Star Visitors Living Among Us on Earth
Star Visitors Living Among Us on Earth

There are four extraterrestrial races living in permanent residence on Earth at this time: 1) the Altimar-4 people (recent refugees from unstable star Altimar's 4th moon), 2) the Tall Whites living near the Nevada National Security Site, 3) the Saami ['Laplanders') residing above the Arctic Circle, and 4) the Sasquatch (Big Foot, Yeti, 'Abominable Snowman') , living in the snowy Arctic, Himalayan, and Siberian regions and in secluded heavily-forested locales. This article describes them. It's good to know your neighbors.

1) The Altimarians from the 4th Moon of the dwarf star Altimar (Approximately 3,000,000) have been facing the end of their civilization and existence on their giant moon (in the Barnard's Star Cluster of red dwarf stars). Star Altimar is growing dangerously unstable as it nears the end of its life-cycle. These Altimar-4 People have been seeking safe relocation from their dying star to a suitable safe planet. Star Nations has determined that Earth, just 6 light years away, can provide such a safe location and has suitable gravity and atmospheric conditions for them.
As Star Nations' ambassador ('Councillor') for Earth, Dr. Boylan has been in dialogue with Star Nations, and even polled a sample group of Humans (workers at NSA and CIA with clearances for extraterrestrial matters). The upshot of these dialogues was consensus that Earth is a proper place for a settlement. Earth, with a Human population of over 7 billion people, can easily accommodate these 3 million Altimarian refugees.
For those interested in what an Altimar-4 person looks like, you can see an artist's image of 'Hearold' at:
The Altimarians who landed May 1, 2016 are the same people who previously sent 12 of their top environmental scientists years earlier to volunteer to help heal Earth's environment. These scientists have since arriving been working quietly on environmental remediation. Humans owe these Altimarian scientists a large debt of gratitude for their critically-important programs of environmental repair. And one way in which Earth can show such gratitude is for Earth to welcome all the Altimarian people and allow them a quiet place of refuge. On May 1, 2016, eight large Altimarian space vessels landed in the U.S. Southwest at a location south of Capitol Reef National Park in open desert under administration of the U.S. government's Bureau of Land Management. The Altimarians have established an underground Settlement site. Their settlement is relatively compact, 2 miles by 3 miles, and extends about 1700 feet down into the bedrock. These Altimarian refugees have quickly constituted a self-sufficient community requiring little assistance, and are prepared to repay Earth's kindness in the years ahead. Dr. Boylan, as Star Nations' representative, has requested that the United Nations grant recognition of this Altimarian Settlement Site as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and provide it protection. A UN response has as not yet been provided.
*** It is to be noted that the Altimar-4 People have a kindred race, the Altimar-3 people, living on the third giant moon also orbiting the dying red dwarf star Altimar. Because these Variant Altimarians, (as Dr. Boylan has dubbed them), are also in peril as their star moves towards becoming a supernova, they also soon will need refuge on a planet with a stable star like Earth. These Altimar-3 people number 736,000. Humans can contact their UN representative and indicate they are agreeable with the Variant-Altimarians establishing a modest settlement here.
If anyone wonders what these Altimar-3 People are like, they sent a Master Teacher to Earth 2000 years ago. We know her as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This woman returned to Earth several times over the years, and was known variously as White Buffalo Calf Woman (to the Native American Plains tribes), the Lady of Guadalupe (to the people of Mexico), the Lady of Fatima (in Portugal), the Lady of Lourdes (in France), and as Mother Teresa (world-wide).
On June 21, 2017, Dr. Boylan was taken by starcraft to the Altimar-4 Earth Settlement Site and discussed with them their role in helping Earth's future. The people of Altimar-4 are ready to provide help as needed and requested.


2) Recent communications about the Tall Whites extraterrestrials with former USAF Airman Charles J. Hall, author of the "Millennial Hospitality" five-book series, combined with the information in his books, provides basis for the following interesting revelations about what is going on at Indian Springs, Nevada.
An extraterrestrial human-looking race, whom Mr. Hall has called the Tall Whites, lives 40 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. This race originates from a location Hall says is many light years behind the Arcturus star system.
[Note: Dr. Boylan's psi-based information indicates that the Tall Whites come from a planet orbiting Mu Velorum B in the Velorum binary system which includes larger Mu Veliorum A, and is part of the Southern Hemisphere constellation Vela (the sails). Mu Velorum B is 116 light years from Earth and is 1-1/2 times the size of the Sun.]
