National Security Council insider Dr. Michael Wolf Has Leaked Classified UFO Information Gained in His Role as Scientific Consultant to the NSC's Special Studies Group (MJ-12 Committee) Dealing with U.S. Interactions with the Star Visitors (ETs).


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

(c) 1998

Dr. Michael Wolf is a 56-year-old man pincered between the horns of a quintessential dilemma. His bosses at the National Security Council have told him that they want him, precisely as a government scientist with ABOVE TOP SECRET clearance, to generate a controlled leakage of major amounts of secret information. That information is about UFO reality and Star Visitors contact with humans, including governmental involvement. On the other hand, they have told him not to disclose too many government secrets, nor too many details about his role inside ULTRA-classified ABOVE TOP SECRET projects.
(He characterizes his current low-profile status as "sequestered".) And to complicate matters further, they have "erased" almost all his records, such as the universities he attended, his degrees, and his record of government service as an independent contractor to the CIA, NSA and NSC. Such measures are common for individuals working in compartmented Above-Top-Secret Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs), where their bosses must maintain "plausible deniability", in case a "sensitive" worker decides to make unauthorized disclosures. Additionally, the National Security oath Wolf had to sign required him not to publish papers in scientific journals on his findings doing classified research. As a result, Dr. Wolf can hardly prove he exists. But, as a very brave person, Wolf has decided nevertheless to keep on revealing secrets, until his superiors tell him to stop. America and the world are indeed fortunate that he has made that decision.

Dr. Wolf made the decision to reveal what he has learned about the visiting Star Nations cultures to the world, "because we have a right to know." He is also motivated by the need to feel that he is making a contribution to humanity on behalf of his wife, son, and unborn child, who were assassinated by terrorist car sabotage in an "accident" meant to kill him as well.
He admits that hindsight has caused him to reevaluate the importance of keeping secret all the things he worked on. His efforts to persuade his bosses to let him publish and speak publicly met with some success. His book, The Catchers of Heaven, (1996) was approved to be published, but only after he met their restriction that he write a forward stating that it was a "work of fiction" [sic). The Catchers of Heaven makes many well-informed revelations. [ISBN# 0-8059-3907-5; [out of print: search for occasional used copies on; overpriced because rare]
Catchers of Heaven is must reading for anyone interested in learning more about the Star Visitors presence. Dr. Wolf until his death was working on a sequel, the Bright White Light Quartet, which would have provided further information about his personal experience with the Star Visitors, their communications, and their missions. Unfortunately, with his death, that manuscript was never completed and was confioscated by a UN security team.

I have been authorized by Dr. Michael Wolf to share publicly in this article the disclosures he has made since Catchers was published. This report does not duplicate my earlier article on Dr. Wolf, ["Official Within UFO-Secrecy Management Group Reveals Insider Secrets", Contact Forum, 5:5, Sept.-Oct., 1997, p. 22-23.] Also, these disclosures come from notes I scribbled furiously as I tried to keep up with Dr. Wolf's machine-gun-pace talking to me over the phone and in person. Like many geniuses, he moves from topic to topic rapidly, not leaving an opportunity to get certain details. The reader will need to just make do with what was captured in my notes, and forgive the sometimes-missing details that occur in that kind of communication.

I can well understand that some of the partial disclosures here leave the reader hungering for more detail. Such is the current state of affairs at this point in the Administration's strategy of guarded disclosure and plausible denialability strategy, a complex dance of opposites. Yet, in unprecedented volume and depth, these and other secrets are emerging from deep inside the most jealously-guarded and denied programs the government runs: its UFO programs, They are presented here courtesy of the courage of Dr. Michael Wolf. But who is this man, who discloses such tightly-held information?
Michael's ancestors were Russian Jews who emigrated to the U.S., and adopted the family name of Kruvant. Even as a child Michael was no stranger to the classified world, nor to encounters with a Star Visitor. His father would take him with him to Andrews Air Force Base, while the father met with the Air Research and Development Council. And Michael was not the first in his family to experience contact with what he calls "my little Grey navigator, an undisguised blessing." Michael's father had had visits by Zeta Star Visitors too, and had spoken to Michael various times about those "Catchers of Heaven" as the father called them. And Michael's future son, Daniel would also be an experiencer of personal encounters with the Visitors.

