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The region around Sedona, Arizona is famous worldwide for its scenic setting: majestic tall red sandstone buttes, set among contrasting green forests of aromatic juniper trees. The area also contains 13 energy vortices, perhaps the most intense such concentration in the world. Here Standing Elk, Yankton Sioux Chief and Star Altar Keeper, was directed by Spirit to convene the seventh Star Knowledge Conference. As before, this was a gathering of indigenous spiritual teachers who have been directed by Spirit to share their special knowledge about the Star People Visitors. Also speaking along with these Elders were some non-Native UFO/Star Visitors researchers, psychics and natural healers, who are knowledgeable about the role of the Star People in our lives. Over the three days a crowd of almost five hundred attended to learn about the Star People. This report summarizes some of the more significant messages which were delivered.

The Opening Ceremony was conducted by Hopi Prophecy-Keeper Grandfather Martin along with Standing Elk. The grizzled Hopi Elder, deep lines defining his weathered face, prayed aloud in Hopi, invoking the blessings of the Kachina spirits upon the gathering. Standing Elk, a middle-aged Dakota with dark hair in a ponytail braid, followed. He prayed in Lakota, calling on Tunkasilas (Grandfather Spirit and the Star Beings) to hold those present in right mind and heart.

The first presentation was by a five-person panel. Taskara, a young, goateed Mayan spiritual teacher, spoke on the theme of those who share the Light overcoming the forces of Darkness. He identified the Darkness as including the Black Ops [1], the UFO Cover-Up organization, and the plutocratic elite they work for. Robert Singing Bear followed, outlining the nature and workings of the seven chakras, centers of spiritual energy in the human body, according to Yoga philosophy. Singing Bear described the chakras' connection to the bringing out of the truth. Crow, a youthful Metis spiritual teacher, described the various kinds of energy fields present, and that they are used among other purposes for healing, communication, distant learning, and discernment. David Shoemaker, a Euro-American gemologist and self-described wizard, spoke of vision visits he has had with the Jaguar King, ruler spirit of Central America.

Then Donna Tietze Hare, a middle-aged Euro-American mother, spoke about having an encounter with a Star Visitor at age 25, which altered her consciousness about the cosmos. Perhaps as a consequence of that encounter, she then worked at Johnson Space Center, Houston for NASA. One day, she went to an area she later learned was out-of-bounds for her level of security clearance. While delivering documents there, she saw a technician airbrushing UFOs out of official NASA space photographs. When she asked the technician why he was doing that, he said that "sanitizing" photos with UFOs is part of official policy at NASA of concealing evidence of UFO reality.

Next, a panel of five Native Americans addressed the audience. Hehaka Inazin (Standing Elk), a Ihanktowan Dakota spoke about "a fire to come that will change all your hearts." He also declared that "it is time to start listening to the children who are born at this time; they carry messages." He then made the prediction that in the year 2035, three meteors will come to strike Boulder, Colorado, part of Nevada, and Puerto Rico, and that "people need to be awakened."

Standing Elk discussed 22 ET symbols, which represent the 11 Spiritual and 11 Universal Laws which the Star Nations observe throughout the galaxy. He described how he saw these symbols inscribed on a bar in a vision during a Winter, 1995 four-day fast and vision quest. Then he learned that these same symbols were inscribed on an I-bar in the wreckage of the 1947 Roswell UFO. He met this author at a conference that same Winter, who furnished him a photograph of the I-bar with those symbols.

Sherwyn Zephier, Standing Elk's younger brother, talked next about spending 28 days within a portal [2] in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a zone sacred to all Sioux nations, in order to receive spiritual messages about what was in those symbols from the stars. His efforts and those of other Native spiritual elders have resulted in the deciphering of those 11 Spiritual and 11 Universal Laws. Standing Elk has published the meanings of these 22 cosmic laws in a book, Maka Wicahpi Wicohan: Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Universe (1998). [3] Sherwyn predicted, "Never before in history has humankind experienced what we are about to experience. Mother Earth has chosen us to evolve with her, but we have not done our job. Those [at the Conference] are taking steps to learn about what is 'beyond the beyond'."

