the innocent behaviors of strange-looking but well-intentioned Star Visitors as non-existent abuse and intimidation.
6. Some negative reports come from persons who have only very-partial recall of an actual encounter, and initially only remember the uncertainty and fear feelings. But after getting professional hypnotic recall and recapturing the entire memory of the encounter, events fall into a sensible and non-threatening context, and the experience is judged by the experiencer as positive, important and worthwhile, and they no longer feel mistreated.
7. Some adverse reports come from people who are extremely psychologically-rigid, and don't want their comfortable, rigid little universe upset, or their daily life routine intervened with, by anyone, and who see an encounter as an extreme annoyance. They miss the point and significance of visitation by beings from the stars. These rigid people resent anyone doing anything that is outside their status quo. Thus they resent the Star Being's visit like they resent anything else that differs from their routine, and say so.
8. Rarely, a negative story comes from a person who actually is interacting with a ghost, poltergeist, or mischievous elemental spirit-force of the Earth. When the Human has an experience which is frightening or jarring, the person may then mistake their experience as being with a Star Visitor.
My positive evaluation of the Star Visitors does not rest principally only on information provided by government, military, and intelligence insiders like Dr. Michael Wolf, or Command Sergeant-Major Bob Dean, or Brigadier General Shadow, but rather on my work with many hundreds of (actual) encounter experiencers, as well as the findings of the other truly-qualified therapists working with experiencers. It also rests on the behavioral profile of the Star Visitors themselves, not to mention conclusions drawn from my own interactions with them.
The Cabal possess confidential information about who the people are who were visited (experiencers), and where they live. And the Cabal have sent their Men-in-Black, or men in alien costumes, to visit, terrorize, and confuse as many experiencers, Star Seeds, and other targets as they can.
The huge vast majority of persons experiencing a Star Visitor encounter are astounded, intrigued, and end up feeling privileged and honored; and regard that experience as one of the most important things that ever happened to them. But the Cabal doesn't want that impression to get out, despite the hundreds of professional therapists actually working with experiencers ready to make such reports. Therefore the Cabal present a propaganda-skewed assortment of selected false "cases".
Realize also that the media hugely misrepresent the encounter experience by taking a relative handful of those false and distorted stories and presenting them as though they were "representative" of everyone's experience. They aren't.
By the time all of these propaganda efforts are given generously-funded publicity, it is no wonder that some of the public have been successfully hoodwinked into fearing Star Visitors. This is the level of evil, distortion and treachery that the Cabal repressing UFO truth goes to in order to protect their monopoly on highly-advanced extraterrestrial technology recovered from UFO crashes: a monopoly which has brought them trillions of dollars in profits over the last four-plus decades.
So, when you next read an article or watch a television presentation which purports to describe a Star Visitor-human encounter, you have to ask yourself: Is it propaganda, is it Hollywood, is it fantasy, or is it the truth?

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.