By the time he was twelve, Michael was taking characteristic initiative. He founded the Flying Saucer Research Association of New Jersey. At night he tried communicating with his Star Visitor friends, using light signals. On December 24, 1954 one such effort was observed by George Hunt Williamson, (whom Dr. Wolf identifies as having been a CIA operative.) Williamson, in his book, Road In The Sky, wrote that young Wolf, the year before his bar-mitzvah, was transmitting messages to space intelligences using modulated light beams [p. 150]. Michael had telepathically requested that the Star Visitors confirm receipt of his mental message by flying over his house in a certain direction. Wolf recalls, "Five minutes later, two flying saucers flew over my house, heading north, as I had requested."
The Intelligence community began to keep tabs on Wolf, and eventually recruited him. Wolf recounts that the government guided and paid for his impressive education, because they saw that he had a good relationship with the Star Visitors, and because he was the brightest student his teachers had seen.

Dr. Michael Wolf served as an Viet Nam-era Air Force Colonel, pilot, flight surgeon, and as an I-Corps (intelligence) officer for the CIA and NSA. He has earned an MD in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a ScD in Computer Science, a JD in Law, an MS in electromagnetic influences on organisms, and a B.S. in biogenetics. Basically a Buddhist, Wolf also affirms the core truths in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Native American spirituality, and other major spiritual traditions. His personal seminal koan is: "The truth is a lie which has yet to be revealed."

From 1972-1977 Dr. Wolf engaged in covert governmental research into Star Visitor technology. "I met with extraterrestrial individuals every day in my work, and shared living quarters with them," while doing research at extremely-classified underground government research laboratories. He stated, "Zetas work in underground facilities, as requested by the U.S. Government. The Star Visitors are not breaking the U.S. Government-Zeta treaties, but the Government has broken treaties by mistreating ETs, and trying to fire on UFOs." Yet there are some extraterrestrials being held captive. "Government scientists discovered that the Star Visitors cannot dematerialize and escape if there is an extremely-powerful electromagnetic field surrounding them." [By way of corroboration, I have heard a government contractor describe three-foot thick walls with many wires embedded and running through them at Haystack Air Force Laboratory, Edwards AFB, CA.]
Dr. Wolf commented, "Some in the Government want better diplomatic relations [with the Star Visitors], but others in the military want to shoot them down." This is ironic, Wolf said, "because SDI (Star Wars) technology was given to the Government by the Star Visitors." (Not for war but for scientific advancement.)

Some of the Laboratories where Dr. Wolf worked include: (1), S-4 (Laboratory S-4, secreted inside the Papoose Range 13 miles south of Groom Lake, site of the Area 51 Laboratory near the northeast corner of the Nevada Test Range/National Security Site. Dr. Wolf lived and worked at Area 51 for a while; (2) the Foreign Technology Division laboratories at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, and (3) the former Dulce Laboratory (under Archuleta Mesa near the New Mexico-Colorado border). Wolf also was aware that Star Visitors work with government scientists at Haystack Air Force Laboratory, deep under Haystack Butte at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
And when I brought up the subject of the underground government installation beneath Cheech Air Force Base, adjacent to Indian Springs, NV on the Nevada National Security Site, Dr. Wolf quickly responded, "I can't say anything about that." (His handlers only let the reins slip so far.) Since 1979 Wolf has served as a scientific consultant to Presidents and the National Security Council on Star Visitor matters. He is also a member of the NSC's unacknowledged UFO information-management subcommittee [Special Studies Group] and its panel of scientists. "The code names I used there were 'Griffin', and 'Nu Kappa Eta'." The NSC Special Studies Group made Dr. Wolf the Chairman of Alphacom Team, its premier Star Nations matters group, which also includes an Admiral from Naval Intelligence.

Wolf observes that the generals he worked with feel impotent in the face of the overwhelming superiority of Star Visitor technology and their mental abilities. Because of those feelings of powerlessness, (anathema to military officers), the generals had authorized an intense and extensive disinformation campaign (the UFO cover-up), to discourage any attempts by civilians to acquire even the limited understanding of Star Visitors which the generals have managed to gain.