Blue Elk Chief spoke next, teaching about the Seven Rites of the Sacred Canupa (Pipe), sacred ceremonial rites of the Lakota (Sioux). These rites are: the Keeping of the Soul, the Inipi(Sweat Lodge ceremony), the Hanblecheyapi (Vision Quest), the Wiwanyag Wachipi (Sun Dance), the Hunkapi (Making of Relatives [adoption of former adversaries]), the Ishna Ta Awi Cha Lowan(Preparing a Girl For Womanhood), and Tapa Wanka Yap (Throwing of the Ball [which Standing Elk indicated is a reminder of a Star Craft]).

Youthful Dakota medicine man Deer Man talked about the 405 medicinal plants on Earth Mother. He was designated during vision to work with these plants, which have been given by Wakan Tanka (Great Mystery [Spirit]) to the Indian people as a cure for the illnesses on Earth, including AIDS. "Indians have cures the White Man knows nothing about. Credit for cures done with the plants goes to the Tunkasilas (Grandfathers [Spirits])."

The next panel featured four speakers. Tukala, a Pipe Carrier of the Rosebud Reservation, related that he has been involved with encounters with his Star Relatives since 1995. Also aware of UFO information in the non-Native world, Tukala compared what he had learned from the Star Nations with what Swiss UFO experiencer Billy Meier had heard from the Pleiadeans who visited him. Tukala declared, "It is the same."

Rangi, an ever-cheerful middle-aged woman of the Maori people of New Zealand, told of leaving behind her four children in others' care to "walk in Spirit's way' and deepen her involvement with the people from the stars. She described being accompanied by the spirits, and being tested: "There is no money in Spirit's Way." She revealed that her Maori people originally came from Peru. And she endorsed the Mayan teachings and calendar, "which are here to help us put a proper spin to the merkaba (energy field)." She challenged the audience: "If you can see the ETs, still, the important thing is: do [encounters] keep you close to family and relatives?"

In 1989 an 80-year-old grandmother gave Minneconjou Sioux elder, Woableza a gift of a stone. This charismatic medicine man spoke next, telling of Spirit saying to him that the stone was from Chief Sitting Bull, and designated Woableza as a messenger. Four years ago, he was directed by Spirit to go to the Elder level of teaching. He added that the stone has acted as a spirit to arrange ways for him to accomplish his mission. He declared: "There is hope beyond the coming chaos. We cannot escape it, but we can pray to get beyond the chaos. Spirit says that there is a New World coming, a beautiful World, but we have to prepare that world, with love in our hearts. The Star People are messengers from Creator to say that we have the power to heal the earth ourselves. We need to share this message with family, friends, relatives, neighbors. We need to fast, do Sweat Lodge, purify ourselves for what is coming. Turtle Island will be the continent of teachers for the next thousand years, according to the Star People."

Hopi Grandfather Martin spoke through an interpreter as Prophecy-Keeper for the Hopi people, sharing information given by his elders. He has been advised to speak now, "because it is time for this information to come out." In 1990 he went to Santa Fe, because anomalous things were happening: plants growing out of season; wild animals being where they are not supposed to be, such as cities; and pets attacking their masters. These were signs that it is time to bring the Prophecies out in the open about where we stand in relation to the Time of Purification. There are some Sacred Teachings which it is not yet time to release. He consulted with the Dalai Lama about these still-withheld Teachings.

"We are heading into a future more intense than the devastation you see today. What is coming is larger than you think. You need to prepare for what is coming. Pretty shortly there will be World War III, somewhere around 2000. Before this World, there were earlier Worlds (Atlantis, Lemuria and earlier macro-historical epochs). At that time people went through the same things we are going through now. We are seeing it happen again. We were told not to make the same mistakes again. The Crop Circles are teachings, telling us about our times and what we are headed towards, and that it is very close. We need to get back on track. We need to pray for a better world.

