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Report on the Star Kids/Star Seeds Workshop
Aug. 23-25, 2002, at The Integratron, CA
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC

The site for the Star Kids/Seeds (1) Workshop was The Integratron, a two-story, gleaming-white domed structure resting on a broad round pedestal. The 1950s� former Lockheed engineer and experiencer George Van Tassle was instructed by the Star Visitors to build this unusual building. It is entirely made of wood without a nail or any other metal used in its interior construction. Around the external lower edge of the second-story dome are affixed a series of metallic solid pipes, like a circular lightning-rod array. This configuration was designed to harness the ambient energy of the local Earth energy ley line upon which the Integratron sits. So powerful is the structure�s shaping field that a magnetic declination of five degrees occurs between 50 feet outside from the building versus inside the Integratron, as observed by this author. Further, the array of rods is designed to shape any lightning strikes into a hemisphere of energy which would harmlessly surround the Integratron and provide a beneficial energy field for those inside. The Integratron�s purpose was to be a center where people would come to receive an energy treatment which would forestall any ill effects of aging.

The gleaming white domed structure shone like a beacon in the brilliant sunlight of the cloudless blue sky and crystalline pure air of the high Mojave Desert, as the Star Kids and Star Seeds gathered that Friday afternoon of August 13, 2002 to begin this first official workshop of the Star Kids Project (2). As far as this author is aware, this gathering was an historic first: the premier public Workshop dedicated to acknowledging, educating, supporting and linking Star Kids. There in Landers, CA, thirty-four transformed or hybrid humans gathered to meet each other, share information, tell their visions, own and develop their paranormal skills, and become a bonded unit of the cosmic family. They were not disappointed.

It is more difficult to report on such a Workshop because, unlike a UFO conference, such a Star Kids/Star Seeds Workshop is more intimate and personal. Out of respect for the privacy of the participants, this report will discuss events without specific identifiers, except for the facilitators.

The workshop was led by Dr. Richard Boylan, noted researcher of Star Visitor-human encounters. Also assisting were co-facilitators Rev. Barbara Lindsey, internationally-noted psychic, healer and experiencer, and Marian MacNeil, CHT, psychic and experiencer. But in a real sense, all of the participants took initiative in contributing to the substance and dialogue of the Workshop. For, in the new social structure of Fifth World cosmic society, everyone bears responsibility for the social whole, and there are no elite leaders. And so it was at Landers.

Friday evening, the participants gathered in the Integratron dome. It was a time for introductions and sharing of where each participant came from. Dr. Boylan laid out the provisional agenda for the weekend. Each of the Star Kids/Seeds stated why they had come, and what they expected. The level of electric excitement and anticipation was very high.

Saturday morning the participants filed into the Integratron to begin the Workshop. Each participant went through a brief Native American purification ceremony, being smudged by smoke from a burning bundle of sage. The Workshop was videotaped by Raymond (3), a 10-year-old Star Kid, who also offered computer programming advice to Dr. Boylan.

Dr. Boylan began the Workshop by discussing what makes Star Kids and Star Seeds different. He spoke of the special transformation of these starfolk, whether by alteration during an encounter with the Star Visitors, or by their parents� reproductive material having been upgraded during a Visitor contact. He outlined some of the physical differences that occur in Star Kids/Seeds after contact: improvement in the immunity system, with fewer and milder illnesses, lower basal temperature (so that the body does not burn out as fast), and dynamic energetic appearance (Star Kids), or looking younger than one�s age (Star Seeds).

Dr. Boylan also described some of the psychic changes noted in starfolk: telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, clairvoyance/remote viewing, �downloading� information telepathically from Star Visitor sources, cross-species communication (e.g., telepathically understanding and conversing with animals), penetrating intuitiveness (knowing something about a person or situation without knowing where the information was acquired), affecting electrical devices (such as remotely turning on or off lights), remote-influencing others, inter-dimensional viewing, aura- reading, psychic diagnosis, bioenergetic healing, and connecting with one�s Star-Visitor and other guardians telepathically or during astral (out of body) travel. The Star Kids and Star Seeds chimed in with their own examples of these abilities as experienced in their lives.