These Tall Whites at adulthood reach about six feet in height. They have generally humanoid features. They have dusky blond hair, generally worn short, and the women tend to wear their hair in a feminine form of short cut. They are blue-eyed Their eyes are slightly larger than human ones, and wrap a little way towards the side of the head. The Tall Whites otherwise look quite human, except that their skin is chalky-white in color.
Their hands have four fingers, which do not end in human-like finger nails but rather in harder, two-inch-long claw-like tips.
The typical clothing of the Tall Whites is an aluminum-like chalk-white jump suit of canvas-looking fabric They also wear gloves of the same material, and an open, white, motorcycle-like helmet.
Both the suit and the helmet emit a field of soft-white flourescent light reaching three inches out. The light's intensity is such as to make it difficult to look at it without strain.
These Tall Whites have very high intelligence. Hall estimates their information-processing speed at 3-1/2 times faster than bright humans'. The Tall Whites's technology is far advanced.
One element of their technology is a transporter suit they wear which provides personal antigravity levitation, and speedy lateral movement. Their suits also afford force-field protection against attacks, e.g., the field would slow a bullet so much it would fall to the ground.
Another element of their technology is their spacecraft. They operate smaller scout ships which can transport a limited number of individuals. And then they have deep-space larger-capacity passenger vessels than can travel between star systems. Their scout craft is white in color, ellipsoidal or egg-shaped, with a molded flat bottom. It has a row of large windows on each side, like an airplane. Its size is comparable to that of a passenger train's diesel engine, and has two windows in front such as a diesel engine train has. The range of these scout craft permit travel as far as the Moon or even Mars. But not deep space.
Their deep-space vessels are very large, sleek, black antigravity craft, 70 feet high, 300 feet wide, and 500 feet long. These vessels also have pilot windows, as well as have regularly-spaced running lights along their edges. The vessel's range extends out many light years into space. Their top speed exceeds the speed of light by a considerable margin. Yes, Airman Hall says, Einstein was wrong about that.
The Tall Whites in their interactions with humans often carry stun devices for protection, eight-inch-long white tubes which can emit a microwave beam that can excite the sodium atoms in the nervous system of a threatening human and render the human unconscious for a limited period of time.
A contingent of Tall Whites have been resident in the Indian Springs Valley region of central Nevada since before the first Euro-American settlers moved west.
These Tall Whites have found Earth to be a convenient way-station in their travels within this sector of the galaxy. As Charles Hall explains it, Earth's sun is located in the middle of a very large, 10-light-year-diameter almost-empty section of the galaxy. Most stars occur in groups, with another star within two light-months distance. Thus, for civilizations living on star systems near this near-empty space "bubble", Earth serves as a handy mid-way rest, supply and repair station.
The Tall Whites have established a residential location within French Peak, about 25 miles north-northwest of Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, Nevada. They also have a main base and space vehicle-repair facility which is also built into the side of a hill at the north end of Indian Springs Valley, not too many miles from their residential location.
When Tall Whites deep-space vessels approach Earth from deep space, they make an initial hover low above dry Dog Bone Lake, 25 miles east of French Peak on the Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada. Then they make a lateral transition to the main hanger, where huge doors part to admit the vessel, then re-close behind it.
Presidents (including LBJ), select top Senators and Congressmembers, and select Generals and Admirals are aware of, and have actually met Tall Whites, either at carefully-arranged events in discreet locations in Washington, DC, or on the Nellis Air Force Base Range, Nevada.
The Tall Whites have made arrangements with the U.S. government at the highest levels to have their central-Nevada facilities undisturbed. In exchange they provide advanced scientific and technological information which has permitted some rapid advances in science and technology on Earth. Some of their scientists work as technical consultants at advanced laboratory installations, including northern California, Nevada, and elsewhere.
The Tall Whites facilities in central Nevada serve as locale for Visitors from other star system to come and study the English language and American culture. These extraterrestrial Visitors are intensely curious about life and customs on Earth.