"Two years ago the Time of Alignment took place, but the Alignment (of Earth with Solstice sun) didn't reach the path it was supposed to reach. So the Elders got together and put the Alignment back. Because Tewa (the Sun) is a sophisticated spirit and only likes things of value, the Elders gathered together their best jewelry with turquoise, an offering to persuade the Sun to realign its path. The Sun agreed and took the offerings. But now the Sun is off its path again. A lot of places are going to have different weather patterns: it'll be hot in cold places, cold in hot places; reversals of weather will affect many things. Temperatures will rise higher, so that nothing will grow. The misalignment of the Sun is a correlate of the Pole Shift: when the Purification comes, the Earth will turn over four times.

"The Kachinas (Spirits) are connected to the Prophecies, including the Blue Star Kachina, who represents something. The Koshares (Clowns) in the sacred dances represent mankind in the gradual degradation of our lifestyle and need for purification. The people are more and more distracted from the proper way, and when people are totally distracted, then the Purification will come. Hopi lineage extends to the Aztecs and Mayans, whose teachings are very similar." Grandfather Martin is not sure if the Dalai Lama is keeper of a set of spiritual prophecy tablets which correspond to the Hopi prophecy tablets, "but the Lama does have a lot of sacred knowledge." He described an aborted private meeting with the Dalai Lama, spoiled by uninvited persons barging in, but declared that there will be another opportunity for the Dalai Lama and him to meet.

"What goes on in Hopiland affects the rest of the world. Hopiland has spiritual lines that connect to the rest of the world. Hopi prayer is for all the world. Hopi tradition tells about a group of people from the Pleiades that would come and help the people here when something big and unfortunate happens. Hopi Elders had the knowledge of getting around to visit other planets, and knew that there was life on other planets.

"We are all brothers and sisters here, as we were in the beginning, then went our separate ways. It was prophesied that we will come together again. With this Conference we hope to mend the circle (Sacred Hoop) again, make a better world, alleviate some of the harsher disasters coming our way. The Purifier is the Bahana (Brother) returning from the East. His return will be the Purifying Times. He will know what to do, how to help us. His job is to make us understand and behave ourselves. If we don't, the Ones from the West will come to purify us, like World War III. The Brother is powerful enough to stop the Ones from the West. When Bahana comes, it will be too late to correct your path. The Creator looks at your heart over time. It is already too late to start changing.

"To prepare for the Changes coming, you need to have belief and live the sacred ways. There are not many, even among the Indians, who are keeping to the traditional beliefs. It is foretold that when the Changes start, people will come back to the old ways. Those who do not follow the old ways have a lot of questions. There will be even stronger winds, fires, earthquakes, weather changes, natural disasters and other things than you are seeing now. The Changes will especially affect those in the big cities, because of much corruption in the cities. People need to prepare themselves, prepare food for storage to use. Money will become obsolete. People will need to be able to live off the land, get their food that way. We will go through a Depression, where food will be scarce. You need to stockpile dry goods. There will be 2-3 months without food or water (available). There will be starvation. There will be a holocaust, a lot of lives lost. The intensity will be less if you settle down and pray. The evil people will be eliminated. Only the good-hearted people will make it. " Grandfather Martin said there is no precise date set for the Time of Purification, that we are to watch the signs and prepare ourselves.

"After the Purification is over, there will be one language, one law. Togetherness will come about, as was once before. The altars and shrines of the Hopi Societies will be eliminated, because they will no longer have power. There will be one government, but not the New World Order some talk about, because freedom will be of the essence."

