Star Nations Manifesto of Assistance to Humans May 19, 2006

As reported previously, the Star Nations have been doing outreach to Human individuals and small groups who have a developed capacity for telepathic communication.
During the course of Star Nations outreach to Humans, Star Nations were impressed that Humans of Awareness [of orientation to/service of Source (God)] were ready for service for the Transition with commitment to action, not just a theoretical posture.
But Star Nations also learned that many Humans of Awareness expressed difficulties in acting in service to fellow Humanity and Earth. These difficulties expressed, in priority order, were:
1. Lack of leadership, or distrust of the leadership offered;
2.Unknown or unclear personal mission objectives;
3. Skill levels below necessary levels to accomplish the missions that were understood;
4. An imbalance in energy which prevents action or mission accomplishment, for example, the lack of sufficient time or financial resources to accomplish individual or group missions already understood;
5. Fear of retaliation by those of Ego orientation {Cabal et al.] against family or associates. The Star Nations Council was impressed that fewer than 2% of Humans of Awareness surveyed felt that fear of retaliation against self was an obstacle. Star Nations Council found such courage "impressive".

Councillor For the Watchers stated, "High Council has approved specific measures designed to address these concerns. Star Nations understands completely the requirement of Source that the transition to the developmental stage called "Fifth World" will be of the energy intent, design, and direction of Humans.
"For this to be accomplished, Humans of Awareness must be assisted by Star Nations at this time as a result of the [fact that the] contamination of Ego Humans prevents an unassisted transition."

Star Nations assistance addresses each of the Five Concerns expressed above by Humans interviewed. This assistance is already beginning, and will continue. The Five Items of Star Nations assistance, outlined below, correspond by number to the Five Concerns of Humans surveyed at random.
"Item 1. Zeta of the Star Nations have already begun to assist those Humans in Awareness to identify and select those with leadership abilities in the various areas previously identified. Star Nations will lend all energy to assist in the protection of the selected leaders from contamination or unnatural influence by those who are of Ego determination. This item will include personal safety concerns.
Item 2. Teachers of the Star Nations have increased, and will continue to increase, direct visitations and interactions with those who are willing to fulfill the agreements predetermined. This item includes protection of the individuals from reverse influence.
Item 3. Star Nations have agreed to energy-impact base skills adjustments and training for those requiring such measures, and who possess the ability to assimilate changes without [adverse] consequence.
Item 4. Star Nations understands that in addressing Items 1-3, Humans will be able to address this Item[4] appropriately. However, Star Nations have approved energy manipulation techniques to assist in direction without loss, and magnification of energy to achieve intended results for those who work in Awareness. This measure of specific personal assistance will be limited to energy specific for mission objective requirements, or support of same."
Item 5. Star Nations will extend protection against specific attacks of Ego Humans directed towards any working in Awareness or [who are] Natural Undecided [Humans of good will], when the specific attack is set with intent of targeting for retaliation, or to cause individual failure. This item is set by necessity to state the intent of harm to include any 'ordered attack, to include any "broad scale" retaliations which might include the harming of others with Ego orientation [as collateral damage]. Star Nations protection will not include items of attack, or chance, unrelated to the work of missions designed to either directly or indirectly assist with the Transition.

