Psychic Exercises for Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) Psychic Exercises

Dr. Richard Boylan invites you to discover or develop your psychic/ESP abilities. Itís easy; itís fun; but for some people it takes lots of practice. :-)

Here are some Psychic Exercises for Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds)

- Aura Viewing.
Have the child look at a person standing in front of a mirror, or a blank wall, preferably white or a light color like beige. Have the child see if s/he can detect the outline of an energetic/ luminous/shimmering field around that person's head and shoulders.

- Psychometry Exercise.
Fashion a lightweight pinwheel of paper or plastic, and suspend it on a stick where it can rotate very freely. Place the whole apparatus under a glass bowl or other transparent enclosure. Have the child concentrate on moving the pinwheel solely by focused mental effort and/or personal energy transmission.

- Remote Viewing Exercise.
Draw or cut out a simple line drawing of a basic geometric shape, such as a circle, rectangle, pyramid, or five-pointed star. Place this drawing in a sealed plain envelope. Prepare an additional symbol in a second envelope. After sitting the child down in a quiet peaceful space, and giving him/her time to quiet and focus, show the child the first envelope, and tell her that there is a simple drawing in there. Tell her that the game is for her to go inside the envelope with her mind and tell you what she sees there. After she tells you, have her try the second envelope with its symbol. Note that some children's mind, not yet adept at crossing space-time dimensions, may travel to the second envelope when they think they are seeing inside the first envelope. Any approximate identification of the symbol is correct. This is an area of skill-building. And even the government's most proficient remote viewers do not always get their visual targets correct or complete.

- Silent Interpersonal Communication/Empathy
Have the Star Kid sit across from you, or some other person. Without either saying a word, gently maintain silence and general eye contact, (not a stare-down.) Have the Star Kid pick up on what the other person is feeling or their general state of being or health today. After several minutes, stop and exchange perceptions.

- Telepathy Exercise.
Have a volunteer available at a somewhat distant location who will hold one clear and distinct thought or image in their mind for several minutes. Have the Star Kid sit quietly in a room by themself. Have them focus on the remote individual, and gently pick up what that person is thinking, or what image is in their mind. Report the results back to the volunteer for on-the-spot cross-checking.

- Pendulum Exercise.
First, select a pendulum or make one of your own. Something as simple as a pendant of quartz crystal suspended from a string will do. Calibrate the pendulum by determining what motion it will make as a Yes , as a No , and as a The question cannot be answered yes or no response to simple question to which the pre-known answer is Yes or No or Question is not a Yes or No question . In many cases the pendulum will make a circular motion in one direction for Yes and in the opposite direction for No , and will go back and forth in a line for Improper Question . In yet other cases the pendulum will swing back and forth in one direction for Yes , in another for No , and may move circularly for Improper Question . After the Star Kid has calibrated the pendulum, then he is ready to ask a Yes-or-No question to which he does not already know the answer. For purposes of learning, it might be useful to have the Star Kid ask a question where information about the answer can be cross-checked, say, in the encyclopedia or on the Internet. A word of caution: some questions which seem simple and could be answered yes or no actually, upon careful analysis, have embedded assumptions or sub-questions within them, which prevent the ability to answer the question with a straight Yes or No .

- Dowsing Rod as Power Detector, Information gatherer
Dowsing rods have many uses and applications, some of which have already been mentioned in an earlier chapter. But here is another exercise for your Star Kid to do. Use the dowsing rods and slowly walk in a straight line through the house looking for ley lines and vortices. Have the Star Kid use the dowsing rods pointing forward and parallel in front of her, and invite het to slowly walk in a straight line through the house. After finishing one line (axis), have her walk in another line perpendicular to the first. These paths should allow her to intercept any energy line that may run partially or completely through the house. When the rods intercept an energy line, they will cross into each other, i.e., go cross-eyed If they intercept a vortex, they will start rotating. To find a vortex may require browsing all through a house, or outdoors all over the property. And the hunt may not be successful. But it is fun to explore.

