Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.) Reveals UFO-oriented Project Pounce
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

An insider glimpse into the military's secretive obsession with UFO technology has been provided by Colonel Steve Wilson, U.S. Air Force (ret.). Wilson is former head of Project Pounce, an elite Air Force/National Reconnaissance Organization Special Forces unit which retrieves downed UFOs.
Colonel Wilson reports that "the first successful U.S. antigravity flight took place July 18, 1971 at S-4, Dreamland [Area 51], wherein light-bending capabilities were also demonstrated so as to obtain total invisibility.
Present at this flight were notables such as Admiral [Bobbie Ray] Inman [former National Security Agency director], later head of SAIC [Science Applications International, Incorporated] in San Diego, CA, which makes the antigravity drives."

Colonel Wilson also revealed that the recent announcement by Lockheed about an unmanned, electric-propulsion reconnaissance unit with short wings named "Dark Star" was actually a "cover" project. The exotic technology being concealed is the real Dark Star, designated the X-22A, and manufactured by the Lockheed Skunk Works at Helendale, CA. This exotic Dark Star is an operational, two-man, wingless antigravity craft.

I saw this UFO-copycat antigravity craft in test flight at Area 51 in 1992. Its metallic airframe in flight is obscured by an intense bluish-white light, which pulsates off and on at about two-second intervals. During the phase where the intense light is off, the craft frame disappears from optical view, (and NOT just because its light was off), then reappears several hundred yards distant horizontally in the lit mode.
Does that mean that this craft travels by small jumps through hyper-space? Bending space-time distorts gravity.

The U.S. also flies antigravity discs which glow an intense golden-orange during flight, and are made by Northrop Aerospace at their secret facility northeast of Lancaster, CA, where I saw them test-flown in 1992.
Colonel Wilson says the military began publicly flying their large Black Triangle [TR3-B] antigravity craft, back-engineered from extraterrestrial UFOs, on January 3, 1994.

Several sources including Col. Wilson state that the McDonnell-Douglas, Lockheed-Martin and Northrop antigravity plants are connected underground by a superfast tunnel shuttle system with Area 51 and other sensitive underground installations. Colonel Wilson says that the system, where magnetically-levitated trains zip through almost vacuum tubes, is called TAUSS (Trans-America Underground Subway System).
The tunnels are excavated by nuclear Subterrenes (excavating machines) which can burn through rock and create six miles of tunnel per day.

The Colonel also furnishes the answer to the mystery "black helicopters" spotted around so-called "cattle mutilation" sites. These aren't your ordinary helicopters, but yet another U.S. antigravity craft, designated the XH-75D or "XH Shark", made by Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical Corporation of San Diego, (now part of Northrop-Grumman).
He says that many of these XH-75Ds were assigned to the Delta/National Reconnaissance Organization Division which retrieves downed UFOs.

Cabal infiltrators within that Division are also implicated in mutilating cattle as a psychological warfare exercise on the American public, to try to get us to fear and hate Star Visitors through assuming that "aliens" cut up the cattle.

Finally, Colonel Wilson states that a supersecret mobile unit within Delta Force, the National Reconnaissance Organization, is deployed with 'The Equalizer', an exotic-looking, six-foot-long, one-foot diameter, electromagnetic-pulse cannon mounted on a pedestal on the back of a military truck which is used to shoot down UFOs using low-frequency pulsed extreme microwave energy.
The Equalizer is built by LTV, Ling-Temco-Vought, at Anaheim, California.

Antigravity technology is limitedly international. Russia is reported to have its own anti-gravity vehicles. And Paul Stonehill, a respected Russian UFO investigator, reports that the Russians in April, 1988 started using space-time-bending antigravity technology to attempt to do time travel!

[Below is an illustration of Shark antigravity special-operations helicopter, furnished by Colonel Wilson.]

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into Star Visitor-Human encounters.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.