Here are more details about where the Tall Whites live. They have their residential location within French Peak, about 25 miles north-northwest of Creech Air force Base, Nevada. Charles Hall wrote me concerning this: "I do believe that in the 1965-1967 time frame, the Tall Whites did have an additional scout craft hanger and rest area located near the top of French Peak, because I frequently saw them in their scout craft entering and leaving the valley below French Peak and entering Indian Springs valley. "Also the range maintainence men told me on many occasions that the Tall Whites had such a hanger, and they frequently observed them when they were up on the mountain. "Remember, as described in Book II, the Tall Whites had several such scout craft hangers and rest areas located in the northern portion of the Indian Springs valley, in addition to their base and main hanger. "However, I, myself, never actually saw the Tall Whites up on French Peak, partly because I very very seldom went over to that valley, and the mountain was not visible from Range #3. "The French Peak site, however, in 1965-1967 was not their main housing area. The mountains at the north end of Indian Springs Valley have two main peaks. The main housing area for the Tall Whites was located underground where I have indicated it on the maps. That peak was the peak located immediately north-northwest of the peak that contained the main hanger.
"Remember that there still exists a significant number of my personal experiences that I have not yet captured on paper or verbally described, for various reasons. "For example the USAF captain and pilot of the twin-engine Cessna plane that came out from the Pentagon at the end of every month, did not stop at French Peak. He did not stop at Area 51 nor at Groom Lake. He landed on the short runways located in the valley north of the main Tall White hanger and landed again at the short runway located at the base of the alien housing area. "He also made a third landing up in that vicinity, before returning to Indian Springs to refuel.
"I have no idea what the status of French Peak or the Indian Springs facilities are today. "However, in the 1965-1967 time frame, the Tall White facilities and their locations were so excellent, allowing their deep-space craft to arrive using Dog Bone Lake as an arrival/landing area, I wouldn't think that they would easily agree to any changes.
[Regarding the Tall Whites Star Visitors' hand and fingers], about which I (Richard Boylan) had asked whether they have hands with four fingers, and whether they end not in finger nails but rather in harder, two-inch-long claw-like appendages?, Charles Hall replies: "The claws were probably artificial and worn for self defense. I was never sure. "One night when I was out at Range #3, I saw the Teacher standing with her arms crossed with her hands resting on her upper arms. On that evening, she was certainly wearing 2-inch long claws. On a different evening, I saw her in Downtown Las Vegas outside the Hotel Fremont and Casino. On that evening she was disguised as a human woman, and she was definitely not wearing claws. !
"The Tall Whites are quite frail by human standards. Their arms and hands do not have anywhere near the strength that human arms and hands have. The wearing of artificial sharp claws would provide them with a set of weapons with which they could defend themselves against bees, hornets, snakes, etc. Such artificial claws would also be quite useful as tools when outside in a Nevada desert environment.
"Incidentally I do not have any problem with the statement, 'Mr. Hall estimates Tall Whites operate at 3-1/2 times faster than bright humans,' because the best I could do was only to form a rough estimate. However, in Book #1, in the chapter entitled "Olympic Tryouts", I carefully timed Range- Four Harry when he was running northwest from the corner of my barracks out into the open desert, and he was running at approximately 35 mph. "Since the Olympic world record for humans for the mile run is only 15 miles per hour, that would mean the the Tall White alien known as Range Four Harry had a nervous system that was operating at approximately 35/15 = roughly 2 to 2-and-a-half times faster than the human nervous system operates. "Of course, when I timed myself, the fastest that I could run was just barely 7 miles per hour. So Range Four Harry's nervous system might have been running 35/7 = 5 time faster than mine. I can only guess....
"For example, I do not know where the home planet of the Tall Whites is located, but I feel certain that they arrive here on Earth from the direction of the star Arcturus (book 2, chapter "Olympic Dreams"). I guessed at the time that their home planet orbited a star [Mu Velorum B - Dr. Richard Boylan], located approximately 105 [actually 116 - RB] light years from Earth, whereas Arcturus is located at 36 light years from Earth. However, that was only my best guess based on my personal observations at the time. The Tall Whites, themselves, would never say.
"The Teacher stated that Pamela had never been back to their home planet, and that Pamela had been born in Indian Springs Valley when James Madison was President, (i.e. approximately the year 1812), (book III, Chapter "The End of the Innocence.")"
