Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop, British Columbia

Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop in British Columbia, (May 21-22, '06)

The Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop at White Rock, British Columbia was prefaced by a welcoming pot-luck dinner/gathering at the home of local organizer, Violette Clark of Surrey. Violette is a warm, gracious artist. Her home is a whimsical haven of magical and hobbit-like imagination; her back yard the most magical place I have ever been. A blend of fairy kingdom and Disneyland, it is a paradise for the Star Kids who frequently play there, as well as for us adult visitors whose inner child is alive and well.
The Workshop began the next morning in a hotel conference room whose large glass windows faced the beach across the street and a sweeping vista of a Pacific Ocean bay.
Assisting me as co-facilitators were the other two officers of the Star Kids Project, Mary Rodwell, RN, from Australia, and Marian Mac Neil, CHT, a new Texan.
More than 22 Star Seeds and three Star Kids participated, enthusiastic and excited to learn more about their star heritage; and to experience meeting fellow Star Seeds, and savor the support of being in a meeting circle where everyone else is also Star Seed, and where being Star Seed is normal. Our furthest participant came from UK.
Everyone was charmed by Star Kids Shinoa and Tallia, sisters 9 and 7, who are among the most radiant children I have seen. These Star Kids helped me demonstrate the use of dowsing rods. Not surprisingly, the bioelectromagnetic-photic fields around each sister were among the largest measured that day. They also helped out with the demonstration of the pendulum as a medium to discern answers to questions.
It was reported that local psychics felt there was an Earth energy (ley) line running along the beach. We adjourned to the beach and used the dowsing rods to detect such a line. (See first three attached photos.)
First one, then a second, and finally a third ley line were found, the third running perpendicular to the other two. One participant traced the lines to a convergent point, where a minor energy vortex was detected by the dowsing rod's whirling in a circle at the spot.
Seven-year-old Tallia regaled everyone with her drawing of an Orb that had visited her, and which had shown up in a photo. She drew a little man inside the Orb, a child's way of indicating that the Orb had personal consciousness, (which they do.)
During the second day we went a long time without a break,. Whenm I finally called a break, Tallia came running excitedly up to me and triumphantly announced that she had been practicing telepathic remote-influencing on me because she had to go to the bathroom. :-)
On the second day, teen Star Kid Jennifer joined us, as well with her father.
Several of the Workshop participants shared their struggle about being hybrids with an extra-rich endowment of Star Visitor genes, and how this made trying to feel at home here on earth particularly difficult.
Because the learning experiences and exercises which take place at our Star Kids/Seeds Workshops have been recounted in previous reports, (see, e.g.: ), I will not repeat here that content. But what was new included sharing Star Nations developments over the past year, including the 9/29/05 Formal Hearing convicting the Cabal; and the recent announcement of the preliminary content of the New Understanding between Star Nations and United Humans. (See: )
Chris, a Cherokee Metis, helped open each Workshop day with Native American drumming and singing. He shared poignantly his experience of not being accepted by many in the Indian and White communities because he was mixed-race; and how this is like the situation of trying to figure out your identity when you are of the stars (have hybrid genes) as well as are a Human.
His sister Nicolette had never previously met me or read anything I wrote. She electrified others, and certainly this writer, when she went into vision, said she was switching between seeing the current space-time reality of the Workshop and that location/time in space where she and I were star beings. She recognized me as leader of the Council of the Star Nations, and said that I had come to Earth to help Humans through the Transition (from Fourth World to Fifth World) that we are currently engaged in.
Many wonderful participants shared their personal lives, stories, and struggles to understand themselves in a society which has no category for Star Seeds.
One woman participant took photos of the Workshop which showed real-time evidence of Orbs hovering over our group.
But perhaps the highlight of the Workshop was the Sunday evening group telepathic outreach to the Star Visitors. We gathered in a quiet park near the ocean's edge as dusk approached. (See final two attached photos.) After some minutes of meditative silence and telepathic outreach, our mental invitation to the Star Visitors was answered.
Several Star Seeds got impressions of a cloaked starcraft (a disc with shallow-curvature bottom) approaching from over the ocean, an then hovering and descending onto the huge grass field we were standing at the edge of.
I detected an invisible presence not far behind me by feeling the presence's energy signature.
Marian Mac Neil almost simultaneously detected the unseen presence of a short being, most likely a Short Zeta, standing next to some tall bushes between us and the ocean. As she drew near the location, the short Zeta drew back.
Other participants also began to focus on the Star Visitor behind me. I scanned the energy signal and determined that the Visitor was about seven feet tall. Another Star Seed picked up that the Visitor was a female. Another got a glimpse of her face: she was of the Praying Mantis people. Yet another felt the presence of an additional tall Star Visitor, likely another Mantis being.
The Mantis Woman sent healing energy into one Star Seed present, Jerry, who visibly trembled with the energy. Then Praying Mantis Woman sent healing energy into Nicolette, who exclaimed how strong and loving the energy was. It took her several minutes to ground and be fully "back" into the group setting.
After perhaps 4-5 minutes presence with us, the Praying Mantis Woman withdrew back towards the craft. Several participants then psychically "saw" the cloaked craft rise and take off.
This event marks a new page in sky watch/group telepathic outreach gatherings. Not only was there a UFO overflight, but it landed. Several Star Visitors emerged. At least one of them closely approached the group, and conducted several healings!

We are in amazing times, as cosmic cultures and Humans meet in peace, respect, and love.

Addendum to the Workshop Report

The Councillor For the Watchers has contacted me and provided additional information about the Star Visitors who showed up for the nighttime group telepathic outreach Sunday evening.
1. The 7'-tall Praying Mantis Woman who approached behind me and was detected by a number of participants in the group was the Councillor of the Praying Mantis People. That is to say, she represents the Praying Mantis race at the High Council of Star Nations. (She is also my personal Mentor [guide].)
2. As for the Short Zeta whom Marian Mac Neil observed at the periphery of our group, Councillor for the Watchers clarified that this Zeta was an Ambassador for the Zeta. In addition, there were six additional Zeta present during the landing and contact with our group. They were not there, however, as a guard for the Councillor of the Praying Mantis People, but rather to be of general assistance.
So, it appears that this particular evening group telepathic outreach was responded to by a member of the High Council of Star Nations, Praying Mantis Woman, and by an Ambassador of the Zeta, as well as six other Short Zeta.
Those present cannot say that they did not get a royal reception from the Star Nations.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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