He alsospoke of the spiritual dimensions of the Star Kid/Star Seed experience. That it�s not just about meeting exotic people or acquiring powers like the �X-Men�, but rather a lifting of our consciousness about the Supreme Source (God), and how that Source permeates everything and everyone, and how the cosmos is a sacred arena of possibilities in which we operate.

After that introduction, the Star Seeds and Star Kids took turns each relating briefly their own experiences of contact. Some, especially Star Kids, talked of encounters from an early age. Others described a gradual awareness later in life that they were Star Seed, and how it made them feel different and privileged. A number of entire families were present, Star Kids and parents.

The participants described coming to terms with various unusual abilities. In many cases their families were also experiencers, and so there was support and understanding for their specialness. In other cases the Star Seed had a more challenging time coming to accept their special identity without the support of their family, or even their scoffing.

A number of participants spoke of recognizing the others at this Workshop as somehow familiar, despite the fact that they were apparently meeting for the first time. �I�ve met you somewhere before,� was an expression more than one person said. And many repeated a refrain that the people at this Workshop felt like already-established or instant family.

During the catered lunch, the participants broke into little groups of new friends, trading personal stories, and sharing the excitement of being at this historical Workshop.

Saturday afternoon the co-facilitators, Barbara Lindsey and Marian MacNeil led special demonstrations and exercises to make the starfolk present aware of some of their latent abilities, or to give them an opportunity to exercise those they were already aware of.

Marian described the location and function of each of the seven chakras (special consciousness/energy centers) in the body, and taught how to cleanse them. She then led a guided meditation on a method of balancing each chakra.

Barbara taught about viewing auras, and what different aura �signatures� mean. For some of these exercises the participant was awakening abilities which had lain dormant. For others it was familiar and a chance to practice already-accepted powers.

Marian did a remote-viewing exercise, passing around a picture sealed in an envelope. She invited each Star Kid/Seed present to �read� what was inside. The �hit� rate was very high. Another popular exercise had participants mingle and connect with each other participant, utilizing only telepathy. It went off well with many smiles and signs of understanding messages sent.

Because the day reached 98 degrees, a number of Star Kids and a few Star Seeds went into the Doughboy pool adjacent to the Integratron to cool off in water sports play.

At dinnertime, the Workshop broke off formally, to reconvene after dinner.

For the evening Skywatch, Barbara Lindsey led the group to a remote location in Joshua Tree National Park, a few miles from the Integratron. There Dr. Boylan led the group in a joint telepathic outreach to the Star Visitors. Later one participant noticed a blue flash, as an object darted across the sky. Dr. Boylan also pointed out the several U.S. military secret antigravity craft flying high above. He identified the craft as the Lockheed X-22A, a two-man disc whose signature is a rapidly-blinking bluish-white light and a rapid trajectory, punctuated by dead stops mid-air, and reversals-in-track, as well as sideways instantaneous dislocations from its original linear trajectory.

Sunday started warm early, a sure sign that the day would reach 100 Fahrenheit despite the 4000-feet altitude.

Sunday morning, Workshop participants who so chose attended an early-morning Native American spiritual Star Elders ceremony in the underground kiva (4), also on the Integratron property. After traditional smudging of those in attendance, there was a period of meditation. Then Dr. Boylan did a sacred pipe prayer ceremony, asking the Spirits of the Six Directions to advance the Star Kids Project and all those attending the Workshop. He then told the story of the Blue Star Kachina: when she returned to dance in the plaza of a Hopi village, that would signal the end of the Fourth World and the return of the Star Elders. He then prayed for the return soon of the Blue Star Kachina.