I (Dr. Richard Boylan) think it should be emphasized that Charles Hall does not claim that the Tall Whites come from Arcturus, but rather from a location/star system about 80 light years "behind" Arcturus (from Earth's point-of-view). And that is his conjecture based on comments from the Tall Whites. Thus it would not be correct to call the Tall Whites "Arcturians". [They could more accurately be called people of Mu Velorum B star system. Mu Velorians? - Dr. Boylan]
Former U.S. Air Force Airman Charles Hall, author of the "Millennial Hospitality" trilogy, has more to reveal about what he learned while serving at Nellis Air Force Base Range close to the locations of the resident Tall Whites Star Visitors. In personal email to me, Charles stated: "During the two and a half years that I spent at Nellis AFB and at Indian Springs, Nevada, I had a significant number of personal experiences that are not related in my three books for various reasons. "There are at least two groups of such experiences that you will probably wish to discuss with me in person, since I am not able to properly relate them in this short email.
"The first group of experiences are centered on the location of the Tall White facilities located near the peak of French Peak. In the 1965-1967 time frame, I personally and frequently observed on many separate occasions the Tall White scout craft and the Tall Whites entering and leaving the valley just below French Peak. Several of the range maintainance men at that time informed me that the Tall Whites had at least a scout craft base dug in toward the top of French Peak in addition to their main base at the north end of Indian Springs Valley.
"However, the deep space craft always arrived from space and departed back into space by using Dog Bone [Dry] Lake as their landing, and their deep space approach area. Once the deep space ship had arrived (or landed ) by hovering out over Dog Bone Lake, the Tall Whites seemed to greatly prefer to bring the deep space ship directly and immediately to a landing out in front of the main hanger on the mountains where the hanger was located. "The deep space craft were not very maneuverable once they had arrived here on Earth, and the Tall Whites greatly preferred to park it in the main hanger as quickly as they could. "No matter where their various facilities are located, I would expect that they would still be using Dog Bone Lake as their landing area.
"The second group of experiences are centered on several times that I personally witnessed the Tall Whites, using their scout craft, with small groups of high-ranking American generals on board, apparently taking short tours of the Moon in the mid-1960's! They would do so when the Moon was just a few days past the fourth quarter. They would take off just after sunrise from Indian Springs Valley, head straight towards the sunlight side of the Moon (which would be directly overhead at the time), and return to Indian Springs Valley just before noon. "When the American Generals got off the craft they would be laughing like children who were just returning from Disneyland. I feel certain that they had been to the Moon and back. [Four-hour round trip. - RB]

"I have always believed that the Americans have a base on the Moon, possibly located in the crater Aristarchus. For that reason, I believe it is entirely possible that high resolution pictures of that area of the Moon also show building, hangers, and other structures, which could well be American-Made. " - Charles James Hall." [Ed. note: see: ] ; and ]
I met with Charles Hall and his gracious wife, Marie Therese, Monday night, December 6, 2004 in San Francisco, where he was attending the Oracle computer convention. (Mr. Hall is a computer consultant now, in addition to having a Master's degree in nuclear physics. He currently holds a Secret Clearance, and in the past has held a Top Secret Clearance as well as a Department of Energy Q Clearance (allowing him access to the parts of Nevada's Nellis Air Force Range where extraterrestrials may be present.)
We discussed the various matters relating to his experience with the Tall Whites and related matters. Interestingly, he states that "None of my work at Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Force Station [now Creech AFB] and Nevada Test Range was ever classified, although my orders were very highly classified." In our conversation, Mr. Hall explained that the reason his orders assigning him to Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Force Station (now Creech AFB) were so "very highly classified" is because the interview he had at Nellis Air Force Base before getting assigned to Indian Springs AAFS included Tall Whites Star Visitors as well as Air Force officials as members of the interview team. The Tall Whites Star Visitors wore disguises, but Mr. Hall in retrospect recognized who they were after his exposure to the Tall Whites on the Indian Springs AAFS Ranges.
Mr. Hall indicated he was aware of sensitive installations at Area 51 (Groom Lake Laboratory/Air Force Station) and Area 52 (Tonopah Test Range), as well as as well as several other Areas on the Nellis Air Force Base Range. In these latter Areas, the Tall Whites were also present. Mr. Hall never went to the Area 51 facilities nor the S-4 (Papoose Lake) facilities, because all he would have been able to see were the above-ground buildings and entrance doors to within-mountain facilities, which were of minimal interest. And there was always the possibility of a mix-up and his getting accosted, or worse, by guards who were unaware of his special permission to roam the entire surface of Nellis AFB Range.