Dr. Steven Greer, Director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and one-quarter Cherokee, was the evening keynote speaker. He described the work of CSETI groups in reaching out in friendship to the Star Visitors, and the importance of regular citizens, with no covert agenda, representing the best of humanity in making contact with the Star Visitors. He told of his contacts with the highest levels of leadership in government, and how few of them are briefed about Star Visitor reality. Many have only the knowledge available to the general public. The full knowledge is closely held by a Cabal of self-serving industrial, intelligence and military officials who want to hoard Star Visitor technology and serve an international power elite.

Dr. Greer described the use of psychic technique, popularly known variously as astral travel, remote viewing, and out-of-body experience, to reach out to the Star Visitors and be in their presence. He outlined how such exotic altered-states and transdimensional positionings are based on advanced principles of zero-point and post-quantum physics. He posited that at least some of the Star Visitors are interdimensional beings, and not just merely from another planet.

Between a number of the talks, Raising Hail, a Dakota four-man drumming and chanting group, provided musical chants with spiritual themes. They provided a translation of the lyrics of one of the repetitive-verses songs, sung in a captivating, downward-cascading falsetto. "The Star Nations are coming. Something sacred is coming. The Star Nations are coming!"

An elderly Yaqui medicine man, face deeply-tanned from a lifetime in the Sonoran desert of northern Mexico, drew special attention from the audience. Kachora was the Yaqui elder that Carlos Castenada used principally for his literary composite shaman, "Don Juan". Speaking in Spanish through an interpreter, Kachora began by describing being in vigil atop high mountains in Baja California, Mexico at 1:30 a.m. on October 17. "I saw a marvel; rain from the stars [meteorite shower]. I was scared. If the rain came as far as the ground, it would have killed everything." He interpreted the event as fraught with spiritual healing. "It cleared up my vision."

Kachora spoke lovingly of Mother Earth, and the need to honor and treat her with respect. He noted his use of medicinal plants as gifts from Earth Mother. He also made a prediction: "On April 8, 2024, four days of darkness are coming, in a struggle between the Sun and the Moon. It could be a fearsome event or a sacred event." When asked about the upcoming Earth Changes and what the Yaqui traditions advised about such cataclysms, he responded, "We need to pray and prepare ourselves spiritually."

This writer [Richard Boylan, Ph.D.] delivered a presentation on all the gifts which the Star Visitors have given our world. I drew on information released by Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.), Colonel Phillip Corso, USA (ret.), and National Security Council advisor Michael Wolf, MD, Ph.D., Sc.D., JD. Their disclosures are part of the government's Acclimation Program to prepare the public for official declaration of Star Visitors contact.

I outlined the Star Nations' presence on Earth since before humankind emerged, and that indeed we were genetically engineered by their hybridization of primate and Star Visitor genes. While God is the Source of everything, it was Elohim ("descendants from the sky") intermediaries who said, "Let us make Man in our image and likeness." And I made the point that there will be no White House Lawn Landing, because the Star Visitors are already here. Indeed, Dr. Wolf revealed that in 1954, the world's leaders made an agreement with a federation of star cultures, giving them a base in the Polynesian Pacific to facilitate meetings to improve mutual understanding. Mention was made that Colonel Corso revealed in his book, The Day After Roswell, that his job at the Pentagon was to funnel various star-technology artifacts from the 1947 crashed Roswell saucer to U.S. laboratories and corporations in order to be engineered into what we now call high-technology "American inventions". I noted that Dr. Wolf has shared his experience of working with a few Star Visitor scientists, lent to work in government labs helping us reengineer Star Visitor technology for beneficial human uses.