Dr. Boylan also gave a talk explaining why Star Kids and Star Seeds are here in such abundance now. He described the �missionary incarnation� that these starfolk had agreed to before birth, volunteering to reincarnate this lifetime on Earth, to aid the planet�s inhabitants in this monumental Time of Transition from the present corrupt, hyper-materialistic, ecocidal Fourth World to a cosmically-aware Fifth World society. Many of the other participants also said aloud their own prayers.

Next, Barbara led the participants in a caravan of cars to the Crystal Hill near Giant Rock, an old 1950s UFO landing site two miles north of the Integratron. Crystal Hill is a natural large formation of crystalline quartz, forming a eight-story-high mound of natural quartz, many of whose crystals lie loose atop. Barbara talked about the use of crystals as a natural amplifier of energy fields, including human. She also described their healing and visioning properties.

The starfolk then adjourned back to the Integratron for additional learning. Dr. Boylan utilized two 11-year-old twin Star Kids, Allen and aaron, to demonstrate the use of a pendulum to access universal mind, and determine answers to questions. He also demonstrated psychic diagnosis, using a volunteer, Carrie. Passing his hand over her auric field, he detected two locations of health imbalance. Dr. Boylan then enlisted four volunteers with Therapeutic Touch training, Bente, Margo, Lisa and Belle, to assist him in doing a psychic healing. They used only the natural powers of the cosmos [Tunkashila, (Lakota for the Grandfather)] and of Mother Earth [Maka Unce, (Lakota for the Grandmother).] These powers were invoked and drawn through the practitioner, and sent via their palm chakra into the auric field and body of the one in need. Soon after, Carrie reported that she felt much better.

Marian had participants pair off and remote-view each other to get information about the other that the partner could then confirm. People were pleased with the accuracy of the information shared. Additional exercises included experiencing the Star Kid�s or Star Seed�s connection to Spirit. Because of the press of time, participants told about their experiences doing telekenesis, but did not actually demonstrate it within the Dome. Throughout the weekend, there was a shared sense by facilitators and participants that there was just not enough time to do everything that was potentially part of the Workshop. A future Workshop may eventually last for a week.

As part of the Closing Ceremony, each Star Kid and Star Seed told of what they had gotten from the Weekend. All were unanimous in saying that it was a most important event in their lives. Dr. Boylan indicated that this was but the first of a series of Star Kids/Star Seeds Workshops to be held across the country and internationally. He asked for members to keep aware if a financial angel could be identified to help with start-up funding for the Star Kids Project�.

Because many had to get back home for school or work, the Workshop formally ended early Sunday afternoon. A number of participants stayed on to get hypnotic regression by Dr. Boylan for Star Visitor encounters or astral experiences, or to get a psychic reading by Barbara Lindsey.

As the afternoon wore on, the last of the participants left for home. Each was changed by this weekend in ways they would process for weeks to come.
End Notes.

1.Star Kids are children who are special, advanced and gifted due to genetic intervention by the Star Visitors with their parents�s reproductive material. Star Seeds are grown-up star kids, or adults who have been transformed physically, psychically and consciousness-wise by Star Visitor contact.

2. Although a previous Workshop occurred on October 07, 2000 at Santa Cruz,California, led by Dr. Boylan and Barbara Lindsey, that Workshop was focused on young adults (Star Seeds). And the ACCET 2002 Star Seeds/Star Kids Conference held in Berkeley April 6-7 was more of a traditional conference, with experts as speakers and little interactive practice.

3. Because of personal privacy respect, this report will not provide full names of the participants other than the facilitators.

4. �Kiva� is a Hopi term for a circular underground prayer and ceremony chamber. The kiva is entered by a ladder placed in a small opening in the roof.
Author information:

Dr. Boylan is a behavioral scientist, anthropologist, researcher into Star Visitor-human encounters, retired university Lecturer, author, and head of the Star kids Project�.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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