As regards Air Force generals being taken on one-day round-trip rides to the Moon and back by Tall Whites in their space vehicles (time-frame 1965-67), it certainly boggles the mind to know that such was done at the very same time that Air Force Public Information Officers were publicly firmly discrediting civilian reports of flying saucers.
Mr. White indicated that there are some things he is not free to talk about, but that he is aware that there are five areas of "gravity anomaly" on the Moon, and strongly hinted that these were related to Star Visitor installations there.
He also stated his belief that the United States [already, in 2004] has a base on the Moon, and that his personal inclination is that it is located in Crater Aristarchus, [which glows blue in uncensored satellite photos - Dr. Boylan.].
(Parenthetically, I note that NSC consultant Dr. Michael Wolf also told me that the U.S. had a base on the Moon, and a tiny station on Mars.)
(Also, parenthetically, one can now better understand why the Powers That Be [the Cabal] threw a royal hissy-fit when the UK television documentary, "Alternative Three" came out years ago touting a human get-away base on Mars. Although subsequently disowned as "a prank", the documentary came too close to the truth.)


3. The Saami were also discussed by Charles Hall and Dr. Boylan. The Saami are another Star Visitor race that has been resident on Earth for millennia. Specifically from 940 B.C. to the present.
The Saami are a completely human-looking race who migrated from Barnard's Star the entire 6 light-years distance to Earth around 940 B.C.
They are resident in the Saami (Lapland) region above the Arctic Circle spanning Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northwest Russia's Kola Peninsula. The Saamis' extraterrestrial origin was reported by USAF Airman Charles Hall, who had security clearance for contact with Star Visitors. Hall has described the Saami as looking Human, with broad faces, high cheekbones, tall foreheads and darkish hair color. The Saami are distinguished by their having only 24 teeth instead of the normal-human 32 teeth. Also, these Saami people can regrow a tooth to replace any adult tooth which has been removed. They prefer a dramatically-cold climate. Otherwise they are indistinguishable from Humans. Some of these Saami (Laplanders) migrated to the U.S. and settled in northern-tier states such as Wisconsin. A number of Saami have intermarried with Europeans, so the degree to which their original Saami characteristics remain in mixed-race offspring does vary.
[Star Knowledge Conference - 1996 extract:]
"Finnish physician Rauni-Leena Kilde spoke of her extraterrestrial experiences among the Sammi (Laplander) people she was raised with above the Arctic Circle and in Scandinavia. Her first remembered contact was when she was in a severe car crash. As she laid there mortally injured, a small Star Visitor (not a Sammi) was at her side working on healing her injured liver. Later the hospital staff could not understand how she survived the crash. Later she remembered Star Visitor contacts as a child living among the Sammi. She reported that there is a change of attitude in Scandinavia and the European Union about cosmic contacts. She hears positive reactions to Star Visitor encounters. In Scandinavia the so-called "Grey" [Zeta] Star Visitors are rare. Most commonly there are the small, short, wrinkled, gnome-like Onoogie Star Visitors. [Basis for the Gnomes legends?] Her country borders Russia, whose cosmonauts were threatened with death if they talked openly about UFO encounters."
Charles Hall repeated his anecdote about some of these Sammi Star Visitors becoming stranded here on Earth after their craft was damaged during the 20 light-year voyage from their home world (in the Barnard's Star red-dwarf star cluster), and that they could not return, and so they settled in a lightly-populated sector of the polar regions, which has a climate similar to their home world.
I told Charles Hall of my finding clinical reports of a high prevalency of hypodontia (fewer-than-normal teeth) among young Sammi adults studied in Scandinavia even despite some amount of intermarriage between the Sammi and European people in Scandinavia.
