UPDATE Dec. 03:
After hovering over Cleveland for six days awaiting a safe opportunity for the Ambassadors aboard to come to the ground and greet people in Public Square, Star Nations has determined that it is not possible to safely do so.
The vicious murderous Cabal madmen fear so much the public's seeing for themselves Star Visitors' peaceful and friendly nature that the Cabal has been engaging in an unending series of attacks aimed at my Team members, myself, and at the public in Cleveland.
Let me summarize events over the past six days (Nov. 28-Dec. 03). Understand that the Public Square event was to involve five Star Visitors, myself, and my three Inner team members all walking together Sunday in Public Square and extending friendly greetings to people there.
On Nov. 26, the Cabal send 4 drones armed with anti-personnel high-powered microwave weapons and three operatives on the ground armed with microwave rifles to attack my Team member James. They also activate a 13-witch coven to generate a relentless psychic attack on James' mind and body. This was to intimidate and/or disable James so he could not attend the Public Square event.
On Nov. 27, the Cabal set into motion a plot to have two heavy vehicles run me off the freeway at high speed to cause a crash they hoped would be fatal. Quick intervention by special agency White Hats thwarted the plot before it could be executed.
On Nov. 29, I got a call from my dermatologist that the skin lesion on my back induced by a Cabal drone with an advanced-technology radio-frequency weapon was in fact melanoma cancer, the most dangerous form.
On Nov. 30 the Star Nations Mothership remained positioned mostly in hyperspace over Cleveland, with (for safety) only a tiny portion extended into 3-D ordinary space over Cleveland, and that portion remained inside a cloud generated by the Mothership and which did not move despite the prevailing winds.
On Dec. 01, the planned day of the Walk in the Square, the Cabal placed two Blu WMD MOABs (Mother Of All Bombs), the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal, into two trucks which were set to move into opposite corners of Public Square. As soon as the Mothership became visible and the Ambassadors were about to come down, those super-bombs would be detonated killings hundreds if not thousands of innocent bystanders. The Cabal plan was to blame the enormous explosion on the "aliens" in the Mothership. The special agency White Hats learned of this monstrous terrorist plot and intervened to prevent the bombs from going off. But by then it was too late in the day to conduct the Public Walk.
On Dec. 02, Star Nations Councillor Dr. Boylan had urgent surgery to cut out the melanoma cancer induced by the Cabal. The Cabal had a plot to have two large trucks run him off a high freeway bridge as he was driving home from surgery. The special-agency White Hats learned of this plot and intervened to prevent the freeway "accident". But by the time Dr. Boylan got home and settled in from surgery, it was too late in the day to go to Cleveland for the Public Walk.
On Dec. 03 two drones armed with lethal microwave weapons were readied for launch against Team member James. The special-agency White Hats learned of this attack and thwarted it before the attack drones could arrive.
Also on Dec. 03, a Cabal powerful 13-witch Coven attacked Councillor Boylan to induce additional damage to his Cabal-induced heart-attack site and the melanoma cancer site, capitalizing on the earlier attack damage by drones armed with advanced-technology microwave and radio-frequency weapons respectively. This attack was detected and the Coven members are now apprehended by law enforcement.
At this point late on October 3, Star Nations determined that Earth is still far too murderous a place for Star Visitors to conduct a peaceful, pre-announced, highly-public friendly walk and greeting session in an open space. And so the Star Visitors Public Walk is cancelled.
When Humans get the Cabal sub-humans under control, then such a friendly open pre-announced public meeting can take place.
Star Nations regrets the disappointment many feel that the Ambassadors' meet-and-greet walk in Public Square did not take place. But Human (and Star Visitor) safety comes first.
Let all people of good will redouble their effort to clean up the corrupt evil power-mongers who still dominate too much of our society.

UPDATE Dec. 01:
Regarding that Mothership over Cleveland: Due to a Cabal terrorism plot which would cost many many lives, the Star Visitors have decided to defer having the Mothership appear and the Councillors walk around until later, after there is no danger to innocent civilians from Cabal terrorists.

UPDATE Nov. 30:
The Mothership is over Cleveland. Yesterday it was over Cleveland but in hyperspace and so was not visible in 3-D space. Today (Saturday) it is not visible yet is not in cloaked-mode. Reason for the non-visibility is a set of low clouds it chooses to remain within. My reading is that the clouds will dissipate after dark, specifically after my Inner team and I are brought aboard the Mothership.
I just talked today by phone with ACCET clinician member Dr. John Sxxxxx present in downtown Cleveland. His wife says that there are a couple of persistent clouds that refuse to budge with the prevailing winds. But the clouds are of modest size and nowhere near two miles long.
A reading I now get is that the Mothership is folded mostly into hyperspace and only a little bit extends into our 3-D space, and that is situated within those "clouds" which refuse to budge in the winds aloft.
The Mothership will continue Sunday morning in the same in-folded mode until shortly before the Walkabout. Thus there will not be four days of a 2-mile-long Mothership over Cleveland. The full dimensions of the Mothership will only manifest at the time of the Star Nations Councillors' descent onto Public Square.

UPDATE 29 Nov.:
The Mothership is indeed over Cleveland presently. But the Star Visitors aboard for their own reasons have the ship in cloaked (non-visible) form. Thus it is not accessible visually nor by radar.
The ship is detectable by psychic means such as remote viewing, psychic sensing and energy signature-reading by dowsing.
The Star Nations Councillors/Ambassadors are still scheduled to appear on the ground Sunday, 1 December around 13:00 EST (1:oo pm).
Current plans are for the Mothership to depart from Cleveland Sunday around 14:30 EST (2:30 pm).
Thank you for your interest.