But a far most disturbing revelation from Dr. Wolf concerns the emergence of a renegade group within the military and intelligence agencies which comprise the UFO Cover-Up. Dr. Wolf has labeled this conspiratorial group of plotters "The Cabal". It is made up of extremist, fundamentalist, xenophobic, racist, and paranoiac heads of multinational corporations, international financiers, government officials, and military and intelligence officers. The Cabal fears and hates the Star Visitors.
And the Cabal, without any Presidential or Congressional authorization, has commandeered Star Wars weaponry to shoot down UFOs, taken surviving Star Visitors prisoner, and has attempted to extract information by force, torture, and threats to Star Visitors' family members.
A high military officer, who is considered a "friendly" by the Cabal, but who secretly dislikes the Cabal, passes on information about Cabal planning and activities to Dr. Wolf.

The Cabal controls some well-known UFO investigators. Dr. Wolf said that the director of one major U.S. civilian UFO organization "is up to his ass in the Cabal." And he added that another ufologist in eastern Canada "gets paid for taking swipes at various UFO researchers." That ufologist's high reputation for UFO research is undeserved, because he was getting a stream of leaks and tips from a well-placed official inside the intelligence community. Thus, he knew precisely what UFO information to look and ask for. Now that ufologist is getting frequently upset, because his source "inside" is no longer available, having recently died.

As a Presidential consultant, Dr. Wolf has visited President Clinton in his White House private chambers, and even dropped the remark that "Mr. and Mrs. Clinton sleep in the same bed", thus scotching rumors to the contrary. When Mr. Clinton was visiting Hartford, Connecticut for a Presidential debate, the Presidential candidate took a side trip to consult with Dr.Wolf. And until his death, Wolf continued to provide advice to the President by encrypted phone and National Security Council courier. Possessing some of the highest security clearances, this man Wolf was in an extremely-qualified position to know what the government knows about UFOs and the Star Visitors. He wanted to tell President Clinton everything, "But I can't; my [NSC] bosses won't let me."

Wolf says that "President Clinton does not know much about Area 51. And he does not know about S-4", [the supersecret underground Laboratory 13 miles south of Area 51 at Papoose Lake, where Dr. Wolf did some of his research.] He added, "The President has ABOVE TOP SECRET and Need To Know clearances, but does not have the UMBRA ULTRA TOP SECRET clearance to have access to upper-level MAJIC [MJ-12 Committee] secrets, and KEYSTONE [Star Visitor research] documents."

Like many federal bureaucracies, the NSC's Special Studies Group has tripled in size. Wolf reported, "It now numbers 36 members, including [former Secretary of State] Henry Kissinger and [father of the hydrogen bomb] Edward Teller. The MJ-12 Committee meets at various confidential locations, including the Battelle Memorial Institute [at Columbus, Ohio]." As an aside, Dr. Wolf confirmed that it was Dr. Edward Teller who recommended physicist [and fellow leaker] Bob Lazar for his position at the secret S-4 government Laboratory south of Area 51, where Lazar helped on back-engineering the propulsion systems of Star Visitor spacecraft for application in U.S. advanced aerospace crafts.

When I asked who was MJ-1, the head of the MJ-12 subcommittee, Dr. Wolf declined to identify that person. He did say, "MJ-1 answers to no one, not even the President!" When I offered the surmise that Michael Wolf himself was yet another MJ-12 member, he hurriedly pointed out that he "could not disclose such a thing." [Wink.] And when I proposed that a notable scientist with a government background, residing in Arizona, was yet another MJ-12 member, Wolf responded with an uncharacteristic silence, which I took to mean that he did not contradict that identification.

Michael Wolf has formed acquaintanceships with renown top scientists working on cutting-edge science. One such scientist is Dr. Hal Puthoff, whose research includes zero-point energy, which may some day replace petroleum as a clean source for providing the world's power.
Wolf also worked on remote-viewing research for the government, at the same time that Hal Puthoff was doing so at Stanford Research Institute. Darrell McMillan of the Union of Concerned Scientists is another scientist Wolf says he knows, as is Stephen Hawking, the British theoretical astrophysicist.

Dr. Wolf asked me if I had seen the recent movie Peacemaker.When I replied that I had, he said, "The women in that movie was based on a real person I worked with, Dr. Jessica Stern of the National Security Council." And, of course, he has met Dr. Edward Teller. Wolf characterized Teller as "a nuclear humbug", referring to Teller's deception of making a presentation to President Reagan about an X-ray Laser Star Wars weapon as 'almost operational' when in fact the system had never been tested, and was subsequently discarded as impossible by other Lawrence Livermore Laboratory scientists.