- Psychic diagnosis
There are several ways to do diagnosis of ailment or injury. Some people do so by seeing into the person's body and spotting the ailment/injury as a place of different coloration. Another way is to detect variation along the boundary of a person's bio-electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. Have the volunteer with an ailment not tell the Star Kid where s/he is afflicted, but lie down on a couch, and have the Star Kid run their hand, palm down, from head to toe about two to three inches above the body, (wherever the Star Kid starts to feel the edge of the person's bioelectric field.) The Star Kid is to look for a spot or two of variation. The variation may take the form of warmer or colder than the average temperature feeling of the person's overall bioelectric field boundary. Or the variation may take the form of an energy spike or slump at one place in the field. That zone of variation is where the ailment or injury is located. A note: sometimes the Star Kid will detect an injury that happened years ago, or, in one case I worked on, an illness that had not yet happened and was two weeks in the future.

- Psychic healing
Have the volunteer person seeking a healing rest horizontally on a couch quietly. Have the Star Kid rub their palms together briskly, quiet down, go inward and invoke assistance from Supreme Source in the cosmos, and from Mother Earth. Have the Star Kid visualize drawing in healing energy from the cosmos down from above through the Crown Chakra (energy opening at the crown of the head), and directing that energy to the Heart Chakra (heart), and then out through their arms and hands. Have the Kid visualize healing energy coming up through the soles of their feet from Mother Earth and up into the Heart Chakra, and thence out through their arms and palms. Visualize it radiating from their palms placed about 2-3 inches above the spot where the ailment/injury is located. Sustain that energy transfer/healing for several minutes, until the Star Kid feels that enough has been accomplished.

- Telekenesis Exercise.
Have the Star Kid go t the arcade and play pinball. Have him focus intently on the ball and influence its path to go towards a particular scoring hole. Keep score. Compare psychic scores to unassisted scoring.

- Viewing across dimensions.
Have the Star Kid quiet herself, and sit facing forward. Have her open her mind to inviting contact with a friendly being from a dimension outside of our three-dimensional world. Have her spend a few minutes, and notice whether any image occurs at the corner of an eye.

- Precognition
Have the Star Kid look at a certain upcoming event, e.g., a political election, horse race, or camping trip, and see what impression they get from that future event. The Star Kid may get an impression of who is going to win, or if one of those involved will have an accident, or whether something unexpected and interesting interposes within the event. Write down the impression, and go back and look at it after the event has occurred.

- Pentrating Intuitiveness
The next time the Star Kid is in a fast-food restaurant, have her look around and see what impression she may get from someone in the restaurant. Usually there will be at least one person there in a crowd who pulls the Star Kid's attention by something they are sending out or is true about them.

- Teleportation
The next time that something gets lost or misplaced, have the Star Kid reach out psychicly and draw in the lost object to a pre-agreed-upon spot in the house, e.g., on top of a dresser. Give the object a day or two to materialize in the spot the Star Kid has strongly invited it to reappear at.

- Levitation
Let the Star Kid sit quietly on the floor, or lay quietly on the bed, in their bedroom. The Star Kid puts themself into alpha (altered) consciousness, and begins visualizing what it is like to become very, very light: so much so, that gravity no longer exerts much influence at all, and as a result, the Star Kid visualizes him/herself slowly, gradually, slightly not being as sunk into the chair or mattress. With further visualization and intention, the Star Kid slowly rises a bit more. Then holds it. Then slowly allows/visualizes sinking gradually back into he chair/mattress.

- Mental (telepathic) influencing
This is an exercise the Star Kid must be reminded can only be done ethically; (no violation of another's free will.) As an example, in class let the Star Kid strongly send out the telepathic message to the teacher to call upon the Star Kid next to answer the question. Or when the teacher is picking children for a fun assignment.

- Invisibility work
The Star Kid can go into a room frequently visited but which no one is in at the moment, and sit quietly in a corner, and meditate and focus on creating a shield around her/himself that makes it extremely difficult to see or feel their presence. When another person enters the room, see how long it takes for them to notice that the Star Kid is there, too.

- Earth energy adjustment work
The Star Kid can go to a strong energy spot (vortex) or even just to a remote quiet natural outdoors location, and first feel what information Mother Earth is sending about the amount of discord/damage she is feeling. Then the Star Kid can focus, meditate, pray, drawing in energy from the cosmos, and direct it out of their palms in a healing, soothing way to some access poiint of Mother Nature, such as a monolithic rock, stream, exceptional tree, etc.