The Star Nations have made sufficient progress in their "grass-roots" survey of what Humans want to be included in the New Understanding between Humans and Star Nations (replacing the invalid April 14, 1964 Agreement with Four Governments) that a summary of recent progress is in order.
There is consensus that Humans need to clean up the mess which the Cabal and their Ego-bound fellow travelers have made of Earth and Human society.
Star Nations are pledged to assist in these Human-directed efforts to reform and transform Earth and society.Star Nations is in the forms of lending energy to such Human reform/ transform efforts, and by providing information on the identity of Cabal and on their plans and projects.
As soon as Star Nations detect a consensus and effort among Human lightworkers and others of good will not only to "clean house" of such Cabal types, but also to put in place mechanisms to prevent Cabal types from regaining positions of influence and power in society, then Star Nations will do two things.
Star Nations will provide all Humans with a full public knowledge of the details of the New Understanding worked out with Human input and consensus.
And Star Nations will ratify the New Understanding.
As the Councillor For the Watchers observed, Star Nations continues "to operate under the mandate of allowing the development of the Human Species to follow a natural path.
"While it is true that the fellowship [of Humans]with Star Nations will indeed by default alter the course of development, [i.e., end the UFO Cover-Up], it has been seen as standing with total compliance with all [11:11 Universal and Spiritual] Laws on this level.
The reason behind this ruling is that humans already possess the ability and skill to communicate [telepathically and by out-of-body travel] with others outside the current levels of Earth Being manifestation. It was also seen that the arguments presented by the Councilor of Earth proved correct in implication that Humanity as a whole, unfettered by the corruption of those called Human Ego Beings {Cabal et al..], would have at this point already adjusted fully to the understandings of Star Nations reality, and that Humans would have already made the necessary adjustments for these understandings to the philosophies and religious doctrines which guide individual and social developments."

To prevent the foreseen danger of Cabal types with highly-advanced psychic skills from reincarnating and posing as Star Kids while they quickly infiltrate, dissemble, and manipulate their way again into centers and positions of influence and power, at my recommendation, Star Nations has adopted a policy of embargoing dead Cabal from reincarnating on Earth until they have transformed from Ego-determination to Awareness of relation to Source, or at least to the developmental level of Natural Undecided [Human of good will]. Said transformation will involve heavy application of education and love.
The Councillor For the Watchers outlined this key Star Nations new policy thus.
"Councillors have voted to permit this action as carefully outlined and weighed to begin immediately without a moment of delay.
"To state this item for the recording aspects necessary, the "transformation of said Ego-Determined Humans" will begin with the securing of energy by Star Nations at the time of Human Body Death * SET *
"* SET * To clarify, Star Nations will specify that all energy security measures respect the ability of Humans to restore these energies into the Human Body and will not interfere with this process. Death SET will be marked at the point where all Human Body energy systems are confirmed to be removed and separated from the Individual Energy Identity.
"Individual Energy Beings secured by the Star Nations will be appointed an instructor.
Instructors will be those who volunteer to assist in this matter. Several of Star Nations have already set forward the intention and desire to perform this service.
"The Councillor for the ones called Tall Zeta has requested the responsibility of leadership in these matters. It has been granted.
As a part the transformation, all Beings secured {Cabal] will not be permitted to interact with one another without Star Nations direct observation. The purpose of this is to allow Star Nations rights of full mentorship.
"The Councillor for the Tall Zeta advises that Karmic values will be tallied and those being instructed will be permitted the ability to select measures of service to restore balance to these values. The services will be monitored carefully by the Mentors.
"Energy Beings will be restored to the reincarnation format of Human once [the criterion is] met: the ultimate criterion is: until the Cabalista-between-incarnations has truly transformed to an orientation of at least Natural Undecided or, better, respectful Awareness of relation to Source."
"All these items are seen as in agreement with the Laws of Source as defined in Truth by 11:11, and given in translation by Lakota (Sioux) Star Altar-Keeper/shaman Golden Eagle/Standing Elk."

The Councillor For the Watchers went on to state that the content of the New Understanding between Humans and Star Nations "will include the ability of Humans to benefit more directly from the mentorship [which] Star Nations will offer under the New Understanding.
"These forms of mentorship will include the opportunity for Humans to be assisted in discoveries intended for the benefit of Earth Being as well as all Species dependent upon the ecosystems contained therein.
"Interstellar travel, guided and assisted by Star Nations, will be permitted to areas intended to provide the optimal learning opportunities for species at this level."

This ends my report on recent Star Nations activity based on their survey of Human respondents.
In my view, things are looking promising for a successful Transition from Fourth World to Fifth World, as long as we keep our dedication focused.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Behavioral scientist, educator, researcher, Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Author: "Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation"

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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