Another UFO notable with whom Wolf is familiar is Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, former head of NSA, and currently chairman of SAIC, Science Applications International Corporation. SAIC was identified by USAF Colonel Steve Wilson as the company which makes antigravity engines for U.S.-copycat UFOs. When I commented to Dr. Wolf that Air Force Colonel Wilson had identified Inman as also in charge of Decision Science Applications Inc. (DSAI), (made up of the heads of corporations involved in classified military weapons development based on ET technology), Wolf commented that "Inman doesn't know as much as the UFO community thinks he does. He doesn't know everything that DSAI is up to."

Wolf also verified that the former head of the Air Force Special Forces' Project Pounce [UFO retrievals unit], Colonel Steve Wilson, and Air Force Technical Sergeant/NSA analyst Dan Sherman, assigned to an NSA unit conducting telepathic communications with the Star Visitors, are who they say they are!

Dr. Wolf provided a revisionist history about the beginning of the modern UFO era. "The first UFO came down in 1941 into the ocean west of San Diego, [Saipan Island - RB], and was retrieved by the Navy." The Navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters ever since. [One such unit dealing with UFOs is the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, headquartered at Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, CA -RB.]
A more famous UFO crash followed in 1947, northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, and was retrieved by the Army Air Corps, as reported by Colonel Corso in his book, The Day After Roswell. Dr. Wolf confirms the truth of Corso's disclosures, and added that LED (light-emitting diodes) and superconductivity are among the numerous technologies which came from looting the Roswell crashed spacecraft.
The U.S. was in possession of a Zeta (extraterrestrial from star Zeta Reticuli), dubbed "EBE" [Extraterrestrial Biological Entity", from 1948 until he died in 1953. Government scientists first communicated with him using pictographs.
About the tone in Corso's book The Day After Roswell that 'aliens are a threat, Dr. Wolf commented that "it was co-author William Birnes who did the anti-alien-propaganda gloss on Corso's manuscript after it was sent to the printer," and that Colonel Corso did not personally view the Star Visitors as "enemy invaders".

Within months of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, the Army Air Corps became the Air Force; the National Security Act was passed (partly to deal with the extraordinary secrecy the Administration felt UFOs required); and the CIA was created. Soon followed by the National Security Agency.

Wolf personally pioneered a mental-expansion process he called "the Gateway Treatment", which "allows utilization of a vastly-increased percentage of the brain, in order for humans to mentally engage the extraterrestrials in full telepathic mental exchange." The Treatment involves "a way of opening the brain up, a way to stimulate the neurons. It allows billions of synapses to form." The secret of that process went to the grave with Dr. Wolf.

Another project Wolf was involved in was subatomic-particle physics research [now called quantum physics.]. Discoveries by Wolf were "utilized by my [Ph.D. dissertation-advising] professor to develop the neutral particle-beam weapon for the Star Wars program."

Drawing on information from his work in genetics research, Dr. Wolf revealed that the entire human genome has long ago secretly been mapped by government scientists. (This contradicts then-current government press releases, which described the completion date as early in the 2000's.) He says that he has found a Star Visitor marker gene in some humans' genetic samples. Other humans do not have these Star Visitor marker genes. He went on to say, "I have found non-coding [Star Visitor] genetic sequence genes in my own genetic material, more than the In-Betweens have. [The In-Betweens is Wolf's term for Humans with hybrid partial Star Visitor-Human genetics [what I call Star Seeds], due to Star Visitor intervention with their parents' reproductive material before the human was born.]
Wolf revealed that he has been around a research project where government scientists created human-Star Visitor hybrids [clones], attempting to replicate Star Visitor genetic engineering.

He explained the NSA's tiny amount of harvesting of tissue from so-called "cattle mutilations" [most done secretly by special military-intelligence units] "is to prepare organelles to adapt to human bodies, to filter out particulates that are killing us, as we pollute our planet." He said, "The 'Betweens'(human-Star Visitor hybrids) will help us, and will bring the organelles."

The Star Visitors have other concerns, too. They discussed God and death with Wolf. And they pointed out that all worlds are connected. "One Hiroshima atomic bomb can affect millions of cultures in the galaxy. "And they told him, "Thought is energy. It doesn't stop at a galactic 'barrier', and is received on other worlds."
Because of what he learned, Wolf stated, "We are at a crossroads. The issue is to give a viable future to our children."
He notes, "Humans are beginning to change, to evolve, and are looking for spiritual roots. There is more to God than people get in church."