- Time dilation ( stretching time to allow more done in a short span)
The next time there is a situation where there isn't enough time (normally) to get something important done, have the Star Kid concentrate and form powerful persistent intention that time stretch enough that time is not up until the important thing is accomplished.

- Time contraction ( shrinking time)
The next time that the Star Kid faces an extended situation that she wishes would hurry up and get over, (such as time in a dentist's chair getting a cavity drilled and filled,) have her concentrate and form powerful persistent intention that the time just fly by, and that what took 45 minutes seems to have gone by in just five or seven minutes.

- Feeling the location/time of the next earthquake
Le the Star Kid go out and sit in the back yard on the ground, quiet himself and center internally, and then gradually tune into the Earth beneath him and her energy currents and movement. Feel where any stress and build-up of pressure and force is within the crust, and in what direction that pressure is located. Get out a map and note what lies in that direction. Over the next few weeks keep aware of any earthquake reports from that region.

- Out-of-body (astral) travel
Let the Star Kid sit quietly in a chair, or lay quietly on the bed, in their bedroom. The Star Kid puts themself into alpha (altered) consciousness, and begins visualizing first mentally going out above the Earth and over to another locale. As the mind starts to travel, feel the body becoming very light and less attached. Allow the body to remain quietly in the chair or on the bed while the essential you soul/spirit/consciousness) travels to this other locale, looks around, immerses herself in that place, its look, colors, temperature, feeling, events. Remember what is seen and felt, and then gradually transit back to where the Star Kid left their body. This exercise works particularly well if the Star Kid travels to a place where there is someone they know, whom they can call up later and ask what hey were doing at the time of the astral travel visit, so that the impressions of the Star Kid can be cross-checked with the person visited.

- Putting out a street light (temporarily causing an orange sodium vapor-plasma street light to go out on purpose, or to turn a dim one back on full strength)

Stand near/underneath a sodium vapor-plasma street lamp and begin to focus intently on the gaseous vapor being ignited by the tiny filament. The vapor sends out light only because it is highly excited/charged. Form strong intention, and send out a correspondingly strong visualization that the plasma collapse back into the quiet non-luminous state the gas was in before the light was turned on. Keep this up until the orange streetlight goes out . For extra credit, give it (and yourself) a minute or two, and then do the above steps, except send out the strong visualized intention that the gas become ignited by the filament and return to its highly-excited plasma shining state.

- psychometry (reading objects by touch)
This works by harnessing the Star Kid's psychic awareness plus tuning into the energy pattern that someone leaves on the objects they touch or come into contact with.)
Let the Star Kid touch an object which belongs to someone he does not know, but the parent does, and feel what he can learn about the owner of the object: state of healthy, emotional state, appearance, etc.

There are many more psychic exercises. But these should keep a Star Kid usefully exercised for a while.
And remember: just like your physical muscles, the more you exercise your psychic muscles with these (and other) exercises, the stronger they become.


People sometimes ask if the out-of-body state is a natural and reliable means of communications with entities not only in other dimensions, but also with Star Visitors living on other physical planets who travel here and monitor us in different ways; and could I please elaborate on this?
*** The use of Out-Of-Body state, or astral travel , is a useful means of contact with the Star Visitors, whether the flesh-and-blood physical Visitors, or the less-solid ultra-dimensional ones, or even those beings who have evolved past physicality to exist as packages of pure energy, or pure light, or even just pure thought.
In fact, it is my research finding that the majority of close encounters with the Star Visitors are in the OOB/astral travel mode, particularly after the Star Visitors have broken the ice by an initial physical visit to the human experiencer.
Remote viewing (clairvoyance) is another way to travel and make contact with the Star Visitors. This involves not so much moving one's astral body to another location as it does redirecting one's consciousness to a target /coordinates which exist at a different location.
The reliability of utilizing Out-Of-Body travel, or remote viewing, is a matter of the ability, skill, and practiced experience of the person so engaged. It is well to use a mentor in developing such skills, since there exists considerable capacity for misinterpretation of results and self-deception about what was experienced.

In the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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