When I asked Mr. White if he had ever been approached by the equivalent of the Men-In-Black or any other government agents and been told to keep quiet about his experiences, he said no, he had not. Thus, I am left to conclude that his being allowed to publish his experiences is another step in the Public Acclimation Program's effort to acquaint and acclimate the American public to not only UFO reality, but also the presence of resident Star Visitors among us. And these "Resident Aliens" do not have Green Cards. :-)


4. The Sasquatch-Bigfoot-Yeti-Abominable Snowman .

The Sasquatch aka Bigfoot, Yeti, Abominable Snowman is another intelligent, telepathic extraterrestrial race which has taken residence on and within Earth in natural secluded regions. Sasquatches are highly intelligent, sensitive, psychic and telepathic persons who are social among themselves but mostly avoid humans. Because they can read Humans' thoughts from a great distance, no Human hunting them has ever captured one. The Sasquatch can use psychic abilities to make themselves 'invisible' too. Despite their ability to evade Human contact, the Sasquatch often live underground, or stay cloaked in invisibility, and nowadays only make contact with Humans who can respectfully appreciate them. They are quite tall, large-frame hominids who walk upright and whose bodies are covered with dense hair. Sasquatches live in temperate-to-arctic climactic zones on Earth. In forested regions their hair is brown. In high-elevation snowy regions, such as Tibet and Nepal, their hair is white, giving rise to the moniker 'the Abominable Snowman'.
Sasquatches formerly lived on a cooling planet orbiting a dying star 6550 light-years from Earth. Around 9550 B.C. Earth time, Star Nations observed their plight and transplanted them to Earth to set up living here to ensure their survival. 2041 years later, in 7509 B.C., the dying star whose planet had been the Sasquatches' home world went critical and blew up into a supernova we now know as the Crab Nebula (M1; NGC #1952; SN 1054). The light from that supernova first reached Earth in 1054 A.D., and was recorded by Chinese and Arab astronomers. Luckily by the time of that Supernova, the Sasquatch were well settled into living on Earth. Being psychic, the Sasquatch looked up and saw that bright star suddenly appear in the sky and remaining visible for two years, They knew that it was what was left of their home world, now a neutron star surrounded by glowing filaments made up of the ionized elements of which the star's atmosphere had been composed. The Sasquatch knew that they had moved away from their home world just in time.


5. The Arcturians, whose visits have been mostly to the U.S.Southwest desert areas of New Mexico and Arizona.

The Arcturians are one star race that has been the object of fanciful and wrong descriptions for a long time. In reality the Arcturians are simply described: their appearance is like a cross between mostly Pleiadian and a little Zeta, They have Human-looking faces and bodies with fewer fingers and toes. Most notable are their eyes, which are solid black in color but smaller than Zetas' eyes. Their bodies are of a delicate appearance. They don't have any facial or axillary hair. Their scalp hair is profuse, worn very long, and has an extremely fine texture. Their skin is chalk white in color. The Arcturians range in height from 4'10" to 5'3". They have pronounced ESP and psychic abilities and are very telepathic. They often use mental power to accomplish major physical tasks, i.e. using telekenesis. They are strongly spiritually oriented. The Arcturians have visited Earth a number of times but are not as 'Frequent Flyers' to Earth as some other races such as Zetas and Altairians. The Arcturians are a member society of Star Nations Alliance. Their representative on Star Nations Council is Councillor Kucct, a male. The Arcturians' visits to Earth have been selective, few, and strategic. But the Native American of the U.S. Southwest have particularly benefited from their visits. From 1540 on for many decades, the Zuni and other Pueblo people of present-day New Mexico were subjected to invasions from Mexico by successive waves of violent ruthless Spanish soldiers. The Arcturians noted the suffering this caused, felt compassion, and decided to do something about it. The Arcturians are a short people (like 16th-Century Pueblo Indians were) and wanted to avoid violence from the soldiers. So they devised intimidating disguises to wear to frighten the superstitious soldiers and scare them away. The Arcturians adopted an 8-foot-tall costume comprised of a rigid outer conical shell covered with white fabric and triangular symbols, a bear-fur ruff around the neck, a face mask with black spooky bulging eyes, an 18-inch-long beak of wooden slats whose upper and lower halves would repeatedly open and clack shut with a harsh eerie sound, black cow horns, and a full-feathered war bonnet. These towering figures, called Shalakos, would show up at dusk at the edge of the Zuni Pueblo village and march to the central kiva chamber. The superstitious Spanish soldier occupiers were terrified by these apparitions and fled. These Shalako visits of intimidation were repeated at the soldiers-occupied Hopi, Acoma, and Laguna Pueblo villages. Word spread, and soon all the Pueblo Indians were animated to rise up and drive the demoralized 'conquistadors' from their lands.
Image of Shalakos arriving at Zuni Pueblo is online:;jsessionid=EF1E3D2CA8E6B5D61EFA1D5724918286


The ET ZETAS (radiation-mutated Humans from a foreseen (2020s) nuclear apocalypse on Earth, (unless averted).