A fourth ultra-secret project, mentioned in Wolf's book, was a Department of Defense project having to do with cloning a human being, in order to create the perfect soldier who would obey orders without question. A General "Bunting" [pseudonym] was in charge of that project. The clone turned out to have been born with ethical thinking, and intuitively knew that life was sacred. When the clone disobeyed a test order to kill an innocent dog, Wolf says that "the project officer ordered the clone 'terminated'. It was my judgment that the clone had a soul. So, instead, I surreptitiously allowed the clone to escape, and blew up the building [containing the clone project]".

Naturally, Dr. Wolf keeps aware of significant individuals and developments within the civilian UFO-investigation community. One such figure is former Army Command Sergeant-Major Robert O. Dean, who was assigned to NATO Headquarters in the 1960s. There CSM Dean read NATO's secret Assessment of Star Visitors. Wolf states that he "has seen that same Assessment." Dr. Wolf also revealed that "the NSA and CIA regularly provide the members of MJ-12 with tapes of major meetings of civilian UFO groups," for example, MUFON conferences.
Some other notable UFO investigators who have talked with Dr. Wolf include Robert Bletchman, James Courant, Linda Moulton Howe, William Hamilton, Michael Hesemann and Dr. Steven Greer.

Some years ago documents were leaked purporting to constitute a Presidential Briefing for Jimmy Carter on extraterrestrial matters. Dr. Wolf affirmed that the information contained therein "is substantially true, but one page was missing from the leaked set. That page describes an individual of joint ET-human heritage, who emerged 2000 years ago to try to end human violence." When I proposed that the page was referring to Jesus, Wolf confirmed that identification. During my visit to Dr. Wolf's apartment, he showed me the missing page !

Dr. Wolf describes various Star Visitor races. "One race has orange skin, very large heads and large dark eyes with no irises or whites, and six-fingered hands. During dissection their brains have been found to have four brain lobes, different optic orbs and nerves, and a sponge-like digestive system. Star Visitor brains are more developed and connected, and have no corpus callosum." He also described a race dubbed the Semitics, of average height and a generally human-like appearance, except for their very large hooked nose. "This was the race which landed at Holloman Air Force Base, [New Mexico, 1960s], and conversed with some generals there." Wolf also described a very human-appearing race called the Nordics. He said, "The Semitics and Nordics come from Altair 4 and 5 [in the Altair Aquila star system] and from the Pleiades."

He noted, "The Star Visitors eat vegetation and mushrooms, and have different requirements. They absorb energy from the air and [certain] particulates. They don't absorb enough water to need to void; they process thoroughly."
Wolf said that "cattle mutilations" tissue harvesting is not related to cloning, but rather is done to acquire nutrients for the hybrid fetuses which Cabal scientists create. Dr. Wolf noted that embryonic fluid contains an anti-rejection factor. He is aware that hardly any cattle tissue sampling is done by Star Visitors; the vast majority is done by Cabal secret paramilitary contractor teams.

Crop circles "were originated by extraterrestrials, and then badly copied by the military, using Strategic Defense Initiative weapons emitting a laser pulsed beam." Wolf noted that "with crop circles made by Star Visitors, the plants were still live and grew, [after being bent into pictographic patterns.] With SDI-weapon crop circles, the plants die. These SDI weapons are operated from a secret base in the Himalayas."

Concerning Star Nations contact, Dr. Wolf stated that the star race commonly referred to as Zeta Reticulans, or Greys, have engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the U.S. Government. When I asked him which Star Visitor races he worked with in government labs, he pointed out that the two illustrations on the covers of his book Catchers of Heaven are actual photographs of Star Visitors taken by an Admiral friend of his. The Zeta Visitor on the front cover is named K*L*T, (which Wolf phoneticizes to Kolta for convenience); and is the Star Visitor with whom Wolf has met most frequently. The Star Visitor on the back cover is a human-appearing Visitor from the Altair Aquila system, named Anon [Prince] Sa Ra.

In the course of his close association with volunteer Star Visitor scientists in scientific laboratories, Dr. Wolf was given a piece of extraterrestrial alloy by them. This alloy looked like melted silicon and has peculiar energy properties. It is 99.99% silicon, and .01% non-Earth isotopes. When he placed it in water and drank the water, it provided healthful benefits.

