Air Force Staff Sergeant Reveals NSA Project Receiving Star Visitors Communications


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Staff Sergeant Dan Sherman, USAF (ret.) spent 1992-1995 in the US Air Force as an Intuitive Communicator working for the National Security Agency (NSA). In his just-out book, Above Black - Project Preserve Destiny: Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Cover-Up, [1997; ISBN#0-9660978-0-7; order phone: 1-(888)-240-1825], NSA Specialist Sherman provides startling new information about the government's role in extraterrestrial contact and communication.

In 1992, Sherman was ordered to National Security Agency headquarters for training as an electronic intelligence analyst. This served as a "cover" for the primary training he also received at NSA, as an Intuitive Communicator.

While at NSA, Sherman was informed that in 1947, the U.S. government had contact with a Star Visitor race, the Zetas, commonly referred to as the "Greys". A Star Nations-government program was begun in 1960, named Project Preserve Destiny (PPD). The purpose of this project was "to genetically 'manage' a select number of humans for the purposes of communicating with this star race 'intuitively'." Sergeant Sherman was told that in 1960 and 1963, his mother was visited by Star Visitors, and that he had been genetically engineered for enhanced telepathic ability. He was conceived in 1963. The military was aware of these special visits, and thus selected him for special NSA assignment. The Project was terminated in 1968, when sufficient human embryos had been engineered and conceived to create a cadre of exceptional telepathic individuals.

Sergeant Sherman also learned how the Star Visitor-oriented programs were hidden five levels inside national security classifications. The outer (Level 5) classification is "For Official Use Only". The next layer (Level 4) is "Secret". The third layer (Level 3) is "Top Secret (TS)". Within TS, there are code words and Special Access Programs to compartmentalize information further. The fourth layer (Level 2) are "black projects" which are not supposed to exist. These are sometimes referred to as Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs).

Finally, only a few know that there is a final layer (Level 1), the "grey programs" [Star Visitors-related]. Each Star Visitor-oriented project is hidden behind a "black project", which, if absolutely necessary, is disclosed to a prying high-ranking Congressperson, who then is satisfied and thrown off the trail of the existence of an underlying "grey program".

NSA specialist Sherman received Intuitive Comunicator (IC) training underground at a nearby Air Force Base [most likely, Andrews]. There he was taught to telekinetically interface with a computer screen to alter the image on the screen.

After completing IC training, Sherman was assigned to an NSA Station on a military base. There he was tasked to commence receiving telepathic messages from Star Visitors, and enter them into a computer terminal to transmit to NSA headquarters. During a ten-month period, he received more than 75 messages from a primary Star Visitor communicator, a male he dubbed "Bones".

Sherman learned that the Star Visitors had been visiting various Earth cultures throughout human history, and had made contributions of learning and scientific technology to certain civilizations. He also got the impression that the Star Visitors had genetically influenced human groups long before the modern era.

His Star Visitor communicator, "Bones" told him that there are a huge number of star cultures throughout the universe, and that the Star Visitors recognize the existence of souls and of "God". "Bones" also revealed that more than one country has conducted a similar communication project with the Star Nations.
Additionally, he also indicated that substantial Earth changes were in the offing.

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