Original Notice:

Starting this November 28th and for three more days, a Star Nations Mothership will hover low over Cleveland, Ohio's Public Square.
That mothership will be quite large: about 2 miles long (3.2 km) and 8/10 mile wide (1.3 km).
On Sunday Dec. 01, Estican Councillor Xleria and her sister, Variant Altimarian Councillor Isis and her cousin, and Procyon-B Envoy Eve will get out of the mothership to walk in Cleveland's Public Square and meet and greet Humans,
As Star Nations Ambassador (Councillor) on Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan will be there to receive and officially welcome to Earth the honorable Star Nations envoys.
It is hoped that Cleveland's Mayor Frank G. Jackson will join Councillor Boylan in welcoming the Star Nations delegates to his city. What will make this event outstanding in modern history will be that it is the first public appearance of Star Visitors on the streets of a metropolitan city.
And by Nov. 28, it looks like the American public will have gotten sufficiently used to the notion of Star Persons in contact with Earth that they will generally be able to adopt a welcoming attitude toward the Star Nations diplomatic representatives walking around in broad daylight.
Will it not be a grand day when a Star Visitor can walk on the streets of Cleveland (or any other city for that matter) and go up to people and meet them without fear of a hostile reception?
What makes the Nov. 28-Dec. 01 event very special is that it will signify that the American public have grown up, have cast aside the false fear of "alien invaders" which the Cabal had been pounding into their heads for decades, and have accepted a calm and cosmic view of reality: that there are many intelligent races out there, they are highly civilized, and some even come to visit us.
And to think that such a public visit is only a few months away!
A drawing of a woman Estican is at: www.drboylan.com/StarVisitorPictures/mantoidesticanblkwht.jpg
A government photo of Variant Altimarian Councillor Isis may be viewed at: www.drboylan.com/StarVisitorPictures/amocoet.jpg
You can see a photo which a female U.S. Marine photographer took of Procyon-B Envoy Eve near the crash site of her starcraft, at: www.drboylan.com/StarVisitorPictures/eveinsierramadreoccidentalmx13.jpg


Hopefully the situation by late November will be radically different than in earlier fearful decades.
Hopefully by then Americans (and other peoples of the world) will have been told authoritatively by their governments, as well as by the United Nations leaders, that:
1) Star Visitors are real;
2) Star Visitors have made contact with various governments' leaders and communicated with them;
3) that all the star races who visit Earth are of advanced civilizations who prize peace and friendly relations,
4) that Earth is protected by Star Nations from any possible harassment by any random rogue person from a uncivilized star society who might attempt to infiltrate Earth, and
5) that most if not all member countries of the United Nations will have by then signed a UN Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Star Nations.
Hopefully by this November it will therefore be quite clear to the people of Earth that all the Cabal propaganda about "evil mean space invaders" is utter rubbish, and thus there would be NONE, zero public support for any Cabal attempt to mount an armed assault on any Star Nations craft.
If the Cabal should attempt a rogue assault against a Star Nations craft with its vastly superior defensive technology, the prospect of such a failed attack would only make more clear in the public mind that the Cabal are power-crazed warmongers and are trying to sabotage peaceful interstellar relations.
In such Cabal-attack circumstances, the United Nations Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command and its Space Fleet have official standing authorization by Councillor of Earth to engage and disable any rogue Cabal antigravity fighter craft. That Solar Warden Space Fleet would make short work of any such Cabal space fighters.

* Reason for 1-month postponement:
The Star Nations Mothership visit over Cleveland has been postponed one month. Here's why.
On Wednesday (Oct. 16) evening a Cabal microwave attack was launched against me as I sat in my living room at 9 pm PDT.
The attacking tightly-focused microwave beams were tuned and programmed to remotely excise plaque from my coronary artery walls to thus clog shut my artery and induce a heart attack. It succeeded. By 9:15 pm I was having a serious heart attack.
My wife called 911 and I was rushed to the local hospital by ambulance. The damage grew and shortly after my arrival in the ER, my heart stopped for over five minutes. I was medically dead. Meanwhile medics applied CPR and three sets of electroshocks. Finally my heart started beating again, and I was transferred to Sutter Memorial Hospital's Coronary Intensive Care Unit.
Saturday Oct. 19 afternoon I came home from the hospital, having received excellent medical care. Three medical staff called my prompt and full recovery "miraculous". What they did not know is that Star Visitors did a quiet and unseen intervention Thursday night. (And Star Visitors followed up with another healing intervention that same Saturday night after I returned home.
Although the doctor advised I take it easy for a week or two, I am basically fine. And will continue my mission.
Star Nations has noted my condition and decided that my being at a mothership hover over Cleveland (starting this Thursday) would be putting an unwise burden on my system after such a strong blow to my body in the past several days.
So Star Nations has postponed the visit and hover over Cleveland for a month. They want Earth's Representative, Councillor Richard Boylan there, and in good health.
The new dates are November 28 through December 1, with the Star Nations Walkabout in Cleveland Public Square, Ohio to take place Sunday Dec. 01.
The Cabal are trying everything they can to prevent the public roll-out of Star Visitors presence. But the truth will come out quite soon enough.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth, Star Nations Council

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Diamond Springs, California 95619, USA