Wolf is convinced that there were psychotronic directed-energy devices which were directed by rogue elements within the UFO Cover-Up organization at certain UFO researchers pushing very strongly to end the UFO Cover-Up. These include: the Director of Committee for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), Steven Greer, MD's principal assistant Shari Adamiak, Congressman Steve Schiff, who demanded UFO documents from the Air Force, and USAF Col. Steve Wilson, who revealed publicly his heading Project Pounce, the UFO retrieval unit. Already Colonel Wilson and Shari Adamiak have died of their cancers, and Congressman Schiff has had to terminate his political career. [He subsequently died.] Now Dr. Wolf has received a medical report which suggests a possibility that he may have cancer. It is not yet clear whether he will still have access to a certain Star Visitor honey-like substance, which he took several years ago for his metastasized colon cancer, and which brought that episode into remission. [Wolf later was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, from which he eventually died.].

Concerning the famous 1947 Roswell UFO crash, Dr. Wolf states that there were two UFO crashes, close together in time. "One contained Orange Star Visitors and the other Zetas." One crash-landed near Corona, northwest of Roswell, NM; the other crashed onto the Plains of San Agustin, over a hundred miles to the west. Army Intelligence units soon secured both sites and removed the craft and their Star Visitor crews, most dead.

Another later Visitor-military encounter recounted by Dr. Wolf was similarly grim. "An extraterrestrial on the ground had traveled from Fort Dix, New Jersey to [adjacent] McGuire Air Force Base, where he died on the tarmac" [He was shot by a trigger-happy Military Policeman.]

Michael Wolf worked in several projects, making discoveries with which in hindsight he now regrets being involved. He particularly had misgivings after he saw what applications these discoveries were put to. He says he now "has immense qualms about those misapplications", repudiates them and is repentant for them.

When Dr. Wolf engaged in government-sponsored studies for his MD degree at McGill University, he engaged in research on neurotransmitters and their role in mental functioning and control. Among the secret projects Dr. Wolf worked on was Remote Viewing, a military-intelligence term for applied clairvoyance. He said, "Ninety-nine percent of telepathy and remote-viewing research is classified." Wolf went far beyond the crude Army Intelligence psi experiments of General Bert Stubblebine, Col. John Alexander and Major Ed Dames, and developed memory-extraction and memory-"capping" [suppression] techniques. Some of his findings "were later incorporated into the infamous MK-ULTRA mind control projects of the CIA, and used on captured KGB agents [to extract information]." He also worked in research on dolphins, which he called "a highly-intelligent alien life form on this planet." [Seeded here eoins ago. - R.B.]

While Dr. Wolf was studying at MIT for his Ph.D. in physics, he "discovered a new theory of wave-particle duality, which led to the development of the neutral particle-beam Star Wars weapon." Because of these classified projects, his NSC bosses forbade him to identify his dissertation advisor professors, and MIT and McGill University are forbidden to acknowledge that he studied there.

Having access to NSA and CIA information, Dr. Wolf revealed some secrets that he was notinvolved in. One, among the ugliest aspects of the Viet Nam War, was the U.S.'s Project Arc Light, "the bombing of already shot-down B-52s with Hellfire incendiary bombs, (totally incinerating any survivor crewmen), in order to destroy the secret documents carried within the B-52s." President Bill Clinton told Michael Wolf that he learned about Project Arc Light while a student in England, and that it had deepened his opposition to the Viet Nam War.

Wolf also learned that the assassination of President Kennedy involved multiple parties and interests. "Many Cuban expatriates hated Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs invasion's failure. The Mafia hated JFK because of his brother, Attorney-General Robert Kennedy,'s relentless prosecutions of high-level mobsters. Hard-liners in CIA hated Kennedy, because he wanted to pull the U.S. out of an escalating war in Viet Nam, and because he wanted the CIA to disclose UFO information."

Dr. Wolf disclosed that famed scientist "Albert Einstein had contact with extraterrestrial intelligence." And that a more recent understanding of Zero-Point energy "has to do with a white hole-black hole scenario." The Star Visitors told Wolf that the Void is filled with energy to be tapped. Wolf furthern stated that experiments by the U.S. Government using exotic technology "ripped holes in time."