Although the U.S. Government has not made an official public announcement about Star Visitor presence, an impressive number of modern benefits and conveniences derive from the Star Visitors' largesse. A partial list of these Star Visitor gifts includes: the integrated circuit chip (heart of modern computers), fibre-optic cable, night-vision equipment, supertough plastics (e.g., for car parts, police armor, fireman suits), lasers, supertenacity metallic fibers (spacesuit material), light-emitting diodes, focused particle beams, trans-species telepathy (e.g., in dolphin communications), psychotronic headgear (to direct machinery by pure thought), food irradiation to prevent spoilage, holograms, gene-splicing, gene therapy, cloning of animal species, Stealth radar-evasion, use of electromagnetic energy waves to promote/accelerate healing, electromagnetic-pulse emitters (to enable police to stop getaway cars), zero-point energy (to eliminate our need to burn polluting petroleum for energy), and antigravity field propulsion (used by military to make a series of classified U.S.-manufactured "flying saucers".) Someday, declassified antigravity technology will allow civilians to travel around the world at speeds that make the Concorde seem like a Piper Cub, and will allow some of us to travel to other planets, as secret military astronauts already have done.

Saturday night after the lectures concluded, a series of Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremonies were held. The Inipi was purification in preparation for a modified Yuwipi healing ceremony that followed. While awaiting the Yuwipi preparations, I was given an opportunity to ask Kachora one question. "Don Kachora, do the Yaqui also have an oral tradition of having origin from the stars?" Kachora paused, then answered, "Yes, but this is a special teaching, and we don't usually talk about this." Thus, Kachora confirmed the star-origin tradition shared by other tribal peoples.

The Yuwipi is a special Sioux ceremony, generally for healing. Because Kachora was still suffering from vision problems, even after the "rain from the stars" had improved his eye, this night's Yuwipiwas principally for him. The others sitting in attendance could also pray for their own healing, or that of a relative or loved one. Deer Man was leader of the Yuwipi . He knelt on a blanket, surrounded by a basic altar with ritual objects, and poles with prayer-tie flags at each corner of the blanket. The other indigenous spiritual elders assisted in prayer, along with a four-man drumming and chanting group. The basement room where the Yuwipi was held had its windows curtained, doors locked, lights extinguished, and power to the entire house shut off. Already past midnight, the room was as inky black as imaginable. The prayers in Lakota began, interspersed with drumming chants. After a while Deer Man announced that the Tunkasilas (Star Beings/spirits) had entered. Although there were no rattles present when the Yuwipi began, soon the sound of wild shaking of ceremonial rattles broke out at the north end of the room. The sounds then jumped erratically around the room, too rapidly to be done by any human trying to navigate in the dark among all the people seated on the floor. Shortly, the spirited sounds of shrill high metallic-sounding whistles were also heard, progressing all around the room. The sounds resembled but differed from the Plains Indians' organic eagle-bone whistles. At one point, one of those Tunkasilas was rattling maniacally right over my head, although I could feel no body near me. The room was enveloped in the contagious sense of joyfulness and happiness of the Star Beings, like a cosmic Mardi Gras gathering.

When the Tunkasilas withdrew and the ceremony finally ended, the lights came on. All the prayer flags and prayer ties had been taken from the altar by the Tunkasilas, most never to be seen again. One set of prayer ties had been deposited in one participant's lap, and the North prayer flag lay across another participant's leg, apparently designating special blessings. When we looked at our watches, after what seemed like an hour in ceremony, we were astonished to find that over two-and-a-half hours had passed.

The next day Taskara and another Mayan-Aztecan young spiritual teacher led a small group of participants up a hillside to one of three Earth sipapu sites, a place where the energy of all the 13 Sedona vortexes comes together. As the sun sank over this womb-shaped valley, surrounded by mountains except at the "cervix", the two Meso-American shamans led a ceremony to balance energy and pray for all the relations (human, animal, plant and mineral). As we returned to the Conference site, the night of the final day had fallen, closing three days of wisdom and blessings.


1) "Black Ops" refers to covert, often illegal, "special" activities conducted by governmental and private security organizations.

2) "Portal" here means a special aperture in a boundary between conventional Earth space-time reality and the spirit world, Star Visitors' home world, or another dimension.

3) This book is available from Standing Elk. Order at

Note: Videotapes of conference presentations are available from Standing Elk,

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Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into extraterrestrial-human encounters.

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