Report on the Sept. 29-30 Star Kids & Star Seed adults Workshop, Nashville, Tennessee

Report on the Star Kids/Parents/Star Seed Adults Workshop - Nashville, Sept. 29-30, 2006

Report on the Star Kids & Star Seed adults Workshop at Nashville

Friends and Star Kids,

The Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop at Nashville was exceptional on several scores. Let me count the ways.
But first I wish to extend a warm public thanks to Frank and Jane Fileccia who hosted the event at their spacious rural property in the Gallatin suburb of Nashville. Such kind and considerate folks opened their home and made everyone feel welcome.
This Workshop was unique in being the first where I was honored to have as co-facilitators Wendi Powers, extraordinary psychic and Star Seed, and Eastern Shoshone Teacher Blue Thunder (Bennie LeBeau),Earth healer and a friend. It was unique in having the most intimate group skywatch encounter by star beings I have heard of. More about that in a minute.
Friday evening Frank introduced everyone attending the Family of Light Reunion event, commemorating one year since the Formal Hearing at which the Cabal were indicted and convicted by a Human-Star Visitor joint team. ( )
Then I gave a detailed presentation of what happened at the Formal Hearing,aided by the other participants, Wendi Powers, Marja Roberts and Frank Fileccia. This was followed by my giving a detailed account of what has happened since that conviction of the Cabal.
Music followed, including the debut of Frank Fileccia's new song "Star Kids" dedicated to all those advanced children gracing us now. Additional music was played by the musical group "Spacecraft".
All Saturday the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop took place in the converted barn meeting room. We also did exercises outside on the lawn, including dowsing each others' bioelectromagnetic fields.And Blue Thunder led us in an exercise to clear the negative energy in the pond there, brought in perhaps last year by the Dark Energy Being who tried to attack me and stop the Hearing. The lightworkers did their work, ringing the pond and led by Blue Thunder.
We also did a group psychic diagnosis of a volunteer, and then a group healing of his several injury spots.
Many other teachings were given by Wendi and Blue Thunder and me.Wendi's teaching on the Stone People (conscious stones) was very well received.
At the evening skywatch the group assembled on the dark and quiet bank of the healed pond. After initial meditation and a collective telepathic outreach to the Star Visitors, we were gradually approached by five Zeta and one tall Praying Mantis star woman.
After initially checking us out, the Zeta came quite close. One broke the formality of the contact by doing cartwheels on a nearby embankment. Other Zeta actually walked between people sitting in our group. Several of us could feel them by their energy signatures, and several psychic persons reported actually seeing them. The Councillor of the Praying Mantis People stood next to Fran, between her and Dr.Judy, and Fran reported the Mantoid woman's distinctive energy feel. Fran got so uninhibited that she eventually lightly stroked and tickled the Mantoid Woman's leg.
I later told her that this was a first in Human-Star Visitor relations, and shows that the Star Visitors are getting to the point, with properly prepared and respectful groups, of permitting even informal physical contact. When we adjourned to Frank and Jane's kitchen for a late evening snack and to debrief the skywatch, everyone who had not been at the skywatch was amazed by our reports.
A successful Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop concluded on the hopeful note that Human-Star Nations relations are advancing nicely.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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