Wolf worked briefly on assignment to the Mossad. He commented that "The Mossad [an Israeli intelligence organization] has very good relationships with the extraterrestrials."

Dr. Robert Strecker's published research report, identifying HIV/AIDS as caused by a man-made virus, was correct according to Dr. Wolf. Furthermore, the government has learned that viruses are crystalline in structure, and that the correct frequency aimed at the viruses can destroy them.

Wolf also reported, "President Clinton has had a briefing on the Aurora [SR-33A] space plane ," which operates out of Area 51. The Aurora "runs on liquid methane, and has antigravity on board," [information identical to what retired Air Force Colonel Donald Ware also passed on to this writer from a three-star general.] Wolf says that the Aurora goes the Stealth Fighter planes one better. "It carries an electro-magnetic-pulse weapons system on board, which can knock out tracking radar." He also disclosed, "It can go to the Moon!" And added a tantalizing further hint, "The U.S. has 'something' on Mars [besides the Rover]." (Cf.:

Wolf also revealed that the U.S. government is working on prototypes of antigravity discs based on Star Visitor technology. He says that the Star Visitors traverse the galaxy by manipulating space and time to pull their destination towards them. "Time is reduced to zero, and acceleration is increased to infinity." And that the military are experimenting on having pilots use their mind to guide an advanced plane. Some government scientists found that "some UFOs are living conveyances, and can divide and re-form." Those "living conveyances" are apparently also responsive to thought commands.
Over the years there have been repeated reports of UFOs clustering in the area of Laguna Cartagena, a body of water adjacent to the small village of Lajas in southwestern Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory. Some of the UFO traffic is undoubtedly related to a May 5, 1997 incident where at 3:25 am, a UFO crashed near Lajas setting off an intense brush fire. A Lajas-area radio station also experienced technical difficulties shortly after the starcraft crash. The starcraft had been shot down by a Star Wars weapon using pulsed microwaves of terawatt strength, the energy scatter of which also damaged the radio station's equipment. Two days later the Univision Spanish-language television network reported that the U.S. Army had converged on the site and collected debris while keeping local citizens and even the police away. My late friend Dr. Michael Wolf of the U.S. National Security Council's Special Studies Group (formerly MJ-12) told me that the mayor of Lajas, Marcos Irizarry, was so concerned by townspeople's inquiries that he privately contacted President Bill Clinton and asked him what he, the mayor, should tell his people. Clinton fobbed off the inquiry to Dr. Michael Wolf to formulate a response. Although Laguna Cartagena is a U.S. National Wildlife Refuge, the entrance to the Lagoon is closed and posted with a sign that "entrance is restricted to persons accompanied by a security detachment! " Subsequently the U.S. military has moored an aerostat (tethered surveillance blimp with a radar system) high above the edge of the town of Lajas, PR and visible over 30 miles away. Supposedly it is for "spotting low-flying drug planes", but locals believe it is actually used to spot and track UFO traffic.

Concerning the U.S. government's slow pace of disclosure about UFO reality, Wolf commented, "The government is doing a balancing act, because if Free [Zero-Point] Energy and all the Star Visitors technology come out all at once, it'd hurt the stockholders [in obsolescent industries]. The multinational corporations don't want to lose their power."The last time Wolf heard a timetable from the government for frank disclosure of UFO reality was somewhere in the period of 2001-2005. !

Dr. Michael Wolf is, for all his education and unique career, a generally modest man. He lives alone in a simple urban apartment. Wolf still grieves over the tragic deaths of a wife and son, Daniel, lost years ago. Facing twin terminal illnesses of spinal degeneration and a wasting disease, he was dedicated to trying to help create a better world for the children. To this end he has directed that all royalties from his books go to the Daniel Wolf Memorial Foundation For Children, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. He says, "The children are the future." He looks forward to when the secrecy about Star Visitors contact with Earth is stripped away, so that we, our children and grandchildren can move forward to the next phase of our history, now cosmic in scale.


[Note: Dr. Wolf died September 16, 2000. RIP. His Foundation is inactive now.]

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Dr. Richard Boylan is a Ph.D. psychologist, anthropologist researching into Star Visitor-human encounters, university professor (emeritus), and retired clinical hypnotherapist.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (Psychology), MSW (Social Work), M.S.Ed. (Education), and B.S. (Philosophy).
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