In 1984 the U.S. created a Space Fleet, whose ships operate with anti-gravity technology adapted from Star Visitors technology. Five other nations participate in the Space Fleet: Australia, Austria, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom. The Fleet's official name name is Solar Warden Space Fleet. Its mission is to patrol and supervise space within our solar system. This Space Fleet currently has 102 smaller space patrol craft of various shapes, 17 larger engage-and-enforce ships, and one restricted-mission interstellar vessel. Solar Warden Space Fleet's vehicles are constructed by an international consortium of advanced [ET] technology aerospace contractors, with contributions of parts and systems by the United States and its Solar Warden partners.
The Solar Warden Space Fleet operates under USN's Naval Space Command, headquartered at NRO, Chantilly, Virginia, with additional program direction at Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, San Diego, CA.
The Solar Warden Fleet has shore facilities at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, CA - Range B, at Marine Corps Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range, Yuma, AZ, and Vandenberg Space Force Base, Lompoc, CA.
Solar Warden Space Fleet has 243 USN/USMC Naval Aviator Astronauts and Flight Officer Astronauts. Crews of this Space Fleet come from Naval and Marine Space Cadre officers, whose training has earned them the prestigious 6206-P Space Operations specialty designation, awarded after they have graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California with a Master of Science degree in Space Systems Operations. These Space Cadre Officers receive space operations training at NASA, and after graduating and taking a space flight are awarded the Naval [or Marine] Aviator Astronaut or Naval (or Marine) Flight Officer Astronaut insignia. Other participating countries' Navies and Marines furnish officers to be trained there too.
The Solar Warden' space-security mission is: (1) to prevent rogue Earth countries or terrorist groups from using near space to launch attacks; (2) to prevent that cartel of ruthless oligarchs and autocrats known as The Cabal from using orbital or lunar-based weapons systems; (3) to prevent any country or rogue entity from claiming exclusive use or ownership of space, and (4) to interdict any non-terrestrial spaceships manifesting less-than-peaceful activity or intent. Because the Space Fleet has the job of supervising and protecting the Solar System, its program is called Solar Warden.
The Space Fleet operates under authority granted by (secret) Resolution of the UN Security Council. This U.S. space program is so highly classified that when British civilian Gary McKinnon hacked into U.S. Space Command computers during 2001-2002 and learned of the existence of "non-terrestrial officers", "fleet-to-fleet transfers", and a secret program called "Solar Warden", he was charged by the President George W. Bush Justice Department with having committed "the biggest military computer hack of all time." Gary McKinnon is a brave whistleblower who has suffered some legal threats. The UFO Cover-Up needs to close and Gary McKinnon, Edward Snowden, and other courageous whistleblowers who have allowed the public to know about secret vitally-important government programs to be freed from legal threats.
The Solar Warden Space Fleet also operates with the approval of Star Nations Alliance of advanced intelligent civilizations within our galaxy.
The Solar Warden Space Fleet does not have jurisdiction on Earth's surface or within its atmosphere.
Corroboration on Solar Warden's existence comes from the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012, Section 912, which states that the Secretary of Defense is authorized to purchase and take delivery of "space vehicles". (Relevant Section 912 reproduced below*.) Further confirmation of this Program is provided by the House Armed Services Committee's Hearing on July 22, 2004 which discussed the "Space Cadre Program and Space Professionals".

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Star Nations Councillor for Earth

[Postscript: Russia used to be a participant in the Solar Warden Fleet but since its illegal annexation of Crimea In 2014, Russia is no longer a participating country. ]

Section 2430a(a)(1) of title 10, United States Code,is amended
(1) by inserting (A) before 'If the Secretary of Defense determines'; and
(2) by adding at the end the following new subparagraph: 381
S 1867 ES
1 (B) If the Secretary of Defense determines that a major defense acquisition program to purchase space vehicles requires the delivery of space vehicles in two or more increments or blocks, the Secretary may designate each such increment or block as a major subprogram for the purposes of acquisition reporting under this chapter..