Helen Littrell in her new book, "Raechel's Eyes" provides parallel and corroborative information to that of Charles Hall. Her book tells the gripping story of how a compassionate Air Force Colonel on a Perimeter Security Team at the Nevada National Security Site befriended Raechel, a survivor of a Zeta Reticulan craft crash. The survivor happened to be a Zeta-human-hybrid teenage girl. She quickly became called Raechel. (named for the tiny hamlet on the northern edge of Nellis Air Force Range aka Area 51.)
[The Zeta Reticuli star system is only seen from Earth's southern hemisphere, and is about 39 light-years distant.]
The book chronicles this USAF Colonel's subsequent daring experiment, authorized by the National Security Council, through the Air Force's Aerospace Technical Information Command, for him to adopt this hybrid, now dubbed "Raechel", and to let her try out living a normal life as a human college student at "Lost River College" (not the real name) in California, while living as a roommate with the author's daughter, Marisa. Her adoptive Colonel "father" was stationed at an Air Force Base near his adoptive daughter's college.
"Raechel's Eyes" also provides an accurate picture (minus the usual disinformation in such matters) as to what really goes on below the surface of the heretofore undisclosed "Four Corners" base, which is in the greater U.S. Southwest.
"Four Corners", (which is misleadingly not anywhere near the real U.S. Southwest States Four Corners area), is actually a U.S. Government-run Star Visitor Reception Area and Ambassadorial Interface Facility (now closed and relocated closer to Washington, DC.) for representatives from Star Nations. This Reception facility also serves as a cultural integration and tutoring place for those Star Visitors who want to fit in to human society and to be able to walk around and observe Earth society.
"Raechel's Eyes" closely parallels information about the underground activity at Area 51 leaked by Army Command Sergeant-Major Robert O. Dean, by US National Security Council's Dr. Michael Wolf, by former Area 51's Site S-4 physicist Robert Lazar, and by the head of USAF's super-secret saucer-retrieval operation, "Project Pounce", Colonel Steve Wilson, US Air Force.
I believe that all Star Kids and Star Seeds will relate to the day-to-day struggle of Zeta-Human hybrid Raechel, and of the Tall Whites residing at Indian Wells Valley, to try to be accepted in the human world as normal, as being an Nth-degree case of the basic struggle so many Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) experience in trying to define themselves and be openly who they really are without suffering the rejection, ridicule and social avoidance too many humans dish out to someone who is different. And different can be a human Star Kid or Star Seed with a smattering of Zeta/other Star Race genes whose advanced abilities "just aren't normal".
As "regular" humans learn to accept their own children, the Star Kids, perhaps this will accelerate the day when the public is ready to accept the Zeta-offspring "Raechels" and Tall White "Harry's" of the galaxy as just other people come here to visit.
The U.S. Government Public Acclimation Program on ET reality here on Earth has ramped up markedly. It has allowed author Helen Littrell to come out publicly with her account of her daughter's having been roommates with a Zeta-human hybrid Raechel as a fellow junior college student , and ET Raechel's adoptive father, an Air Force Colonel revealing to Helen that the government maintains an undisclosed Nevada base, "Four Corners", at which contingents of Visitors from various star systems around the galaxy are welcomed and provided hospitality, orientation, and education in Earth language and customs. The Public acclimation Program has also allowed Charles Hall to tell of almost-daily contacts with the Tall Whites on the Nellis Air Force Base Range, as well as his knowledge of Saami Star Visitors immigrating to the United States from Norway many decades ago. These revelations have substantially raised the bar on what the public is allowed to be aware of. !
We have come _far_ from faltering admissions by former Air Force officers that certain UFO photos are authentic.
The well-informed members of today's public can now know, for example, that U.S. Air Force generals have been engaging in junkets to the Moon aboard Star Visitor-manned space craft since the mid-1960s.
The well-informed public is now allowed also to know from a retired military serviceman that the Star Visitors are not only visiting here, but some of them are in residence here, and some of these Visitors have been resident in the American West since before the white man came.
The Sci-Fi movie poster said, "We are among you." Only it isn't science fiction!
And just think: Quite a few space Visitors are here, and no War of the Worlds has happened! Can interstellar peaceful coexistence be in our future? Why not? It has already been going on for centuries.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth